• Published 3rd Jun 2013
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The Conversion Bureau: Inversion - Warwolf

The Conversion Bureau in reverse. Ponies becoming human to escape the destruction of Equestria.

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Equestria's End Begins

The Conversion Bureau:


Chapter One:

Equestria's End Begins

Twilight Sparkle shook her head in annoyance. No matter how she attacked the problem, she couldn't come up with a solution. And that fact was slowly driving her up the wall with fear and frustration.

Six years ago, a massive continent had appeared in one of the oceans of Equus during a unique astrological convergence that Luna had set up due to the sheer energy put out by that same event. Calling itself the United States of America, it was said to be part of a world called Earth. It was discovered that the two worlds were merging. This fusion would result in a planet roughly three times the size of either due to the energy which caused the fusion in the first place, as it occurred due to the fact that Earth was from a parallel reality, and all the energy from this fusion of worlds had to go somewhere. On the upside, this would mean that there would be no lack of space for the population of the two worlds, as it seemed new land masses would result from the fusion, according to every simulation model run by Earth's greatest computers and scientific minds.

The downside was that no pony could set foot in it without dying an utterly horrific death.

And Twilight had been working on this problem for the last two years. With no luck whatsoever.

The unique nature of Earth made it incompatible with the magical energy field that permeated the planet. The magical energy field, also called Thaumic radiation, was unique to their world. And while Earth's power plants could use it as a form of near-perpetual energy due to how the energy changed when it came into contact with Earth, the machines were the only thing that could use it. Because the non-magical nature of Earth created a kind of anti-magic field. One that, it had been discovered, was lethal to any living creature who depended on that magical field for life. And it was spreading as more and more of Earth began to emerge and fuse with their world. As mankind began researching the energy as best they could (and in so doing discovering that thaumic radiation became a safe, non-lethal fusion radiation that could become a near-perpetual energy source as the energy changed from magic into a form of clean energy that seemed endless due to the fact that magic had pervaded Equus for so long.) in order to try to avert as much loss of life as possible for the population of their new neighbor, Earth continued to encroach on Equus. More and more of the planet and its unique life forms called Humans were becoming part of the soon to be superplanet that would exist as a result of the fusion of the two worlds.

Celestia and Luna had no idea what to do for once in their millennia-long existences. Not even Discord had caused this much panic in his days as Equestria's ruler. They reached out to mankind, trying to find some way to save their ponies, even as other species such as the Griffins and Zebras and Buffalo wondered why the anti-magical nature of Earth did little to nothing to their kind. This was later explained as being because while these species could use magic, it wasn't part of their intrinsic genetic makeup. In other words, Griffins, Zebras, and Buffalo could use magic. Ponies, on the other hand, were genetically dependant on it just to exist. The only thing the princesses could do was erect a barrier against the advance of Earth. But it was doomed to fail almost from the word go.

The anti-magic nature of Earth began eating away at the barrier almost immediately. Leaving behind only the energy now being distributed across Earth, which was able to maintain contact with America and travel to and from the various Earth continents was still possible due to an odd quirk in the way the two worlds were merging. Sadly, this meant that any artificial items such as buildings, and even pony-made clouds, were being destroyed by the anti-magic field— or as it had come to be called, the Fusion Field, or simply the Field— due to their saturation in thaumic radiation, which presented its own problems. It was theorized that only the EverFree Forest might go unaffected by the Field since weather was non-magical there. As was nearly everything else inside it, save perhaps the old ruined castle that once belonged to the Equestrian Diarchs.

The proposed manner in which to save the pony population, put into effect a year and a half ago, was controversial enough that many ponies had dismissed it outright, but the majority were in favor of it simply to stem the tide of death that would emerge otherwise. And there were still some who were desperately trying to find a way to render its necessity moot.

Twilight threw down her books in a heap and collapsed on a pillow in a huff.

"Nothing!" she muttered. "Not a single clue to how to stop this fusion whatosever in any of the old texts I have. Even Starswirl's textbooks are no help."

"You're pushing yourself too hard, Twilight." Cadance said as she entered the library. Twilight smiled a bit at her old foalsitter and current sister-in-law. The Crystal Empire had been one of the first parts of Equestria to be consumed by Earth as the anti-magic field began it's slow progress across the planet. That had been two years ago. While the majority had been saved thanks to the emplacement of the barrier, the fact that many had not made it had been a heartbreaking experience for those ponies that had seen family ripped apart by the still growing anti-magic field.

"What else can I do, Cadance? The Crystal Empire is gone, Appaloosa is on the verge of following it, and we're slowly losing every piece of our art, our culture and everything else to that damn energy field! And what did the humans propose? They want us to give it all up! To be turned into humans in those darned Conversion Bureaus! Bureaus they created after studying our transformation magic! Thanks to them, everything we value will be gone in just another four years or so if we don't do something!" she ruffled her wings in agitation. "Discord is somehow the only one not affected by it, too, and he's got no idea why. Not that he's complaining. He was already pretty unique to begin with. But what about you, and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna? What about every unicorn on the planet!? I can't just let them be turned into humans!"

"Your friend Lyra seems to be happy with it." The alicorn of love pointed out. Lyra had been one of the very first volunteers for the process of Conversion: a means by which ponies could become humans and thus survive in a soon-to-be magicless world. She had come through with flying colors and had been positively giddy about it. She became a minor celebrity, and had moved to Philadelphia, where she had joined a small up and coming rock band. Turns out she played a mean electric guitar.

"Yes but she was always fascinated with stories about aliens. Finding out that aliens actually exist was like giving her the ultimate Hearth's Warming present!" This was accompanied by an annoyed stomp of her hoof. "I can't do it, Cadance. I can't just give up everything and become a human. I never expected to become an Alicorn, but I dedicated my studies to magic! My Cutie Mark is based around magic. I spent years doing nothing but studying magic! Ask Spike, he can vouch for that. And now I'm supposed to just give it up? For what? What could I possibly do with myself if the very thing that makes me special is taken away from me because of something that wasn't even my own fault?!"

"I know, Twilight. But running yourself into the ground isn't going to help either." Cadance replied, gently patting the other Alicorn on the shoulder. "I don't think anyone likes this situation, Twilight. But we have to make do with what we have. At least they found a way to save us. And it's not true that we're giving up everything. So long as we live, our culture will survive with us."

"But that's only partly true, Cadance." Twilight shot back. "Earth ponies can still do almost everything they do now with only minor changes. But what about unicorns and pegasi? No wings means no flight. No flight means no weather control. No more air races, nothing. Cloudsdale will be destroyed once the Field hits it....everything up there is made of clouds for the most part. An entire city in the clouds, something humans can never duplicate. Gone just like that. As if it never was. The Pegasi and Unicorn cultures will both die out because there's no magic anymore. Nopony will be able to walk on the clouds. Weather's going to be like it is in Everfree! Don't you see? It'll be all wrong! Magic....real magic anyway...will be forgotten in a few decades, unless Discord decides to start playing pranks on every...one." She shook her head at that. She used to occasionally use that word, but now she'd have to use it almost all the time since ponies were no longer going to be the dominant life form of the planet. Then a more horrifying thought came to her. "Oh no....what about the Elements?! Discord isn't be affected by the Field. But does that mean they won't be either? Or-or will they be destroyed too?"

Cadance's eyes went wide. She hadn't even considered that point, and was sure neither of her aunts had either. She shook her head in response. She had no answer. Discord's seeming immunity to the Field was still a subject of contentious debate. Some thought it was because his powers were so much stronger than even those of the princesses. Some thought it was because his powers came from chaos and disharmony instead of the normal magic everypony else used.

Some thought it was because his magic used the same power source as the anti-magic field itself, which led to some thinking he was responsible for the current situation. Discord had been so incensed by that accusation that the few who had suggested it were still trapped as dancing dolls. Celestia and Luna had managed to calm him down before he'd done anything worse, but he hadn't changed his accusers back yet due to not wanting to forgive them.

A knock at the door caused both alicorns to turn, as Spike moved to open it. "Oh, hey Dash, what's up?" he asked as the cyan pegasus entered. She looked....well, disturbed. She made her way in and plopped down on a pillow next to the two princesses.

"What's wrong, Rainbow?" Cadance asked. Twilight's wings twitched a bit. Rainbow Dash looking so upset did not bode well.

"Pinkie just told me she's considering going Human."

Author's Note:

This idea has been batting around my brain for awhile. Think of it as...I guess you could say a what if. People have their views on the Conversion bureau, and it's pretty much always been a case of a divided view. Mainly because of the largely unfortunate implications many have written in the concept. Consider this an experiment to see how the concept works in reverse. Plus, I'm curious to see how people react. This is early in the story. The world Equestria exists on is about Earth Sized, but as the majority of the planet's landmasses aren't usually seen in the show, so I'm going by the idea that the largest land mass, which seems to be where the majority of all the various nations exist, is about the size of the North American continent. As such, The Crystal Empire is the farthest point, and exists in the upper northwestern part of the continent, and has since been consumed by Earth. Much like how the regular concept works, Earth is intact and whole and people can get anywhere on their world without accidentally ending up in Equestria, much as is the case with regular CB stories when it comes to the various Equestrian nations.

Well, here's the first chapter. Let me know what you think!