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Dinky is Carrot Top's daughter, it's completely cannon. You'll notice how mostly in the show she is with Carrot Top and that one Purplish Stallion no one named yet, obviously her father. As I just stated, he is unnamed; as his discoverer, it is my job to name him, so I am dubbing him "Purple Nurple."

Does she fuck the carrots?

3294696 that's one of life's great mysteries isn't it

Silly Dinky, of course she loves the carrots more! :pinkiehappy:

I have no earthly idea what the hell I just read.

Mare juices really make the flowers grow.


Got nothing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

At least we know it's written by the real Regidar...
That's a good thing, right?

Carrot fucking is mah fetish.

3294533 since when is dinky being carrot top's daughter cannon?

that make less sense than dinky being derpy's blood daughter

the only thing I can really gather from this story other than carrot top is fucked up, is that talking carrots are some really scary shit

"If it's by Redigar, then it MUST be good."

So, if Carrot Top considers carrots her children and fantasizes about having sex with them, does it make it a foalcon? :scootangel:

“Never let that retard get too close to me?” Dinky said, hoping that this was the correct saying.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh well, that was cruel. But funny :twilightsmile:

Also, poor Dinky, with parents (and not-parents) like these, it'll take years of therapy to straighten up all the issues... :raritywink:

Well ... this made me moist this was something.
Do go on with whatever you did what resulted in making this.

happy toon

answer. sometimes

took it into her back

and places each

terrible seat

vagina as moistened

She wiggles sluggishly

occupation. she

Dinky delated



that make less sense than dinky being derpy's blood daughter

How does Dinky being Derpy's blood daughter make any sense? We see her more often with Sparkler / Dolphin Dream or whatever her name is in the show.

We can apply the same views on your opinion quite easily.

3295110 i don't play by ur rulez

3294960 that's a horrible assumption.

3294979 No, but it does make it incest.

I... I really have no words.
Great story Bra.

Oh yeah, they're fully-grown carrots after all :raritywink:

3295338 yeah, she leaves the still developing ones alone.

3295446 Thank you, my kind negro.

3295318 Okay, fine. It MUST be nonsensical enough to make my day.

And now that I've read this, I'm convinced I'm right. I can't stop fucking laughing :rainbowlaugh:

Fucking laughed my ass off...it's even funnier because my friend works in an ER and was just telling me a story of a chick who had a carrot stuck up her ass...she said she was gardening naked and fell down...lmao...now because of ur story I see how this could have actually happened! It all makes sense!

Ps purple nurple is best pony name

3295609 Haha, I bet most people who get things stuck in their ass "fell on it", as it were.

Can I have whatever you're having?

Remember lads, always lube up before gardening.

3295610 Have you watched the most recent Saturday Night Live? In the very first skit they made a joke about that.


and that once Purplish Stallion no one named yet, obviously her father.

Acoording to the MLP wiki, his current fanon name is Written Script

3295446 derpy is a postmare, so she's obviously out of town a lot, and she can't stay on her own, so carrot top watches her

3295184 see, if that makes no sense, and carrot top being dinky's mother makes less sense than that, carrot top being dinky's mother makes no sense.

also, dinky is the daughter of derpy and the doctor, so why wouldn't she be a unicorn?



marecum marecum marecum

I'm going to assume you're not being serious right now.

Have you ever tried to explain how a fully-grown russet potato became lodged within your colon to your doctor?

"I fell, while naked and peeling potatoes. I got up to adjust the blinds and slipped on the counter."

Reminds me of that one priest who had to get an operation because of the earthen apple he pushed up his butt.

3296541 my god, you're completely autistic.

3296144 fuck that, my name is better.

3296020 Ew, I would never watch a show that only has one occasionally good joke an episode.

3295690 I don't understand what you mean by that. I have a great many deal of things, which one would you like?

shiva of the east?
more like

shiva of the deceased


I enjoyed this thoroughly. Had me chuckling there with the orgasm bit, too.

wait, how did you come to such a simple way to explain plato's republic in a one shot fic!:raritywink:

3298188 I didn't though. This was just a fic about Carrot Top getting off while pretending to be a carrot.

I want whatever made it possible for you to write this story. Was it drugs? (I hope it's drugs)

3298888 I have never once consumed a drug completely.

3296771 and why would you assume that?

Well, you have yet to provide any evidence to back your claims - yet they are made with a certainty that, considering the above, sounded ironic to me.

3300601 I wouldnt waste too much time with this guy, he's the same one who was completely convinced that fall began on the 21st of august

Yep. Uh huh.
What the fuck did I just read.

3300601 you have yet to provide any counter evidence to my claims though, so my argument still stands.

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