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The fate of Equestria lies in Twilight Sparkle's hooves when two warring clans of ancient, alien robots arrive on the planet in search of a long lost relic.

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I do apologize if this is a double post. For some reason Fimfiction is not letting me see my comments, so I don’t know if my original comment was posted.
First and foremost I would like to apologize for being gone for so long from this project. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that, combined with my hectic school schedule, have prevented me from working on this story.
Now I have some good news and bad news (well, bad news for some). When I came back to the story about three or four months ago I didn’t like what I saw. I couldn’t remember what I had been writing and, to me at least, the plot was too similar to the god-awful plot of Revenge of the Fallen with Twilight seeing symbols in her head leading to the matrix like Sam in the film. So, I decided to rewrite the story from the ground up. The only things remaining between the new and original story is the first chapter and the fact that the Autobots and Decepticons are searching for the matrix.
Some of the changes I have made include which characters are appearing, I have increased the pace slightly to help the story move along, and I have tried to improve the underlying story that Twilight is going through that was abysmal in the original version.
Here are some quick points you should know about the new version.
• The new version is FINISHED and I am almost ready to begin writing its sequel.
• The new version is 18 chapters plus an Epilogue.
• The new version will be update in batches of two chapters at a time.
• When the story will be updated depends on when I get the chapters back from my proofreaders. This may take a little while as my editors, like me, are very busy students. I am hoping the rate of update will improve over the summer break.
Also as a treat, and a desperate plea for forgiveness, for my older readers (if any return or are left) here is a list of the Cybertronians appearing in the story in the order in which they appear.
• Bumblebee
• Oil Slick
• Barricade
• Decepticon Vehicons/Generic Troopers
• Starscream
• Blackout
• Optimus Prime
• Bluestreak
• Incinerator
• Ironhide
• Prowl
• Wheeljack
• Megatron
• Ratchet
• Soundwave
• Laserbeak
• Two more Decepticons appear in the epilogue, but I will not reveal them here because they would be spoilers for the sequel.
I understand that there will be some people upset that I decided to go with a clean slate, but I honestly think this was the better option. If you still want to read the old version it is available on my Deviantart page, but do know that I will not be working on it.
If anyone knows how to clear the likes and dislikes I would love to know as I understand some people will not have the same feelings for this new version as they did with the old one.
If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. I will answer to the best of my ability.

…Holy shit.
THIS. IS . AWESOME:pinkiehappy:

oooh its about time someone took these two hasbro owned things and mushed them together.

"After the incident with the Decepticon allied cider salescolts a few months back it would be a good place to start.”

Duuude…that made my day:rainbowlaugh:

When are the other unreleased 8 chapters coming out?
Because according to my update box, they're already up.:pinkiehappy:


I liked that line too, as for the eight chapters listed this is what I think happened is that the website is listing the eight chapters of the older version of the story that I deleted as being updates.

The next two chapters won't be available until I get them back from my proofreaders and they're quite busy so it could be a little while.

And the story begins! I had hoped to see this continue, but a rewrite works just as fine.

2445843 Gender byis no female cybertronians? if you want i can list all the ones in the war for both side from g1 g2 wfc new comics and prime.

2449219 I am well aware that there are dozens of female Autobots and Decepticons. Arcee was in this story for the longest time before I had to cut her during the rewrite. She is in the sequel I've begun working on. Possibly one of the Decepticon fembots will be in it as well I'm still working on that character.

The reason I ended up cutting Arcee was because during the rewrite I ended up having to remove a few scenes, many of which she had a large part in. So, it ended up either A) She stays in, but it ends up like ROTF and she ends up doing absolutely nothing; or B) I cut her for now and give her a larger role in the sequel.

Trust me, Arcee's a personal favorite of mine and I hated to cut her, but I decided to as it would be better for her character development and the story as a whole.

2449810 Ok what decpta babe wher you going to use Strika, Slipstream, Nightbird, Arcanid or Thunderblast (i think her name was she was the boat in the planet key saga)? (would also add blackaracnia but she always flip flops sides to mach)

I severely apologize for how long it took to get these next two chapters out to you guys. Like I said it is near the end of the school year/semester, so it took my proofreaders a little while to get these back to me. :fluttershysad:

I'm hoping since summer is right around the corner the next chapters won't take as long to update.

As always feel free to comment and ask questions; I always love to talk to my readers.

Rolling out with a double feature!
By the way, are they in their "Hearts of Steel" forms?

…Once again with the OCD freakout from Twilight.
I am almost certain that Every single one of the Mane 6 have a slight mental issue…and that's why I'm pretty sure I'll fit in.

Well, that's interesting. By the way, I can't help but imagine Peter Cullen's voice as this goes... spot on.

Not quite how I was hoping this story would get picked back up but enjoyable nonetheless.

I actually loved the opening of the original version as it provided a sense of in universe mystery surrounding the coming events, and the idea of the fates of Cybertron and the world that the war falls to (in this case, Equestria) being intertwined by a sense of destiny has been slowly growing on me since watching Prime. There was a minor ROTF vibe from it but it was more ROTF done right, so I'm kind of sad to see it go.

Although the pacing is undoubtedly a massive improvement. The narrower perspectives and the clearer flow of events is already making rereading this a cake walk.

I thought that the original was the best Transformers story written on this site but now it looks to only improve. Keep up the good work.

I wish I could have responded earlier, but I was in class.

Now I agree and disagree with a few of the things you mentioned about the older version. However, I can tell you that I didn't get rid of all of those elements completely in the rewrite. The primary example is in the next chapter. Without going into too much detail, Megatron is bringing something with him that will definitely bring back that intertwined destiny theme I had going in the last version of the story; especially once you learn who it was that created what Megatron has.

The intertwined destiny also plays a large part in the sequel I'm working on right now. So, I did keep those elements I've just decided to pace them out over the course of the sequels rather than bunch it all together in the first one.


Mostly, there's a bit of a mix. Prime, Starscream, and Prowl are using the Hearts of Steel Bodies. Bumblebee kind of has the robot mode of the 2nd Hearts of Steel story (The one with the elder gods) but has a different vehicle form, Bluestreak is a repaint of Bee with a new head, Ironhide and Ratchet are basically using their Hearts of Steel designs,but with different colors, and Wheeljack is actually based on his alternators toy with a few steampunk additions (the reason for this will be explained late in the story.)

Blackout, Incinerator, and Barricade are all based on their film counterparts mixed with steampunk

When he shows up in the next chapter Megatron basically looks like he does in Prime.

And here are chapters seven and eight for your reading pleasure!! As always I'm sorry about the lateness, but I try to go for perfection before I post.

As always feel free to comment and ask questions. I love to speak with my readers whenever I can.

Also, before anyone asks, Legotron is the name of one of my proofreader's OCs its just a sort of "Thanks for all the hard work you do" kind of thing.

Anyways, ENJOY!

YES SOUNDWAVE! My favorite Decepticon!
One question I want to ask is what would Soundwave's alt mode would be attributed to. His classic alt mode (Boombox), Prime (Recon drone), Cybertron (jet), WOC/FOC (ATV), or Movieverse (Sattelite/Mercedes).

Assuming you followed the classic alt mode (aka boom box). wouldn't it make more sense if the carriage he was pulling were a mobile DJ set (it would serve to pay homage to his affinity for sound, and help his cassettes blend in as either vinyl records of DJ equipment) , or a radio station (for wiretapping, and links in with his role as communications officer)?


Soundwave, in this story, is heavily based on his DOTM body, but, with a few G1 accents, such his head being more in-tune with his original body. For some reason I really liked him and Laserbeak in DOTM so I wanted to homage that, plus I felt the normal carriage was his best option for a disguise since, up until this point in the story, he's been spying on the Princesses for the Decepticons.

So, Soundwave has sent Lazerbeak after Twilight? Cue oh snap. :pinkiegasp:

Well, something tells me that Optimus and Megatron will have an epic battle.

I apologize for how long it took to get these two chapters out to you guys. One of my proofreaders was moving over the summer, so he was just now able to get these back to me. In a bit of good news though, I have started work on the sequel to this story.

Again, I apologize for the delay.

DOTM Laserbeak?
Aw Slag. That bird is creepy.

As he looked across the burnt feathers, he couldn’t help but nervously bite on his lower lip. Deep down the medic had a gut feeling that something was wrong.

Let me guess: Primary feathers burned? Can't fly again?
Maybe a chance of using cybermatter to form prosthetic replacements?

TBH, I was thinking that if Twilight remained uncooperative, they could have used Shockwave's cortical psychic patch (from TF Prime…assuming it works on organics.) Granted Twilight may never recover from that, but…hey, it's an option fit for a Decepticon.


Well, this was expected... Twilight being kidnapped by the Decepticons and forced by Soundwave to help him translate. Well, what I don't hope for is anyone getting the idea of using Dark Energon on Twilight...

Well, Optimus is going to destroy these Decepticons.

I love how you use a mix of styles from G1, T Prime, and the Michael Bay movies along with your own original steampunk twist for your characters and backstories. It works better than just copying over one set of bots from one show and giving them a new environment.

Well done.

As usual, I apologize for the lateness of the update, but, this time, I have a legitimate excuse. I lost a proofreader to a busy schedule and I've been scrambling to make up for it.

On a brighter note, I am happy to announce that I am half-way through writing the first of two sequels to Transformers: Harmony, so there won't be too big of a gap between stories.

Bluestreak! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

…Well that was unexpected.:pinkiegasp:

I want to see pony formers please? PLEASE?:twilightblush::twilightsheepish: I want twiliprime:twilightsheepish:

Alright everyone, here are the next two chapters. We're int he final stretch now. The next update will contain the last two chapters and an epilogue. It will also contain what many of you have been waiting quite some time for. The confrontation between Optimus Prime and Megatron...

Oh shit, the slag has just impacted the turbine.

I know Optimus and Megatron are going to duke it out, but if you have Twilight exchange the famous "One shall stand, one shall fall" line with Megatron, that would be freaking awesome!

Meanwhile, do I sense Rainbow vs. Starscream?

Pretty awesome dude, I'm getting eager to see the duel between Optimus Prime and Megatron. I can almost see Optimus there, with his weapon drawn, saying with his noble, and determined spark, "at the end of this day... one shall stand, one shall fall." This is going good, and I'm curious to see what the clever little unicorn, Twilight will do to keep Megatron at bay. What in Primus' name are you up to Twilight...? :rainbowhuh: :twilightoops:

Alright guys, it's been a long, very long, hard road, but we've finally reached the end. Transformers: Harmony has finally been finished!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me during this and everyone who stuck around through the long times between updates, ESPECIALLY those of you who came back after the year hiatus and the reboot you guys are truly awesome and I can't think of a proper way to thank you.

There is a sequel in the works, but it will be a few more months before it is ready mostly because of a combination of school work and procrastination.

Once again I want to thank all of you for your support. I hope you enjoyed this read and I hope you're looking forward to the sequel in the future.

I do have a question. Did you base this off the War/Fall of Cybertron lore?

This was by far an interesting tale. A somewhat bittersweer one, but nonetheless, interesting. I've waited very patiently, and it's paid off. I'll be looking forward to the sequels. :twilightsmile:

Well, props to Twilight to actually HURTING Megatron.

featured box. thats rare for transformers stories


Yes I did include the WFC/FOC games in the history/time line I've written out for this universe. If you pay attention to Megatron during his first appearance in the early chapters, he makes several references to the second game.

If WFC/FOC are in the continuity, does that mean... Dinobots?

By the way, great story.

great story who .......... MEGATRON!:pinkiegasp:

The reference to Shockwave's missing hand by an escaped experiment would tend to indicate Dinobots. The question is, will they be G1 cartoon idiot dinobots, or the cunning, belligerent autonomous combat team of later incarnations?

Epilogue posted, but not marked "Complete"

Faved as a precaution.

when is the sequel coming out

so they looked like Transformer Prime huh

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