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Zuri is a Zebra, living on the planet Palosol. Palosol shares its sun with Equestria, the pony-dominated planet. Raised as one of the powerful Sand-Trancers, Zuri can manipulate the world around her via the magic ingrained in her blood.

On a quest for renown, she leaves her home city beneath the sands in search of something that will let her live up to the legacy of her widely-known family. Within hours of leaving home, however, she runs afoul of frontier ponies, and quickly finds herself up to her neck in troubles brought about by their colonization efforts. In short order, she breaks free from their internment, finds friends in a band of oddly loyal mercenaries, sets a young ruler free, and winds up right in the middle of a sprawling plot that threatens both the pony colonies and the entire zebra civilization.

Warning: OC-Centric, lots of non-descript murder

This story is undergoing heavy editing, and it may just end up getting deleted and reposted at a later date when I've gotten it to somewhere I like. Not dead! Just still being clunked through revisions. Watch this space.

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Interesting. You very rarely see a zebra OC. And to set it in a science fiction universe that's a bit of Firefly with Django Unchained with Avatar is unusual but you have made it work. Please continue with this and have a fav

Partly it's getting used to your canon, and partly it's the good characterization, but this fic get exponentially better each chapter.

The plot thickens... Gotta wonder just what form of spanner Chrys is going to be tossing into the works with her unpredictable agenda.

Also, Cyborg Rarity. Me gusta. There's gotta be a story behind that. I can't see her as being the sort to lop off her own legs for black metal replacements.

Comment posted by Ajaxis deleted Jun 20th, 2014

This last chapter...

I couldn't help it. I lol'ed. You're doing very well portraying Shade, and all of the other characters are developing nicely. Can't wait to see what happens next!

This is unique, i like it.

wonderful to see the story still alive and kicking.

We need more Zebra OC stories.

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