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A Gentle Breeze of Change - kwr2k13

William Weston, age 25, a weather reporter, ends up making news history when he ends up missing. Shortly after his unexplained disappearance, a light grey Pegasus with a light blue-green mane and tail was spotted with three other colorful Pegasi.

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Chapter Eighteen: Farmland Bound

A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter 18

Farmland Bound

The sun rose over the majestic pegasus house as Summer was waking up. She stretched her wings, arched her back, her front hooves in front of her in an attempt to wake up her body. After shaking the sleep from her eyes, Summer got out of bed and went to clean up. As she went down the hall towards the showers, she wondered where her sisters and the other residents were at, and what were they doing.

Meanwhile in the kitchen and dining room area, ponies were sitting around the table while Aqua Splash made French Toast. The pegasi had welcomed Pencil Lead to One Cloud Lane and made him feel a part of their group. His magical contributions to the group, along with his witty humor, helped him to fit in with the other ponies. Besides, he knew Summer from their former place of employment.

Pencil was glad the group accepted him with open arms, or in the case of these ponies, open hooves. As a human, he was an outcast during school. He was glad to have Summer as a personal friend, and her sisters were very helpful in their own way to the group. The other ponies who showed up seeking help or offering assistance added to the already growing herd.

Summer Breeze flew over the table, placing some plates for each pony who were eating breakfast, along with silverware and some napkins. The drinking cups were for beverages that each pony drank from while eating their French Toast.

"So...I guess today's our last day on Earth." Aqua said, prodding her toast with a fork. "Anypony planning to talk to their ex-parents or friends on the fact that we're probably never coming back again or for a long, long time?"

Summer frowned, “I’m not sure about our parents, Aqua. My sisters and I have been pretty much taking care of each other since Autumn and Winter were old enough to foalsit Spring and I.” She sighed, “On the bright side, we were able to find other ponies who needed our help.”

"I see." Aqua replied, still prodding her toast before finally taking a bite. "Well, I guess we better start preparing soon. What I can tell for sure is, Discord ain't going to be giving up so easily. Another thing Girls-do you still remember the vests we had to wear back at the factory? Those things that protect you from fire and blunt force trauma and were extremely uncomfortable?"

The Pegasi around the table nodded as her friend continued. "I don't exactly remember how well they did their job, but I've been thinking; what if we used them as some kind of improvised armor? I mean, compared to all the animals that I can remember, we're somewhat tiny and weak. Besides, the only decent weapon that I could make shoots only lightning, and weighs around three kilograms."

Summer nodded, “That would help keep everypony safe, Aqua, but do you think we could make this armor? I mean, the armor we used back in Cloudsdale was for safety reasons, but would it hold up in combat? What if it weighed us down so we couldn't fly faster, in case we had to get away from enemies?”

"It's a vest. I'm sure it won't slow us down. It won't be much of a problem, except they you'll have to wear the thing over your wings. I mean, no point in leaving them exposed of you want protection. Unless our Unicorn friend here doesn't know any protection spells, which in that case, I'll have to make do with only the gun." Aqua explained, collecting the used plates to be washed.

"I actually do know some shield spells but to make 9 of them would be to much strain. If a couple of ponies had vests while a couple used my shield spell then everypony would be protected. I also think that I could help make the vests. I'm no expert at sewing but some I could cast long lasting spells that help protect us from Discord's magic." suggested Pencil.

Summer smiled at Pencil Lead, “Thank you, Pencil Lead! We can use all the help we can get! However, we are mainly the support team. Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends will be grateful we did our part in this battle. Perhaps when we are ready to move out, we can talk with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, or Applejack and see where they need us at?”

"Well then, I suppose our battle plans are somewhat in-place. I'll go and somehow find a way to get 9 identical vests then." Aqua proclaimed, before stopping at the exit. "Oh, another thing, nopony go into my room while I'm gone. After all, curiosity killed the rat or something." She muttered, before doing a deliberate free-fall off the porch.

“Okay, so I could talk with Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack. Maybe I can get Rarity to help make the vests. I’ll cast the spell after they’re completed.” said Pencil while giving a confused glance to the porch where Aqua had left.

Summer sighs as she noticed Aqua Splash leaving the house. “Aqua’s been through a lot since she showed up seeking my help. My sister Spring and I were able to help her come here to clear her mind.” The light grey Pegasi explained to her friend as best as she could. Aqua’s personal life would remain private, as to respect her supervisor’s wishes.

Pencil nodded in understanding as he headed down a makeshift cloud staircase. Soon he disappeared from sight.

Meanwhile, Summer hovered around a bit, still getting used to her wings. Being able to fly had its advantages. She hoped her sisters were okay and were working on their flying skills while at One Cloud Lane.

The filly’s voice Summer heard was not of Cherry Cloud’s, but a newcomer on the farm. Summer listened intently to pick up on who this pony could be. Just then, she heard the filly exclaim:

"Dang! I knew I should of stopped for directions!" A small white Pegasus filly flew in, looking quite lost. She was carrying a small duffle bag with a sleeping bag strapped to it and a small map hanging from the side. She looked like she had been flying for a long time and needed to stop to rest. The filly had gold eyes and an eight-note Cutie Mark that resembled ice on her small flank.

Summer landed on a cloud above the small filly, “Need some help? I’m Summer Breeze! What’s your name?” She waited for the filly to respond.

The white filly looked up to see a young adult Pegasi mare with turquoise eyes and a light blue green mane and tail. Her light grey fur kept her quite warm in the sky. She sported a light blue green Cutie Mark of the gentle west wind, commonly known as a ‘zephyr.’

The small white filly jumped back with a small "eep" before she looked up at Summer. This older Pegasi seemed friendly, but the little filly was cautious about meeting any new ponies, aside from the one she was currently speaking with.

...."H-hello...my name is Hope." She said, looking down shyly. Then she stammered, "I mean..."I...I'm W...Winter Song...." she squeaked in surprise.

Summer glided down to get a better look at "Hope." Or, as she now identified herself by her pony name, Winter Song. She descended from the clouds with grace and gentleness, as to not startle the filly even more.

Summer smiled at Winter Song. "Don't be afraid, Winter Song. We are all here to help you. I have met all kinds of ponies on my journey here. Earth Ponies, Pegasi, like us, and Unicorns. My sisters are all Pegasi. Can you fly and walk on clouds yet?" The older Pegasi landed near the filly to find out more about her story.

"Not yet.....kind of been afraid to try...." Winter Song said looking down.

Summer felt sad for the young filly, and went over to her. She knew from experience how not being able to fly well would mean to this filly. She placed a fore hoof around Winter Song and offered her assistance.

"How would you like to learn how to fly? I've been working with this other filly, Cherry Cloud, and she has the same problems with flying. Maybe you and her can help each other out? " Summer offered, extending a forehoof in friendship to Winter Song.

Winter Song's eyes lit up "I'd like that a lot....probably be easier then pwning noobs on XBox Live....." she said with a small smile.

As she looked up from her talk with Winter Song, she would see Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo talking about something, which ended with the young filly giving the rainbow maned mare a hug. It appeared that the orange Pegasus with the purple mane and magenta eyes had missed an old friend or family member. In a way, many of these ponies had been lost, and now, they were found. They were possibly meeting some of the more popular ponies for the first time.

Summer looked over at Cherry Cloud and then back at Winter Song, and then back to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. She then turned to hear Winter Song's comment about the XBox Live, and chuckled, "Maybe so, but for now, maybe you and Cherry Cloud can head into that barn and rest up. Maybe Applejack and Apple Bloom can get you something to eat while you are resting. I'm sure there are some fillies and colts your age to talk with while you are here." Summer suggested to the two fillies.

"Cherry Cloud, this is Winter Song. Winter Song, this is Cherry Cloud. I think you recognize that cyan pegasi over there with the rainbow-hued mane, and her orange friend?" She pointed a hoof towards Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.

Cherry Cloud smiled as she trotted up to Winter Song, "I sure do! That's Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo! That orange filly loves to ride her scooter around and hang out with her friends. Speaking of which, wanna be friends?" She stuck out a hoof in friendship to the new pony.

Summer Breeze stood off to the side to watch the two fillies interact with each other.

"Yes, please!" Winter Song said with excitement in her voice. She put her map into her knapsack and then slung it over her shoulder.

Cherry Cloud motioned Winter Song over to the barn area so they could talk to the other ponies. “I think Applejack and Apple Bloom are by the barn, if you want to talk with them.” She suggested to Winter Song.

At the same time Cherry Cloud and Winter Song were getting better aquainted, Big Macintosh was collecting food and water for the ever growing number of ponies, arriving by the hour. A young mare called Winter Fields accompanied him on food preparation when Applejack mentioned to Twilight Sparkle that the food her and Rainbow Dash had gathered wasn't going to be enough to feed all the new ponies who had been arriving to the farm. Winter Fields had volunteered for this task because plants were her forté. She made sure to mention that her talent especially shone in winter.

'Sounds logical to me.' Big Mac thought to himself. At this point the two were carrying a load of fruit and several jugs of water, nearing the barn where the pony refugees were being sheltered.

Big Mac said to his companion, "Ah truly appreciate you comin’ with me to do this. Ah’m sure it isn't the best way to welcome you here and all." He drawled, reflecting his heritage as a member of the Apple family.

Winter Fields responded, "Oh, no, don't worry about it. It's the very least I could do. After you helped me build a little shelter for some of the poor ponies out there. By the way, your sister was very grateful for me to help out."

She continued to walk with Big McIntosh until they arrived at the barn where several ponies; Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies were resting on cots, or helping others with water and food. Among the caretakers was a certain orange mare with a blonde mane and tail and green eyes. She wore her brown Stetson as she checked up on some of the younger fillies and colts.

“Oh, Howdy there, c’mon in, sugarcube! Ah’m Applejack, or AJ f’r short. What c’n Ah do ya f’r?”

Big McIntosh went over to his sister and told her about Winter Fields helping out with the food and water situation.

“Well then, that’s mighty neighborly of ya, Winter Fields! Jest put those there water jugs and food over there, “ Applejack pointed a hoof towards the tables set up for food, “and we’ll pass out the food shortly.”

“E-Eyup!” Big McIntosh nodded as he loaded up the large table with drinks and food items. Apples and all kinds of vegetables gathered from the local gardens and orchards, just like back at Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville.

“Oh, sis! C’n Babs and Ah help? We saw some new fillies show up an’ they look like they could use some friends.” A young red-maned yellow filly spoke up. This filly had a southern accent, much like her big sister.

“Ya sure can, Apple Bloom! Any of them new ponies not have a Cutie Mark? You gals c’n try to recruit them inta y’r club.” Applejack suggested.

“Okay, sounds good, sis!” With that, Apple Bloom and Babs met Winter Song and Cherry Cloud at the front of the barn. The fillies exchanged hoof shakes and found out that both Winter Song and Cherry Cloud had their Cutie Marks already.

“Wowza, you fillies sure have some interestin’ stories t’ tell.” Babs said, blowing her stubborn bang out of her face. “Ah, man, Ah think Ah lost that hair accessory Mizz Harmony gave me. C’n ya help me find it? It kinda means a lot t’ me.”

Apple Bloom nods, enthusiastically, “Sure, cuz. Where did ya last have it on at? Maybe if we go there, it may have dropped off and some pony has it!”

Winter Song searched her saddlebags and found the missing hair accessory. “Is this what you’re lookin’ for, Babs? I think it has some of your mane in it.” She holds it out to Babs to examine.

Babs looked at the hair accessory Winter Song had in her possession, memorizing it from the time she was offered it while a guest at Little Horn’s house. She felt her mane with her front hoof where it would have been, then smirked, “Oh, Yeah! Thanks! Ya don’t know how much this means t’ me. Put ‘er there, pal!” The city pony from Manehattan gave Winter Song a hug and accepted her missing hair item, placing it in her mane again.

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Pencil was glad the group accepted him with open arms. As a human, he was an outcast during school.

Or, with open forelegs, as it were.

5195320 Thanks for your comments!

I have invited those who commented on my story to consider creating an original character to join the growing ponies in Iowa, and develop a back story on how their human ended up being transformed into a pony, whether you be a Pegasus, an Earth Pony, or an Unicorn.

6103179 Oh, that was written by Sky Breeze, who is writing for his/her OC, Aqua Splash, formerly known as a co-worker of William/Summer. Another co-worker of Summer's, Peter, ended up as Pencil Lead, a unicorn stallion who was wanting to do a story on Summer and her siblings before Discord attacked them.

hmm. You lost a chapter since the fourth, Kris, and ~800 words. it was 80,132 words in 18 chapters, but it's now 79,293 words in 17 chapters. What happened?

6155560 Ch. 11 was removed to use to introduce Night Glider or any new characters who would show up needing help with becoming ponies. The Rebirth Chapters (4-7) are to show what is going on with Summer Breeze and her siblings and how they are dealing with their changes and the reaction of others around them.

6156233 Oh, I see. Thanks, Kris!

6156735 I left ch. 11 open for any new collaborators to introduce characters to meet with Summer and her family. Twist, Night Glider, or any other ponies are welcome!

I hope that clears any confusion. Ch. 13 was written by Lord Legion, who brought in his OC Earth Pony stallion, Axel, a neighbor and old classmate of Big McIntosh's. Axel's Cutie Mark is a wagon and a broken wheel/axle with a hammer, which means he can fix ponies' wagons and wheels. Since most ponies use carts and wagons to transport their goods or other ponies (like the Apple Family in Pinkie Apple Pie), Axel had a thriving business in Ponyville before Discord ruined it.

6156781 I haven't yet read it, it's still on my to-read list, but I now keep a database of author's works, and as I was updating your entries in it, I noticed your story had gotten smaller. It is the first time I had ever noticed that happening, so it confused me a little.

A few stats about you:
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6156735 I am working tomorrow afternoon with one of my collaborators to flesh out the sisterly relationship of Summer and Spring Breeze (and hopefully Autumn and Winter can join in the family reunion chapter (ch. 8).

Anypony can join the collab for this fan fiction and bring in canon characters or original characters for the Breeze siblings to meet along the way and help with their friendship problems (or their human to pony transformation issues).

PM me for more details!

6441892 While I appreciate the offer, My OC is me. You know me. It probably would be better for your characters not to meet someone like me, don't you think?

6597053 John/Aqua speaks German because his/her player, Sky Breeze (no relation to the Breeze siblings) wrote it like that. Eventually, Aqua starts to relearn Equestrian English.

maybe my oc should have some small appearances at some point in future chapters, that sound good to you?

You skiped chapter 11

7479414 Ch. 11 Is about the encounter with Night Glider and maybe some new ponies. I am coming off my vacation for work and maybe able to start to flesh out this chapter and many more. There are a lot of original characters and some canon characters who can show up and meet (I use google docs for the stories).

Seems that 'The Weird Taste of Change' link doesn't work

3123810 Somehow I did not know that Zephyr was an actual character until Flutter Brutter introduced Zephyr Breeze as Fluttershy's brother. Summer and her siblings may or not be related to Fluttershy (unless a distant relative, like Spring has some personality traits that may be similar to Fluttershy (quiet, introspective).

7494503 I think the Strawberry Frosting person had a wrong or broken link.

That moment when you read the description and realise you've managed to pick the exact same name for your oc XD

Pls tell me will you continue the story?

8052952 I would like to. I just haven't had the time and trying to come up with new ideas. I do want to see Summer and her sisters working together on aerial maneuvers that would impress Spitfire that when they finally defeat discord and get Equestria back into working order, she invites them to the wonderbolt academy to take their Wonderbolt flight tests.

I am working on a new collab, Lavender Heart where characters end up as anthropomorphic versions of the ponies from the show and also have oc's helping out. In Gentle Breeze of Change, Summer and her sisters meet many OC ponies as well as Night Glider (Season 5 character who lived in Starlight Glimmer's village).

I need some help finishing the story. It's been way too long. The idea/concept is the Breeze siblings play a behind the scenes role (they witness rainbow dash's heroic sonic rain boom on discord and fight off the chaos creatures unleashed to retake back their home.

In the epilogue, they have decided to help rebuild the weather factory and the wonderbolt training academy, as well as the other cloudsdale sites.

That makes sense sorry if I came across as rude I was just curious is all.

That sounds like a good read what's the fics name.

It is called Lavender Heart and we have a forum and several side stories for canon mlp characters as well as oc's. the theme is anthro versions of the mlp cast.

skaltrox defiance knight wrote what happened to his character becoming twilight sparkle (anthro princess of friendship). my character ends up as applejack.

well, am i able to get a part in this? though i'm redoing my Five Score (again) which takes place 4 years later, thinking that there are still some humans that are actually ponies, which are changing back one by one. IDK how to fit things, need some help here now.

Sure. I know it has been many years since Twisted Spectrum's story and the subsequent side stories.

do you have a link to Berry Frosting's profile?

I am afraid that person has deleted their profile and the story A weird taste of Change has also been removed.

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