• Published 5th Jun 2013
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The demon mare - CeresBane

Come play with me, come play with me. Join with me in the eternal party.

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Only friend in the world.

It was exhausting work checking defensive lines, hearing reports, issuing orders and debating strategies. Usually matters would be discussed through a series of letters and messengers and runners. And then the orders would then subsequently follow a chain of command through more letters, runners and messengers. But Twilight was not the kind of leader to stand within the confines of a war room in a comfy, impenetrably safe city capital of Celestia screaming her head off. She was a mare of action, never content to believe she had done enough. Ever ready to be in the forefront to bring harmony into the chaos of battle.

And with Trixie as her opponent, of course she would have reason to believe her actions would never be enough.

After all, for every tactic and stratagem Twilight would concoct, Trixie would have her own countering hers or distracting her objectives and forcing her to split her resources. And then somehow in all that mess Twilight would need to come up with a countering tactic or stratagem to have the same disabling effects on the Lunar forces. As such, Twilight needed the empire to run with maximum efficiency so that it would always be slightly ahead of Trixie.

With the mastery of her teleportation, Twilight could take in reports in person and issue orders in person rapidly. Skipping the bureaucracy of the chain of command and move her forces with a greater efficiency than any military force in the world. Trixie may have had her smoke and mirror tactics and some ridiculous intuition against her attempts to beat her. But Twilight had an army that moved as naturally as her own limbs.

When a fight between the two forces was all said and done. The empire has always been the more prepared for a long battle, with reinforcements constantly nearby to support each other.

And one day, all that effort won out.

With the death of the Great and Powerful Trixie the momentum for the retaking of Canterlot was well underway. The Lunar republic had been in full retreat and had been soundly routed by the forces Twilight lead across the empire simultaneously. Their usual raid and guerilla tactics made useless by the united might under the command of Twilight Sparkle. A princess general now renamed in honour of her recent accolade, the Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight had respectfully declined to attend any celebrations in her honour. She seemed content to revel in some private issue. A trauma she refused to show all that worshipped her, for fear of seeing her weakness.

"Trixie... you are a horrible pony." Twilight stood alone at the foot of Canterlot mountain. Glowing with a wan pink light, Trixie's magic protected the city, barring her enemies from their goal even after her death. Twilight's foothold was assured but If Trixie were alive, it would've already been taken from her at this point.

Victories between the two generals were numerous, but only because of their minute sizes. Tiny victories that kept the already tired and overextended forces of both sides going beyond what they could do under any other pony's command.

It would've been a blessing to know that Trixie died, leaving the republic one less of their greatest generals. But another would rise to the challenge. This victory only bought Twilight time and it was nowhere near enough.

"Darling... everypony is getting worried." It was Rarity. Her voice bringing Twilight back to the reality she was truly in, like it always did. The voice of reason Twilight liked to think of her as, the voice of moderation. The voice that kept her from becoming a monster.

Like how Trixie had become. Her atrocities, her "tactics and stratagems" nothing more than a life long obsession to win at any cost, at anypony's expense. A demented mind who's only accolades were war crimes endlessly numbering over her years.

"I'm so tired Rarity... I just want this to stop. Canterlot is right there Rarity... It's right bucking there... I need to... I need..." Twilight horn flickered weakly but only weak sparks flew. Her impotency bringing tears to the great her to the empire.

"You need to rest dear. You've been teleporting and spelling casting non-stop for a full week. I don't even think you've slept or eaten properly." Rarity held a hoof to Twilight's face and looked her straight into her bloodshot black bagged eyes.

"You've done enough. You're a hero time and time again. Come on, I'll take you to your cot. Sleep and I'll have a breakfast ready for you in the morning." Twilight grinned grimly at Rarity's sweet nothings. She already knew the food stock was already being rationed. A new shipment of oats wouldn't arrive until the next week.

"Never leave me Rarity. You're my only friend in the world."