• Published 5th Jun 2013
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A Gentle Breeze of Change - kwr2k13

William Weston, age 25, a weather reporter, ends up making news history when he ends up missing. Shortly after his unexplained disappearance, a light grey Pegasus with a light blue-green mane and tail was spotted with three other colorful Pegasi.

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Chapter Ten: Berry's Special Talent

A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter Ten: Berry’s Special Talent

Zephyr walked beside Berry as she was writing down what she remembered of the recipe. As she looked over her shoulder, she realised that none of the ingredients, even mixed together, would taste good after heating them up. As the pegasus jumped and hovered to await her first orders, she wondered what Berry would be doing.

“Berry, are you going to preheat the oven first before you start baking? Unless this dessert is one of those no-bake varieties...” Zephyr trailed off, waiting for Berry to respond. While waiting for Berry to complete her dessert recipe, the Pegasus’ thought drifted off. She began to wonder what has become of her family; her sisters, mother, father, and the other friends she had back in Ponyville and Cloudsdale.

''Pfft, baking.” Berry said while waving her hoof in the air. “Time to show you how I do it!'' She said while placing a cauldron with water on the oven. It surprised the chef that Chance actually had lemon jello deep in his closet. It was one of the main ingredient of the recipe and she was glad there was some.

Chance saw that Berry had found the lemon-flavored gelatin in the closet. He rubbed the back of his head with his hoof, “I usually keep gelatin on hand. You never know who might drop by.” The white Earth pony stallion explained to Zephyr, who responded with a shrug.

Zephyr replied back to Chance, “I’m not judging you, Chance. It’s your house.” She wondered what Berry was planning to make with lemon-flavored gelatin.

Zephyr looked with confusion at the box of lemon gelatin powder. “So, what dessert are you planning to make, Berry?” The light-grey Pegasus asked, looking at the paper with Berry’s scribble on it. Zephyr knew that she wasn’t used to writing as a pony. She tried to read what was written, but she saw that it was actually written in French.

Zephyr looked at the recipe, “Berry, where did you get this recipe from? I can hardly read your hoof-writing. Then again, we have to write holding a pen or pencil in our mouths, since we don’t have hands anymore.” She waited for Berry to respond or find out if she was needed to retrieve any high-shelf items from the kitchen.

Zephyr smirked as Berry began to start the cooking process. “I knew you had it in you!” Let me know if you need anything else.”

Zephyr then felt a tug on her heart, and she landed on the ground.

Chance saw Zephyr was in some sort of pain and went to help her up. “Are you okay, Miss Zephyr?” He asked with concern in his voice.

Zephyr waved a hoof at Chance, “I’m fine...it’s just that I need to get some air.” Zephyr pulled herself up and trotted to the door.

The light-grey Pegasus turned to the other ponies in the kitchen, “Hey guys, I’ll be outside in the clouds. I am feeling a presence I have not felt in a long time. I believe I have a sister who needs my help!”

Chance shook his head in disbelief, “You have a sister, Miss Zephyr? How wonderful! Please have her stop in! I think she can room with you and Berry.” He then wondered what he was planning to do with three mares in his house.

Zephyr glared at Chance, “Yeah, well, thanks for the offer, but that’s up to Berry and Autumn. I do hate to turn out my family or friends in their time of need. Besides, Berry’s in the zone in the kitchen! Just look at her go!” The pegasus smiled as she watched Berry put the finishing touches on her dessert. “Wow, Berry, you should consider entering this dessert in next year’s dessert competition in Canterlot. Just watching you bake is making me hungry!” She licked her lips in anticipation of sampling the dessert. “What’s the name of this dessert? I guess it has to do something with lemon, since you used lemon gelatin.”

Zephyr returned to the kitchen to ask Berry a question. It dawned on her that perhaps any “comfort foods” may help her sister in her time of need. The dessert sure reminded Zephyr of something they usually ordered at SugarCube Corner.

She turned to Berry, “Berry, I think my sister, Autumn would love to eat your desserts. Mind if I take some out to her? I heard that certain foods can help others feel at ease.” If Autumn had just “woken up” from that curse Discord placed on them, she would need all the help she could to adjust to meeting other ponies.

With that, Zephyr decided to let Berry finish cleaning up the kitchen and take off for the clouds. She did take some of the delicious treats Berry fixed for herself, and possibly anypony else she would meet. The open air was better suited for a pegasus like Zephyr. Sure, she needed a place to rest her wings, but wasn’t that what a cloud was for?