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The Conversion Bureau: New Tactics Part III - no sh*t sherlock

Conversion Bureaus are over and Humans are going to take back whats theirs

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Chapter 2: A Village In France

Chapter 2: A Village In France

About 8 miles north of Nice, France...

"Sam quick, hide in here!" Samuel Juste's mother stuffed him into the closet with a firm hoof. "Don't leave until I tell you!"
Sam had tears in his eyes. Never in his seven years had he seen his mom in such distress. Since his father died, the young colt had been trying desperately to use his wings.

Even now he tried as hard as he could to get them to work, but unfortunately today was no different. His wings flapped rapidly and brought him just inches above the ground. He sat down hard, disappointed at his efforts.

Sam wished he was outside, he wanted to see them. He had been playing with earth pony friend of his when a pegasus landed and warned that they were coming. He had been excited. In maybe a week or so he was to be one of them. He couldn't understand why his mother was looked so worried.

The thing was that he was still in the closet. Luckily for him all their stuff had been moved out in preparation for the long journey. France to the southern United States was no short trip.

Outside he could hear muffled foot steps. He shoved his face up against the wall and was able to find a crack just large enough for him to see through. He watched as the weirdest things he'd ever seen came over the hill and into his village.

Most of them were tall pale, pinkish creatures with four limbs, two for walking and two that hung down to their sides.

"Humans!" Sam said out loud in amazement. They looked so strange to him. He almost couldn't believe that he had been born one. He couldn't help, but smiling as they came over. Surely the humans were coming to save them from the clutches of the village's overseer.

In each of the human's hands was some kind of weapon that resembled the ponies dart guns. Sam had heard that the human's had their own versions of guns except that they were much more deadly. Nine humans so far had entered the village. Sam felt so safe, nothing could hurt him now.

Moments later a very muscular human walked right past the others and right into the middle of the village. Sam's mom and a few other older ponies walked up to meet him. Like the other humans, he had a gun in his hands and had it pointed at the ground.

The ponies were so bewildered to see a human that for a long while they didn't say a word. The human also remained silent as he looked over and examined each of the ponies in front of him.

"Good day, sir." His mother greeted him kindly.

"Hello." He said back in a deep monotonous voice. He sounded odd to Sam, he definitely wasn't from France.

"No one has seen humans around here in a very long time. How many of you are there?"

"Only 10, but I'm more interested in you." He said. "How many are in this settlement?"

"Not many, maybe a little less than 50." His mom smiled, but Sam could tell she was still nervous."It is good to see humans again."

"Wrong. Anyway what's that?" He pointed to the full bags that leaned against the sides of the houses in the village. "You guys taking a vacation or something?"

His mother glanced nervously towards the bags on her own house. "We're going to the the United States. We've heard they can convert us back to humans."

The human looked as if he heard the thing he wanted. "How many of you are going?"

His mom let out a small uneasy laugh. "All of us."

The human sighed. "Damn." He raised his gun and fired at the four ponies in front of him.

"Nooo!" Sam screamed as his mother fell to the ground. He watched as more humans started firing at the ponies around the village. Pegasi tried to take flight, but were shot down before they got up to speed. Unicorns tried using magic to defend themselves, but it proved incapable of stopping their bullets.

"Check the shacks!" He heard the odd voice shout. Sam slumped to the floor of the closet, he had nowhere to go. He could hear doors being smashed in mixed with lots of shooting and screaming.

Finally he could hear his own being kicked down. Someone moved quickly around his house, knocking over glasses and furniture as they went. Sam's house was very small it would be too long before he was found.

The door to the closet was pushed open suddenly. Sam jumped as the man from outside stood outside the entrance with his weapon aimed at him.

For a moment he hesitated. "Dammit." He said something in a language Sam identified as english. He desperately tried to use his wings again. They sputtered and he once again rose a few inches in the air before he fell to the ground.

Sam looked up as the man fired a shot. His ears were ringing as he dropped to the ground. Wood splinters fell all over him from the bullet hitting just to his left.

"Alright lets get the hell out of here." He shouted in english again. Sam curled on the ground, still confused about what had just happened.



In only a few hours Matt had gone from being a pony to gearing up for an assault on an air force base. Things were moving quickly around here and he knew he had to keep up. The pace of his environment prevented any thoughts of the past few years. However a couple of times he swore he could see his old settlement overseer staring evilly at him from across the room.

The man he met, Jacob, assured him "theres no ponies around here." In few hours since he'd met him, Matt found a lot out about him. Over a very short meal he had explained to Matt his very essential role in Celestia's death. Matt could hardly believe it. This average looking man was a hero to him. Matt found out that the man and the women who'd been on the platform had also been some prominent people involved.

"No No No take this." Jacob said. He handed him a suppressed handgun.

"Why can't I take the big gun?" Matt asked, disappointed as he put his assault rifle back on the rack.

"'Cause you're gonna be with me, remember?" He said swinging a very full black duffle bag over his shoulder. "If we do this right and keep quiet, you won't even need that pistol."

Matt hoped he was right. They had all been briefed on the plan and to Matt's ears it sounded like a good one. He really didn't want anything to go wrong and end up paralyzed again. Even though the ponies darts would wear off in a few hours, it was an inconvenience that he hoped to avoid.

"Come on." Jacob said as he moved towards the door. "Lets get this over with." Matt noticed that he hadn't even picked up a weapon.

"Wait, you don't even have a gun! " He exclaimed. Jacob turned around slowly patted the bag on his shoulder while giving Matt a sly smile.

Opposite the main entrance to the Bureau was a section of the field that had basically been turned into a parking lot. Three dozen cars of all makes and sizes were spaced evenly across the grass.

"We should use the electric vehicles." Someone shouted. Matt got into a four door sedan along with Jacob and the two from the stage with the women taking the drivers seat. After Jacob placed his bag in the back, she started the car and drove off the field and on to the road. She was joined by two more cars.

"Okay Hudd, whats the best way to get there?" The women asked as she turned down an empty street.

"Umm give me a second." The man who must've been Hudd fiddled around trying to unfold a map.

"Come on Hudd. You make this decent plan, but then don't know how to get there?"

"Take I-75 North." Matt said. "It should take you pretty close."

Jacob blinked. "You've been there before?"

"Not to the base, but I used to come to Atlanta all the time when I was younger, I'm pretty familar with things around here." Matt said, feeling pretty good about himself for helping.

The man, Hudd, turned around in his seat." Hey, I don't think we have officially met. You can call me Hudd." He said as he reached his hand back.

"Matt Earls." He said back as he took his hand. "Can I ask you something." Something about Hudd had interested Matt since he first saw him. "What's the bat for."

Hudd look at the bat like he had forgotten it was in his hands. "I like to think it keeps me safe." He said quietly as he looked over the metal length. There was a quick expression of misery on his face that made Matt decide to drop the subject.

"So what was in that bag?" He asked Jacob quickly.

He chuckled and shook his head. "Patience, Man. You'll see soon enough."



"The barrier is what?!" Shining Armor exclaimed. His eyes widened with concern to the earth pony who had identified himself as Gale. Shining Armor could feel himself starting to sweat as his heart rate increased. He was panicking and he had to get it under control. He took in a long deep breath and let it out slowly before the pony continued.

"Ok let me rephrase. "Gone" was bad choice. What I meant to say is that it is extremely faint."

"Just how weak is it?!" Shining asked.

Gale shifted uneasily. "Well... you're not going to like this but...umm..."

"Get on with it!" Shining snapped impatiently.

"Any foreign object going above 20 miles per hour should be able to breach through it." Gale said quickly.

Shining Armor was silent for a long time. If most Equestrian military vehicles could travel faster than that, then he knew the human ones could. "What the hay is going on!?" He blurted out after a while. "On the last check it was normal."

"True, but the last inspection was a month ago. Four days later Princess Celestia was killed " Galesighed and shook his head. "Needless to say we're in a bad position."

"Yeah no kidding." Shining racked his brain for a quick solution. " Oh! Could I put my energy into it?"

"No offense, Shining, but your field over just Canterlot took a lot out of you. We are talking about a barrier over all of Equestria. You'd burn yourself up and die in, at most, five minutes."

"What about Luna?"

"Luna is already giving it all she has, but the fact is that Celestia was just much stronger. The power to make to barrier was not spilt between them 50/50. Celestia played a MUCH more critical role in it."

Shining Armor exhaled heavily and brought a hoof to his head. "What can we do?"

"I'm not sure. I could maybe try to redirect power from the higher altitudes to ones closer to sea level."

"How long?"

The pegasus stammed his hoof on the ground rapidly as he did some calculations in his head. "Ummm, maybe two weeks."

"That's no good." Shining huffed.

"I know." He said defeated. "But right now It's the only thing we can do. I'll get started right away." He trotted away quickly and left Shining Armor almost alone.

Neither of them had detected the pony on the other side of the wall who had been listening on their conversation.



"Thats a loooooot of ponies." Matt said as he took in the scene before him. He, Jacob, Hudd and the women, who he'd learned was named Rebbeca, were peeking out from one side of a huge aircraft hanger.

They had parked the cars about a half mile away and had approached the air force reserve base from the side. Gaps in the many perimeter fences were easy to find after years of raiding and vandalism. Ponies had taken over the runways with crude Equestrian style structures erected all over it. There were a few two to three pony patrols taking various routes throughout the base, but Jacob assured Matt they were nothing.

Jacob had his duffle on his back and looked like he was just itching to get out there. "Come on!" He kept saying. "Lets get this done."

Hudd looked a little more skeptic. "No no no no, something just doesn't feel right." He looked all around himself until he saw something. "Hold up. I knew it. See that?" He pointed to a row of hangers and buildings opposite where they were.

"Oh shit." Matt said as he saw the ponies that stood watch on top of them.

"Damn." Jacob whispered as he moved back into cover. "We can't get to their barracks without getting spotted; the runway is to open."

Hudd pulled a small radio out of his pocket and pressed in a button on the side. "Are you guys ready yet?"

"Just about." A static filled voice responded. Matt looked around and, with Jacob's help, saw three guys on top of a billboard with another guy still climbing up the ladder.

"Alright." The voice said again once all four were in place. "Who do you want us to kill?"

Hudd started calling out targets to them. The focus was on the ponies on the roofs, not the patrols. A few minutes later they called back.

"Look out guys. Looks like you've got a three pony patrol heading from your right."

"Lets move." Hudd whispered to them. "We have to get to them later. I don't really mind getting seen, but the problem is they'll most likely send a pegasus flying off. I do not want other ponies finding out what we're doing." He led them behind a small maintenance shed.

"Shit! Another patrol is on your left about 70 yards."

"You have a shot on any of them?!" Hudd asked annoyed.

"That'd be a no." They replied.

"Looks like we're spilting up then." Hudd sighed. "Rebbeca, you're with me. Time to see what you can do Matthew. Take out that patrol then get to work with Jacob on those structures. Rebbeca and I will take out this one then move on to the rest. Remember don't let any of them live."

"Gotcha." Matt nodded. He would have loved to appear confident, but his hands were completely sweaty.

"Just wait here." Jacob said after Hudd and Rebbeca left. The two were hiding behind the side of the shed. Jacob let his bag rest against the wall as he brought out a long knife. "You're going to have to trust me ok?"

Matt nodded. He had just met Jacob a few hours ago, but he already felt he could place his life in his hands.

"Ok so basically we're going to ambush the shit out of these guys. As soon as they walk past us, we jump out and kill em' Got it?"

Matt swallowed. "Got it." He readied his pistol, safety off. Jacob crouched and took in a deep breath.

"Im so ready to get pulled out of here." One of the ponies said. "This place gives me the creeps."

"I know how you feel." It was a female voice this time. "Our rotation always takes the longest. How long have we been down here, like eight months?"

"Have you heard what theyr-" Jacob jumped out and grabbed a pegasus around his head. He covered his mouth as he sunk his black blade into the ponies chest. The remaining two ponies turned around and jumped in complete surprise. One of them almost had a weapon raised before Matt appeared. He was already aimed at the first pony and dropped him quickly with a shot to the head. The second tried to start running before Jacob was able to slice his leg tripping him up. Matt ended him with three more shots.

Jacob stood up and started dragging one of the bodies in the shadow of the shed. "Nice job." He said. Matt thanked him before he helped him drag the other two bodies.

"Come on. Let's get to those buildings." Jacob whispered.

The two men sprinted across the runway to one side of the structures. Jacob's bag weighed him down, but he was still able to keep pretty close to Matt.

When they reached the closest wall, Matt leaned over trying to catch his breath while Jacob sat on the ground and got to work. He unzipped his bag, reached in and brought out two small rectangular items.

"Explosives?" Matt gasped.

"Mm hmm." Jacob said casually as he flipped open a plastic cover. He held down a button and a constant green light turned into a constant flashing red. He pressed it on one of the walls and placed the other right next to it. He continued this for the remaining three walls.

"Do you think that eight charges are enough?" Matt asked as they headed to the next building."

Jacob laughed quietly. "Actually I might be over doing it." Matt twisted his face in confusion. "What the hell kind of explosive was he putting on these buildings?" He thought.

After maybe 25 minutes all of the buildings had been outfitted with live charges. To speed up the process Jacob had quickly taught Matt how to activate the charges.

"So were you like a demolitions expert or something?" Matt asked as he placed his last charge on the building.

"Nope." Jacob said non-chalant as he and Matt quickly retreated from the giant bomb they had just created. "But I've had some field experience." He said as they made it to the hangars. Jacob kept going while Matt stopped.

"Don't you think that we're far enough?" Matt asked as he saw the distance between him and the charges.

Jacob shrugged. "You can stay there if you want." He opened the bag and pulled out a detonator. "You want to do the honors?" He asked.

"Really?" Matt raised his eyebrows in excited surprise.

Jacob though about it before shaking his head. "Nahh never mind. I would cover my ears." He ran about 20 more yards before he stopped. He held his hand up and counted down with his fingers. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

Matt had his ears covered, but left his eyes open as brilliant blue flash like lightning made him blink. Milliseconds later a deafening blast brought him to his knees. His ears were still ringing despite his hands presence on them. But it wasn't over. A power shockwave spread across the ground seconds after and knocked him on his back. When Matt looked back towards the runway, there were no more buildings. Just rubble and smoke.

A hand grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. When Matt turned he saw it was Rebecca. Hudd was talking with Jacob as dust and small pieces of wood fell around. Rebbeca and Matt slowly walked towards the destruction in front of them.

"Well, that was something wasn't it?" She said.

"Yeah." Matt said tiredly.

"Whats wrong with you?" She asked with concern looking him over. "Did you get hit?"

"Its Nothing." Matt shrugged away. "I just need some sleep."

"Well you can rest now." Rebbeca laughed. "This base is ours now."

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