• Published 1st Jul 2013
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The Almost Popular Ponies - Songswirl

Surprise thinks she'll get too play the element of laughter in Celestia's new show; My Little Pony. She's energetic, loves parties, and can make anypony smile! But when a pink look-alike steals her show, Surprise is devistated, and

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I'm "Surprised" There's a role for me!

Surprise was your average mare. Or was she? Did the average mare throw parties every other day? Probably not, Surprise would think. Did the average mare always fly upsidedown?Depends, If they're a pegasus like me, maybe. Surprise thought. She looked in the mirror every day and saw the average mare. She went to work at the weather factory everyday, and every time she looked at her reflection in the rainbow concentrate, she saw the everyday mare. But according to other pony's eyes, she was anything but average! To some, she was awesome. To others, she was annoying. To herself, Surprise saw a fun little mare waiting to bring joy to the world in the biggest way. Soon, Surprise thought. Soon...

Surprise bounced outside to her mailbox. "Thanks, Derpy!" Surprise called out as Derpy, the mailmare, flew off to the next house. Surprise picked up the mail with her hoof. She carried it back to her house, careful not to drop it through the cloud layer. As she set the mail down onto her coffee table, something caught her eye.

It was a special piece of mail. It didn't have an envelope, and it had neat handwriting. I, princess Celestia, am recording a TV show to teach about the magic of friendship. We request a mare who throws parties often, cheers ponies up, and always looks for good in other ponies. Auditions in your area will take place on JULY 6th OF 2013, AT 3:00 PM in the WONDERBOLTS MESSHALL. We hope you can make it! Signed, Princess Celestia. As Surprise read, a grin spread across her face. "OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSHOHMIGOSH! THIS ROLE WAS MEANT FOR MEEEE!" Surprise bounced around her house. She flew all over cloudsdale, zipping through the clear blue sky, untill she hit her head hard on a cloud. "Ouch! Oh well, atleast July sixth is only a few days away!" Surprise cheered.

July sixth came... And went. Surprise missed the auditions in Cloudsdale. "NOOOOOOOO! I missed the auditions!" Surprise moaned. "This is awful, just AWFUL!" Surprise wailed. Then she realized she could look up the next audition online! "Yay! I'll still be able to audition!" Surprise cheered. So on went Surprise to her Oatbook, one of the best, fastest computers in Equestria. You wonder, How do you type with HOOVES??? The answer, is indeed, very simple. You just do. Some how, they manage to. You should try it. Back to Surprise. Surprise typed in her question on Poogle, the pony search engine. As Surprise entered her question, the next auditions would be held in Ponyville, which wasn't that big of a difference away from Cloudsdale. But she was heartbroken when she found out when these auditions would take place. "NOOOOO! I have to wait all the way untill July 30th untill they audition in Ponyville? NOOOOOO!" Surprise whined. So on she went, waiting.

Surprise distracted herself with different things to keep her mind of the long wait. She watched a video made by one of the ponies who was playing the DJ in my little pony. She watched a video made by Princess Celestia, as she described what the actresses must have in order to play the Elements of Harmony. Surprise distracted herself from what she was trying to distract herself from. Actually quite clever, Surprise was a bright young mare.

In the middle of July, Surpise decided to take a trip to Ponyville. She had lived in Cloudsdale for her entire life, she wanted to explore. But something out of her mind hit her. What if I move to Ponyville? Surprise knew this sounded crazy, but she really wanted to visit all of Equestria. So that's what she did.

The very next day, Surprise managed to quickly buy a house. It was next to the Ponyville theatre, so she could see movies and plays within thirty seconds of her house. She packed her stuff quickly, and left her old house for sale.

Surprise settled into her new home quickly. She unpacked her things within an hour, and ventured out to make friends. The first pony she met was a pegasus named Ditzy. Ditzy seemed farmiliar to Surprise, but she just couldn't put her hoove on it. The next pony she met was none other than Vinyl Scratch, the pony who was incharge of being the DJ in my little pony. They had a quick chat about hosting a party for the premier of my little pony. Surprise then came across a mare named Bon Bon. She claimed to be the best confectioner anypony would ever meet. Finally, she met Lyra, who was Bon Bon's friend. Lyra played her harp for Surprise quickly, then headed off to meet with Bon Bon. Finally, Surprise went home for bed. Moving in one day was hard. So on went her life.

Surprise felt tempted to throw herself a "Welcome to Ponyville" party, but she felt that would be too self-centered. So Surprise threw a tiny party with herself in her house with her pet crocodile, Teethy, who had no teeth! They danced together (awkward), shared a bowl of punch (a little more awkward), and played tag (very awkward). So Surprise ventured out for more friends.

Surprise found Fleur De Lis, who was visiting ponyville to see her friend, Rarity. Surprise found another friend, too. She made friends with Carrot Top, who planted down around Sweet Apple Acres. Surprise knew most ponies in Ponyville, but she knew there was still ponies waiting to meet her.

By now, Surprise had met almost every single pony from Ponyville, from Time Turner (who preferred to be called Doctor Whooves) to Seafoam, who could use her magic to tame sea animals, and loved the ocean. Surprise had left invatations at every single doorstep to her "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic" Premier Party, and the one and only Vinyl Scratch who was the DJ of My Little Pony was going to be there. Every single pony said yes! Surprise decided this party could not be held in her home, so she moved it to the Ponyville Theatre, which was right next door to her home. Surprise knew this was how she was going to meet all of the ponies in Ponyville.

Soon, Surprise learned that My Little Pony was going to be recorded in Ponyville! How convient, Surprise thought. Almost suspiciously convient.

After the longest wait in the history of waits, July 30th came. Surprise was ready to go!

Author's Note:

I pinkie promise to have the second chapter published BY July 30th.

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