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With a new body and a new life, what's a human who saved the world twice with her best friend that's now a Pegasus to do? Cope? Zaria's starting to believe that such a word doesn't exist. After all, she made a controversial sacrifice and there won't be any turn backs...until now.

The possibility of yet another powerful villain with no mercy over Ponyville is looming in the air, and since the princess forbids any more time-traveling, this may be the hardest battle the girls have ever fought.

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The wait is finally over! :pinkiehappy: Gonna get into this soon :twilightsmile:

Well I've been reading this whole inner pony series from dusk till dawn and I must say....that this is actually pretty good. I like the story and how it's paced. But there is the issue of some grammar mistakes. But other than that. This whole series is pretty good. I will give a fav to all of the chapters and a follow to you NYQUITE. Keep up the good work!

3496923 Thank you so much! If you can, could you point out said grammar issues so I can fix them? And thank you SO MUCH for all the favs!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3501990 :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: Glad you like it! I'll probably be publishing another chapter later tonight.

Holy crap this is good, I wish I wasn't so busy with my last year of HS:twilightoops:

Nop.avi Button (please press it first)

That was totally came from left field and into my chest (aka my feels):pinkiesad2:

Finally, I caught up with the updates

I feel like stuff will get very serious (Insert serious music)

3589834 That's great! I plan to upload a new chapter later tonight! :twilightsmile:
Hope you don't mind the little romance shown between you two. :twilightblush:

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