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Flaring Dawn


In the wake of a storm that blows through Equestria, Twilight finds out that her friends have vanished. Now Equestria is in turmoil. Ponies are dying of sickness, And the princesses are doing nothing about it. It is up to Twilight to find her friends and save Equestria from the biggest disaster in history, but when going against a corrupted princess, who can you trust?

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 4 )

interesting, but it seems pretty ridiculous that they would all just leave Fluttershy after being so worried about her, at the very least it would have made sense for one of them to stay with her or call a doctor, they didn't even try to help her! :fluttershysad:

Too fast, and out of character Twilight.

2853868 sorry bout that im kinda new to writing fim fictions this is only my second story.. surprisingly its doing better then my last one *shudders* that one was horrible...

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