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Seven years have past since the incident with Shale Hammer has happened. Vinyl Scratch contemplates about ever finding her long lost friend ever again, and figures she's over-thinking the entire situation.

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haven't read yet...but I had to.
Still Death Dub us Wub!

What's wrong with Fanfictions that have OCxCannon characters? I never got why people disliked them.
Thumbs up and tracked. I like to see what will happen. I don't really look for grammar mistakes and all but...why is there an odd change from third to first person?

The door soon opened and Vinyl was staring back at me with a smile. "Hi Shale! What's up? Give me some hoof man!" She held her hoof out and Shale smacked it, like a high-five but more like a high-hoof. They were the best of friends and also lovers. Mostly really good friends that like to hang out a ton. They've only kissed once, and it was really by accident. Vinyl tripped over some books and fell on his and it ended in them smacking faces. "

BTW, you think Ms Cheerliee might be a bit old?...Actually, what am I asking. 30 years or so isn't old.

228622 I changed to third person because I thought it would be easier to write that portion and not take a seriously long time. If it was first person, the emotions and feelings would have to be expressed in some way and I think it tied in nice. Guess I was wrong :fluttercry:

black and red?, music... :applejackunsure:
shale is mic the microphone?:pinkiegasp:
well it would makes sense

228634 Actually, it was an okay transaction. I just never remembered reading anything like it. Creative and makes sense.

awesome. 5/5 more plox

293163 Honestly, I've been putting off a chapter of this for about 3 weeks now. ONE CHAPTER. I need a beer.

Romance FTW!

Seriously, we need that chapter.

326241 You would be so disappointed..

>> Craimer X would be?
So I won't be?

329702 Honestly, you would hate the next chapter... I even hate it..

Fuck it.
I NEED this chapter.
You will goddamn give it to me.
I will not take no for an answer.
I swear to god I will HUNT you down until you
give us the chapter.
That is all.

376380 JESUS BRO. Don't hurt me ;-;

I won't if you give the chapter.
Seriously I could not. (trying to avoid legal trouble) I just want to read sumtin.

Man, fuck you. This fic is fine. Post the next chapter already.

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