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I take up a new job at bartending. Well...Not really new to me, I've done this before, but this place seems like it'll have a lot more story to it. Guess only time will tell...


This is probably very likely super dead. Sorry. <3

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Ok wow this started out great,I like the speed of things,and this is written very well :twilightblush: but don't you think that you could make the chapters longer ? :trixieshiftright: even just by a tiny bit ?


Actually, this IS the slightly extended version. I promise that the chapters will be much longer than this. think of this chapter as...An introduction. Two things though, one thanks for your compliment and criticism. And two...totally digging you picture. Should I make the second chapter now? ^_^

I'll like this. Very much. I mean, he's just working at a bar. What could go wrong? :pinkiecrazy:

But, this seems like it will become an excellent story! Keep working on it :twilightsmile:

This has some great potential, can't wait to see more! Also, great to see you writing again, I was wondering when you would get back to it.


Thank you very much for the encouragement. Chapter 2 is up and that's where it really gets started. Enjoy!!

I *really* like where this went. Just a good-willed barhorse doing his damnedest to give out "high spirits" so to speak.
The bartender is just a really cool character. Really down to earth. And smart too! "I'm sure if you saw it half full..." :derpyderp1: whoa...
Right when Vinyl was entranced by Octavia kinda got me too. :fluttercry:

Oh, and would hoves play a cello methodically, or effortlessly?


First off..Thanks for the comment. ^_~ It's nice to know that I wrote some deep stuff in there, I was beginning to fear it was just some...wannabe stuff. The part I thought was the coolest waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas....

She takes it in for a moment, surely she has to know quite a few names like myself. She then tips her hoof over her hair, like she would if she wore a hat. "Vinyl." She gives me a wink and walks back on the stadium. I don't mind that the gentle music stops for now, and instead the bar is whisked by a subtle conversation. I go across the bar, letting them have their privacy.

I thought that showed a lot of his character. Just a real, down to earth dude. and to answer your question...Methodically? Effortlessly? Neither; confidently.

Really interesting Story so far, I can't wait to see how it coninues!


Thanks for the review! ^_^

You guys gotta continue encouraging the story though, otherwise I'll think it lost it's staying power. ;p

Well this did certainly get interesting :pinkiehappy: but I have to remind you that you just did an act of cruelty that Manny other authors do....a CLIFFHANGER *thunder* :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :fluttershbad: :fluttershysad: …………:pinkiecrazy:


Yeah, get used to that. Every chapter of this series is gonna have a cliffhanger. lol

2670968 ...........:pinkiecrazy: *a sound similar to a cello string that snapped could be heard*


Oh boy. Relax, I'll be posting chapters very regularly. XD So it won't be THAT bad.


Speaking of....Time to get on 3. Come back in a few hours. ;p

It has been a few hours. I do not see any changes.


I was just taking a break D; Fine, I'll go into overdrive >:C

2671802 :rainbowlaugh: Poor you.

But take your time. As they say, quality over quantity!

"They" are jerks.


i'm trying ya know. Having twenty tabs open, music playing, and peeps demanding for another chapter doesn't help my concentration. Need more orange juice! Alright, I'll go finish.

2671849 Twenty tabs?

Your computer must be going slow.


God damnit just read it and be content. D:


Technically..You kind of are the first, but whatevs. lol...Hope you enjoyed it though. ^_~

I was actually planning to whore myself out to peeps and ask you guys promote my story, but you know what? Fuck that. If this thing is going to get popular, it's gotta be by myself giving more of an effort in the story itself. I'll get to work on chapter 4! >:)

2677539 Whoa... that's admirable as hell....
PROMOTING 'TILL THE END!!! :derpytongue2:
Edit: Ooh! More content!

I'm wondering if I should leave this one on a real cock sucker cliffhanger or not...Hehe ;]]]]

Poor B... Poor Mr. B! :fluttercry:
I'm enjoying the life-lesson theme here.


Life changes just like your views on it. Stay tuned as Mr. B continues his wonderfulness. ^^

I can't fathom why this story Isn't more known to public ....*shares page* :twilightblush: hope u don't mind :twilightblush:


d'awww you are the sweetest. Well...I do like my stuff to get a little more known. ^^

I love it when a fan helps out, so please, go ahead! ^^ And f course...Thanks for your support. This is planned to be a pretty long story, so hopefully it'll get a bit bigger by the first half ;p

Now that was a lot of Information!
Anyways, nice work on that chapter! Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:


I'm trying man, this is hard to write chapter every day.

I can imagine, just take your time. ^^


Oh boy...You might want to move to another continent because the sobbin' doesn't stop there. :p

I am confused:rainbowhuh:, "her hoof" "her hand", which does she have, hooves or hands:ajbemused:?

So this came in


But I really enjoyed it. Hard work and long chapters pay off.


3768882 Hey, it's not over yet. I'm working diligently to finish this story. Just you wait! :yay:

3765365 Hey. Hey...I think I made DRASTIC improvements now, so....shush. :trixieshiftright:


but still, :heart:

3779361 another chapter coming up in an hour or so. BE PREPARED :pinkiecrazy:

3791172 I can't.
I can't handle this, son. :fluttercry:

3796664 In truth, yeah.

but slow down the story a bit keep it up!


I have the next chapter ready for read, just gimme a bit to finally submit it. :twilightsheepish:

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