• Published 6th Jun 2013
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It's Alright to be Bold Sometimes - Ghee Buttersnaps

Soarin' and Fluttershy have surprises for each other.

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Lovely story, really heartwarming.. not to mention very... exiting :rainbowwild: , like it or not I think you are quite good at writing more intimate scenes :ajsmug:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:. I'm honestly surprised at how well those scenes turned out; this is all new territory for me (I mean, I've written ships before, and even hinted at intimacy, but I've never written something so graphic), so I was a little worried that it might not work right, but it turned out well, so I'm happy. Heh, I guess if this story does well enough, I might try writing another sometime.

2686687 that is where it is


More? More Soarin' X Fluttershy, or more fics from me :rainbowhuh:? Actually that's a stupid question for me to ask; don't worry, you'll be getting both :pinkiehappy:. But it'll be a while, so you'll have to wait and see what comes next. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Another good fic. I love how these don't focus on the clop but rather the story. Hence thats why I'm adding this to the Clop folder in Twilight's Library

Yup, for this story (and really for most of my stories) I really wanted the main focus to be on the story itself and not just the more "exciting scenes" I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for putting it in the folder :pinkiehappy:

3 chapters uploaded on the same date? I haven't read it but just looking at that I think


Actually, I chose to upload all three chapters on the same day instead of on the days they were each finished simply because (a) I didn't really intend the story to be broken up into chapters until I was about halfway finished, and (b) when I finally decided to break it up into chapters, I held off on releasing them individually because I didn't want to upload individual chapters on different days, several weeks apart (it really helped me to focus on writing the story when I wasn't worried about release dates). So yes, all three chapters were uploaded on the same day, but the story as a whole took me a little under a month to write.

Great story. I loved it. I'm always scared of clopfics involving Fluttershy cause I like her being innocent. But what you did with this clopfics was grand. You made it cloppable while keeping fluttershy's innocence.


Yeah me too; I honestly don't think I could picture her any other way. Her innocence is what I love most about her, and it's pretty much what drove me to write this story (which was based on the pic I used as my cover image. I wrote the story with the thought "Fluttershy is so timid, why would she dress so provocatively?" Then viola, the story was born). I'm glad you enjoyed it (and I'm glad Derpy approves).

I love how this isn't all about big Macintosh, I've come to see A LOT of big mac clop-fics, good to see that one isn't associating itself with Big Mac.


Yup, as cute as I think FlutterMac is, I think it's a bit of an exhausted pairing. While Soarin' X Fluttershy is a bit unusual, I think it's really cute, and I had a lot of fun writing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


2938317 2938810 If you like this paring, you should check out The Meek and The Brave. It's the only other time I've seen it.

I have no idea why this fic hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. :rainbowhuh:
It's fantastic.
*rereads description*
Oh, wait, that's why.
Never mention in the description that it's your first one. Usually, an author's first one is terrible, so when readers see that, many will assume it's a terrible fic.
If you must tell people it's your first, use the author's notes at the end, not the description.

Only other quibble I have is a grammatical one:
Dialog that ends in a question, followed by a dialog tag should be punctuated by a question mark, not a comma. You got this wrong several times in this fic.
Right: "Are you ready?" Rarity asked.
Wrong: "Are you ready," Rarity asked.

Grammar Nazism aside, this is a fantastic fic! One of the best of this type I've ever read. You should be proud.:raritywink:

3437969 Hehe, yeah, I just wrote that because I was feeling nervous about posting this story, and I hoped people might be a little more patient with me if they knew it was my first clop fic. Honestly, I haven't read through the description in a while, so I kinda forgot that it was in there. Since you reminded me about it, and because I don't need it any more, I've removed it from the description.

As for the grammar, I actually didn't know about that you were supposed to end questions that are followed by a dialogue tag should end with a question mark (which is sad because I have a degree in English). I'll have to set a day aside when I can read through all of my fics and correct them.

I'm very proud of this fic; it was so much fun to write. I know it hasn't gotten a lot of attention, but more people have enjoyed this fic than I could have hoped for when I first published it. I'm glad you liked it.


As for the grammar, I actually didn't know about that you were supposed to end questions that are followed by a dialogue tag should end with a question mark (which is sad because I have a degree in English)

Yeah... I find it terribly sad, really, that most education in writing focuses on nonfiction; reports and essays and the like.
It's too rare for them to teach the grammar and punctuation rules that are pretty much exclusive to fiction, like how to punctuate dialog. (In my (biased) opinion, nobody should graduate high school without being taught how to punctuate dialog, but sadly, no low-level English classes ever teach it.)

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