• Published 5th Jun 2013
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A Gentle Breeze of Change - kwr2k13

William Weston, age 25, a weather reporter, ends up making news history when he ends up missing. Shortly after his unexplained disappearance, a light grey Pegasus with a light blue-green mane and tail was spotted with three other colorful Pegasi.

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Chapter Two: Family Meeting and William's Dream

Chapter Two: Family Meeting and William's Dream

William led Charlie and Aaron up the to loft where Jennifer was sitting on the couch.

“Jennifer, Charlie, Aaron, please have a seat. We have much to discuss about our current situation.”

“Ummmm, do you and Jennifer have these marks?” Charlie asked nervously.

William frowned and reluctantly pulled down the top part of his pants, showing his sisters and brother the blue-green lines depicted on his thighs. They appeared to represent some sort of pattern, but he couldn't remember seeing any similar symbols that had the same coloration or design, except for the necklaces he purchased. “The necklaces I got earlier have the same mark as the ones on our thighs. Is that a coincidence?”

“William, what about the last one,” Jennifer asked from her seat on the couch. While Charlie pulled out a very large sea green notebook.

William looked at Jennifer quizzically, “What last one? I gave you, Eren, and Charlie your necklaces, and this one is mine, I guess. One matches my mark, and the last one I gave to Eren has three fall leaves; one green, one yellow, and one orange.” He looked over at Eren as he said this. “Eren… do you have a thigh mark as well?”

Eren in turn pulled his pants down on the side and revealed a little picture of three fall leaves, being the same as the one on his legs.

“William,” Charlie said with a look of understanding, “We have necklaces that match our Cutie Marks, The one you gave Jennifer probably has hers. The last necklace you purchased belongs to Eren.” Eren held up the necklace in front of him.

“Yeah, and he gave it to me, remember? you were standing in the door with me.”

William stammered, “Cutie what-now?” very confused about what Charlie had mentioned.

“Ummm,” his shy sister stammered, embarrassed, “Okay, look! I watch My Little Pony, and that’s what these things are called, at least in the show. In one episode, I briefly saw the mark on your thigh on a light grey pony with a light blue-green mane and tail.”

Eren looked at his sister with wide eyes, and held a fist in the air in front of her. “Brohoof!” He quietly shouted, and was happily returned the little greeting, which left a large smile on his face.

William looked at Charlie and back at Jennifer, then back to Charlie. “So, Charlie, what type of pony was this character you saw on the show? Did you see any of the “cutie marks” from our necklaces on any other characters?”

Looking surprised she answered, “I couldn’t tell, but since she was in an episode with mostly pegasi I assume she was one. And, um, no I didn’t see any of the other marks in that episode.”

William then turned to Jennifer and then to Charlie, “A female Pegasus? Like the winged horse from Greek Mythology? Maybe if you have this show on DVD, we can find the characters with these marks? Maybe they have names.”

“Actually I do... but they’re at my apartment.” Charlie stated.

William sighed, “I guess we will have to go get them then if we are going to learn more about the significance of these “Cutie Marks.” He looked over to Jennifer, “Any objections, Jennifer?”

“None at all,” Jennifer replied determinedly.

William then stood up, smoothing out his gray work suit. “Then family meeting is adjourned. We’ll get the DVD’s and some snacks and meet back here.” He then turned to Charlie, “How many seasons did this show air for? I’ve heard about it on the Internet.”

“Five,” Eren replied before Charlie could, “It stopped because it used the same character for the villain again,” She paused, “And what was on the last episode shouldn't have been on a kids show… I mean, like some seriously messed up stuff went on.”
William frowned, “I guess that that would explain them not having a sixth. I guess the voice actors and actresses had to go find new work, right?” He joked.

His sister, however did not regard it as a laughing matter, “I’d better go get the DVDs,” she said while glaring daggers at him.

William then went downstairs and showed Charlie the Canterlot in Winter piece that Jennifer had finished, and Eren chose to stay and sit on the couch. “Jennifer finished this masterpiece when I arrived here earlier. She called it, “Canterlot in Winter.”

“She better not sell that! It would be considered copyright infringement,” Eren said as he exited the building.

William waited downstairs in the studio, which was now closed until tomorrow morning. He wondered how he and his siblings each received a strange mark on their thighs on their shared birthday. The painting of Canterlot Castle reminded him of the Hearth’s Warming Eve celebration. William blinked. What?

When Charlie got back an hour later, her bag had gotten bulkier. Not only had she carried in the DVDs and chips, she had brought her laptop.

William helped carry some of the stuff Charlie brought upstairs. “Okay, time to figure out why we’re getting marks that are supposed to be on colorful talking horses, right?”

“Ponies, William. They are called ponies.” Charlie sighed, “But yes, they are colorful and talk to each other. Let’s start with the episode I saw your Cutie Mark on, William, then move on to the season premieres and finales.”

William nodded, “Okay, I’d like to figure out more about who this mark belongs to. do all the ponies have a cutie mark?”

“Yes, they all have Cutie Marks,” she paused, “Or they are at least supposed to, the only ones that don’t is what happened when Hasbro either messed up or felt lazy.”

“Makes sense,” Jennifer said impatiently coming downstairs, “Now will you two stop gossiping and come up so we can watch.” She turned and shouted. “Eren get in here!” Said brother jumped off the couch and hurried into the room.

When Charlie found what disk Hurricane Fluttershy was on, she slid it in the laptop’s disc drive and watched.

“There, did you see it?” Charlie asked suddenly. Seeing her siblings shake their heads she frowned, Charlie rewound the episode, held the remote eagerly in her hands and paused it, going through frame by frame till she found the one she was looking for. Walking up to the screen she pointed at a light grey blur that seemed to be slowing down, “Watch that.” Then Charlie played the video and, sure enough, a light grey mare with the mark William had on his thighs was visible.

“Continue the episode, I want to see if my mark appears on a pony,” Jennifer said while eating a few chips. Though they didn’t see the snowflake and paintbrush. William did shout out when he saw the picture of the sun and roses on the flank on a very light green pony looking worriedly back as the yellow and pink Pegasus named Fluttershy struggled to fly.

“Hey!” Jennifer said while fuming that her Cutie Mark hadn't appeared.

“Jennifer, maybe the pony with your Cutie Mark had caught the feather flu? Isn't that the problem in this episode?” Charlie said trying to calm her sister.

William nodded, "Yeah, Thunderlane was coughing on every pony. Twilight Sparkle was spraying him with some sort of anti-germ spray."

After watching the last episode that ever aired there was a long pause.

“That sounds very familiar somehow...” they all said at the same time. Which just creeped them out even more.

“But they took out the last scene!” Charlie shouted angrily.

“What scene?” William and Jennifer asked at the same time.

“The scene at Sugar Cube Corner, when Discord came!” she replied.

“How about we use your computer and find the last scene on Youtube,” Jennifer suggested calmly.

William frowned as he wondered why he, Jennifer, Eren, and Charlie all had Cutie Marks of ponies from the show. “Wait, you said the pony that had the mark I have now was a mare?” He gulped. “Does this mean me and Eren will be girls?” William asked

A confused expression fell on Charlie’s face, “What makes you think that, all we know is someone pranked us or something,” she said, but she didn't sound so sure herself.

William sighed. “We need to stay in touch with each other, in case something changes. What do you want to do in the meantime?” He hoped his sisters would have the answers, but it only led to more questions.

William and his sisters had the rest of the night off from work, so he decided to get something real to eat from the kitchen. As he checked on the Accu-window forecast from Jennifer’s living room window, he could see the clouds.

"Let's see, those white fluffy clouds are cumulus clouds. They usually mean fair weather. It's the dark, anvil-shaped cumulo-nimbus clouds you have to worry about..." William wondered why he said that out loud, he’s never done that before. He shook his head and fixed himself a tv dinner and a soda. The steak he had for lunch was filling, and the chips were nice, but his body seemed to want something else. After eating his food, he asked Jennifer if there was a guest room, as he had decided to take a little nap.

“Sorry, no I don’t have an extra room, but you’re right, we should all sleep,” she grabbed the remote and turned off the T.V, “I’ll get you, Charlie, and Eren some blankets,” Jennifer said. After a bit she came out her arms loaded, “If you guys all want to sleep here one of you will have to use the chair.

“Okay, that’s fine with me,” Charlie yawned and flopped on the nearest sitting surface, “I’ll take the chair.”
As soon as the tired weather reporter laid down drifted off to sleep, he had a dream that was all too real.

-The Dream-

In the dream, William was sleeping, much like he was on the bed, only the bed in question was softer. He groggily awoke to see he was laying on one of the cumulus clouds that he had noticed earlier! He then tried to look at his hands, but to his surprise he couldn’t move his head. Then without warning he popped up and fell, which allowed him to see what were once his... feet?

Why do I have... the light grey hooves of the mare I had saw on that show? William thought. He, or rather, she, took a moment to look back, and saw she was a Pegasus Pony, and a female one, at that. Her light grey coat contrasted to her long blue green mane and tail. The telltale Cutie Mark, with its light blue-green wavy lines, was prominently displayed on the flanks of the Pegasus.

“Hey, Summer!” William heard a familiar voice, “I have a card from Pinkie Pie for you,” a sea green pony with a dusty rose mane slowly landed on the cloud that William was on.

William, or “Summer”, as this pony was called, looked up, “Oh, Spring! A card from Pinkie Pie? I wonder what this is about?” The light grey pegasus opened the card that her sister offered her and read its contents.

“Of course,” Summer laughed and showed her sister the card. “It’s a birthday party for both of us! We need to go to Sugarcube Corner and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Cake.” Summer flexed her wings as she motioned her sister to follow. “Shall you lead or shall I?”

“You know I’m not the best flier!” The other pegasus said shyly.

Summer sighed, “Very well, Spring, I’ll lead. Follow me, please!” Spreading her wings, she jumped off the cloud, which made William try to scream, but surprisingly he couldn't.

The rush of the wind beneath the wings of the light grey Pegasus felt exhilarating as Summer led her sister, Spring to Ponyville, and then to the local confectionary shop known as SugarCube Corner.
“Here we are; SugarCube Corner. Pinkie Pie, as well as Mr. and Mrs Cake are waiting for us.” Summer said, opening the door. Surprisingly, the lights were off. Eventually, the lights came on, and Pinkie Pie led the party guests in a loud, “SURPRISE!”

Pinkie Pie bounded over to the guests of honor and placed party hats on Spring and Summer Breeze. “Happy Birthday, you two! Look who else came to the party!” She pointed a hoof towards a party guest that was a mix of different creatures, waiting in line to play “Pin the Tail on the Pony.”

Summer backed away at the sight of the Draconequus. “Is that who I think that is?” She said to Spring.

Discord, the creature in question, stopped waiting in line and went to talk to the birthday guests of honor.

“Indeed, dear Summer Breeze! I am Discord, a spirit of chaos. I have arrived to partake in these wonderful party games. Oh, I have gifts for you and your sister, Spring. Happy Birthday!” He brought out two presents and when opened, a swirling vortex pulled both Pegasi into the presents amid screams of fear and protest among the party guests and the two intended victims. While the Pegasi sisters struggled to escape their eventual prisons, Discord was overheard to chant a spell, in the form of a rhyme:

"Five Score, Divided by Four:
Once I cast my Spell, There Will Be No More!
Resistance is Futile, As you can plainly See!
In a different realm, time, and body, you both will be!"

Then the boxes closed shut, with Discord laughing maniacally.
-End Dream Sequence-
William woke up from his nightmare, drenched in sweat. He looked down at his body and then over at where Charlie sat, writing in a notebook. He was still human, but as he looked down noticed that he appeared to have lost a little weight. He surmised that he must have been working out at the gym to keep healthy. Those Cutie Marks on his thighs were still prominently displayed, just like Summer Breeze's were in the dream, where he "witnessed" an apparent memory of the light grey Pegasi’s encounter with the chaotic being known as Discord. He went to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face, only to look up to see his hair had grown out a bit, enough to consider getting a hair trim before work the next day. His face looked clean shaven. It appeared that he had no trace of beard stubble at all. As he turned his back to the mirror, his shoulder blades appeared to be normal. Maybe he was imagining things. He went back to sleep, and hoped the next morning would be a better day. He wondered about Summer Breeze and felt empathy for her; she was minding her own business, hanging out with her sister at a birthday party hosted by Pinkie Pie, and that Discord character had to ruin everything! A tear rolled down his face as he wiped it with a tissue he picked up from the nightstand. Why was he getting so emotional about this Pegasus and what happened to her, her friends, and sisters?

Author's Note:

Anyone want to help collaborate with me on how to help Summer Breeze and her sisters once her changes are complete. Day one is past, and the next chapter, Chapter 3 brings changes to William's life, especially when he wakes up.