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Following (except the rating) the main storyline, this fic will focus on changing one thing in particular: Spike's interest in Rarity will be shifted instead to a certain shy pegasus.

The story will follow Spike in his pursuits of the timid mare, as well as events re-imagined by yours truly.

Rated T for "tasteful" sexual content (you didn't think it would be TOTALLY innocent, did you?)

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 165 )

You clever bastard, had me going with the rating. Lol.

Oh do go on, please. I see some entertainment and a good read to be found here if this chapter was anything to go by.

Any FlutterSpike is okay by me.:pinkiehappy:

And onto the Favorites list it goes...:pinkiehappy:

You killed much canon there, you know. But, I like your version of episode.:pinkiehappy:

Spike with hoo-hah seeking claws and a thing for Fluttershy? This should be interesting.


Very well then: FIRE!

oh this should be fun :moustache:

Very interesting with Spike never displaying interest in Rarity. However this is going to change quite a few episodes. This is the sort of thing where a small ripple would have some pretty big changes, with pretty much every episode that involves Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike (which consists of a lot!). Hope you have it in you to not just make small changes to the episode content and take advantage of this switch to change what happens to characters.

the last thing she would want would be to stifle to poor dragon's creativity. Goodness knows that's all he had working for him.

Oh just go to hell already, Twilight.

This promises to be an entertaining read. I enjoyed the inappropriate almost-touching gags.


*phew*, that's good news. I didn't know if that gag would go over well

Pftt, BWAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh: As rainbow would have said it.
Do continue, I love spike's innocence & I can only imagine what fun he could get away with:moustache:.
Faved,liked all that jibber-jabber.
There was a minor spelling error:

lovingly at the Poyville library

PoyPoyPoyPoyPoyPoyPoyPoyPoy. Sounds like a weird perverted laughter.

I wonder if fluttershy will go on the great dragon migration to save spike, also what would spike give fluttershy on his birthday?

That is all

-Kiryu :moustache:


hahaah its funny XD

Loved it.

"Now, as I was saying," Twilight saod


Pretty good, but shouldn't this story have an Alternate Universe tag on it? :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:


oooooooooooohhhhh yyyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh......totally forgot about that!
I'll take care of it!

"Am I not allowing to come anymore?"

That should probably be "Am I not allowed to come anymore?"

Also, I can't help noticing that Twilight and Spike didn't get Fluttershys name in this version of events. Is that intentional?

Spike didn't see the birds until they were upon Twilight, and he didn't manage to step out of the way before Twilight fell back upon him. Her weight slammed him roughly down into the grass, her rump bouncing up from his chest to rest squarely on his face.

Best damn part of the whole chapter! :rainbowlaugh:


I figured it would be awfully lazy of me to simply rehash the dialogue of the actual episode and bend it to meet the needs of the fic.

So without changing TOO much I've decided to change how their interactions come about and how they are fleshed out. Hence the bird attack

To quote an ASDF movie: I love it :moustache:

I love it. Nice job with Twilight, Spike.:rainbowlaugh:


hahahaha poor spike every accident happened made him looks like a pervert xD poor little guy

Spike, he get's all the mares. Great story.

:yay: when's the next chapter coming!? I can't wait! To much suspense!!!

I like where this is going, my friend. I like it very much. Very much indeed..:

d'aww this is so sweet! :yay: pass the insulin please

Just saw this tiny error as I re-read the chapters:

had a deep purple Kane and blue eyes.

I believe you meant mane.:twilightsheepish:
But I'm guessing since haven't fixed the Poyville error I stated earlier, It doesn't matter. :applejackconfused:


Yeah, we dont have internet at my house anymore and well.......editing is EXTREMELY hard on my phone...(the mobile fimfiction site needs some work)

I'm john the dragon, and I have diabeetus.

I can tell this story's going to be great.

That was a pretty nice interaction between the two. I can't wait to see more.

Maybe fluttershy will give him a chance where Rarity wouldn't?

Just imagine if Spike was this straightfoward in the first episode with Rarity. Seems like she was interested in dancing with him in this chapter.


So Rare is also interested in Spike too ?

Okay, so the whole :moustache: > :yay: already got me intrigued. But then you throw in a subtle :raritywink: > :moustache:? Good sir, you have my full attention! And while I normally wouldn't care for :yay: > :eeyup:, this can work in here just to mess with everything. Fluttershy could simply be super-curious about the exotic, relatively harmless specimen that is Spike, hence the battery of questions.
I don't know, but whatever you are doing keep it up.

I'm absolutely loving the :twistnerd: you added. Spike's infatuated with Fluttershy, but Rarity, whom he has no interest in, is falling for Spike. Nice little love triangle developing.

I'm interested in seeing what would happen if Rarity heard that Spike sees her as a "high maintenance" mare. Would she be insulted? Would she realize her high standards might make her seem unapproachable and opt to change? Would Fluttershy put up a fight for Spike's affections?

And then there's Nightmare Moon's return, which may have a big affect the situation between those three, depending on whether or not it will provide major plot points or just get quickly glossed over so we can move on with the romantic storyline. Don't slack off, Leslichu! :raritywink:


Actually yeah, ill be glossing over the Nightmare Moon attack.

See the plan in to hone in on specific points where Spike COULD have interacted with Fluttershy or plot points where the shipping would have relevance.

For example: The Dragon Migration

Oh yes, I have BIG plans for that. It will be a HUGE change


owwwww this is sooo awesome !!

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