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You get a like for the the Pic

It's just hot, passionate, raunchy sex.

I am okay with this.

Haha thank you! I hope you enjoy the story as much as the picture.

2700745 damn that's all I gotta say

Haha this is what happens when I take requests I guess.

This may be a stupid question, but Cadence, is that REALLY you? Or is it some random person saying they are Cadence? Because, if it REALLY is you, Cadence, you must really love Shining Armor to want to do it THAT badly.

Going from getting some every night to 2 weeks without it can do that to a girl haha.

2700915 Half of my question was answered. (I'm not a girl, so I have no idea what goes on with you) you still didn't tell me if your the real Cadence. (Be awesome if you are :D)

Comment posted by Happy_McDull deleted Jun 10th, 2013
Comment posted by Happy_McDull deleted Jun 10th, 2013

Excellent fic! Nice to hear it from the mares side, from a writer who actually knows how female genitals work in detail. Especially liked the cunnilingus, made me think of eating out my fiancé. Good portrayal of how couples are attuned to what the other's body likes!

Now THAT was hot.

I like it!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Looks like they forgot the only rule when there having sex: soundproof walls.

2700976 media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lq3fk3wkS01qbqjva.gif
:rainbowderp: YAY! :twilightsmile: Your world is real, then! :raritystarry: I hope some day, I can go to your world. The human world has fallen to shit.

BEST. COVER ART. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

2702143 Burn heretic if you go to equestria i will hunt you down and and purge you

Congratulations! you just got a favorite:yay:

2706052 Fantastic! I'm happy for you, you certainly deserve it. Your writing is sultry and quite sweet at the same time, which is wonderful and something I personally feel not many authors can do as well as you.

Have a celebratory (sort of) tune.


Don't like the prose. Might leave a more detailed comment later.

Some of the descriptions sound kinda clinical and mess up the pacing.

slid his penis back to between my labia

It loses at lot of the passionate tone of the rest of the story when something like this pops up. When you want to really describe foreplay or teasing don't be afraid to get specific but when you move onto the real intercourse I'd stay away from it.

2705901 Why? It's ( almost :pinkiecrazy: ) every brony's dream to go to equestria. Wouldn't we all be heretics then? :rainbowhuh: Im my defense, I don't see how that would make me be a heretic, anyway.

2710593 I was in sex ed in my last week of 2nd year of high school, and I have no idea what that part even is in the female body. :rainbowhuh:

Thank goodness for Google.

I like this, but what bothered me was the diction. Specifically, in one section your use of "vagina" to describe the vulva becomes very apparent as the clitoris is not a feature of the vagina. Otherwise I enjoyed this. The flow was interrupted a little with the excessive use of "penis" and "vagina", but it wasn't too distracting. Most authors seem to exclusively use vulgar slang terms and I'm glad you didn't, but it needed a bit more variety.

Oh, my goodness!
My first story with over 100 likes!
Thank you, everyone!!!!!

hmmp, not bad.

Odd that Princess Cadance would write about her sex life. And since when was she wearing glasses?

i liked it. so passionate. just a normal sex night between a male and female who love each other dearly. booyah

coooooooooooooool :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I kissed his dillhole....

Never heard it called that before. I have accompanied my dad on several coast-to-coast runs, and I have pretty much heard it all. That is what you get living with a truck driver.

2788741 I would think she was writing about it to have something to read next time Shining was gone!

Pretty sure I read this one already and liked it. It caught my eye again because of the cover photo. I would've shat a brick if she said that to twilight in a story.

Y'know, it's not often I read a clopfic told from the perspective of a mare in bed with a stallion. This mere fact alone is enough to get a like.

Coupled with good writing and sexy sex (redundancy~), this is awesome.

It's not usually I read a non lesbian clop fic...now THAT is just how good it is.

Nice Clop Derpy approves.:rainbowkiss:

A like purely for the cover art :rainbowlaugh:

100% Captain Clopper Approved!

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