• Published 18th Jun 2013
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How Far? - brickguy213

When a freak accident leaves everypony lost in the pages of time, only one stallion, with the help of a certain lavender mare that started this whole mess in the first place, can get things back to normal.

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Introduction: The Trouble Starts

The sun shone on another brilliant day in Ponyville, and the white clouds moved whimsically in the sky. It was as if the day was stating to the whole town that the weather team was doing its job, and doing it right. Ponies were trotting around in the streets, if one could call Ponyville's small grass strips between houses streets, and shopping at the market. Stands lined the road in a many places, ponies behind them selling their wares. Applejack was there as always, selling her Equestria-Famous apples and apple treats. Judging by the pile of bits on the counter, sales were up today.

Up the road a little ways was a tree. Yes, I know what you are thinking, 'A tree?! You spent half the morning talking about a market and now you're talking about a tree?!' Well, this tree is important, because it's not just any tree. Somepony lives in this tree. A lavender unicorn, by the name of Twilight Sparkle. This mare is important, because she is what our whole story is about.

This certain lavender mare was preparing for one of her biggest magical experiments yet. A time travel spell. It was always a dream of hers to try time travel, and another to impress the princess beyond measure. This was a chance to do both. Kill two birds with one stone as it were. The only problem was, the spell required maximum concentration, and as we all know, Twilight isn’t the greatest concentrator in Equestria.

“Alright, Spike, do you have the checklist?” Twilight asked.

“Right here Twilight.” Spike said, handing her the checklist of necessary items for the spell.

Looking over the stiff musky parchment, she confirmed she had all of the items, she decided she was ready. If only she knew that she wasn’t... Her poor sleep the previous night, coupled with the minor distraction that was about to happen in 5.7 seconds would be just enough to tip her over the edge of the concentration barrier, causing her to miscalculate her values of magic and mess up the spell. Twilight, oblivious to all this, beckoned upon her magical reserves and with a spark of her horn started the spell. The spell that would cause so much trouble, it would go down in history as “The Forbidden Spell”.

At first her concentration was flawless, and a golden aura surrounded her. From there, everything went south. Spike, unknowing that the front door was coming off of its hinges because of poor maintenance, opened it to get the mail causing it to fall off.

Twilight, who had closed her eyes to get max concentration, opened one eye and plainly stated, “Spike, the door has been out of order for weeks.”

This minor distraction caused her not to notice that the aura had stopped surrounding her, and her to overestimate how much magic to use. Nor did she notice the sky darken. she felt a slight pull on her and her magic, like a power outlet using slightly more power. Within half a second, it dissipated, and she opened her eyes. Although, when she did, she noticed the she hadn’t gone anywhere. And even worse, she realized that Spike was gone...

Author's Note:

Authors Notes: I’m back in black baby! So, I’ve been brushing up, enjoying life as a model train hobbyist, and... What do you know, this idea hits me for a story to do with my new OC. One thing that’s sad... I JUST figured out what OC means two days ago... Yeah... Sad...

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