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Derpy causes another accident, but it's not just a casual accident this time. She damages one of the artifacts that Celestia owns, then she and The Mane 6 are transported to a new world. How will they all cope with this world with little friendship?

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You know, I've never seen Naruto, so correct me if this seems like a silly question, but...

Are these highly trained Japanese ninjas supposed to sound and act like a bunch of 16 year old jerk offs?

2664959 yes, they are. they all acted stupid and died in the show, also, it's more entertaining when they're stupid.

2664985 I will favorite this for the fact that I am bored and have found this interesting.

2665021 Word of advice, make your chapters longer, about 2k words, and you will get more likes. just trying to help :twilightsheepish:


They weren't all that stupid, although Deidara really is a 16 year old jerkoff, more or less. Pain is the only one who was massively OOC thought.

Not really. More along these lines for personalities:

Tobi-Manipulative,confident, childish early on in series
Deidara-Arrogant,brash,quick to anger (suicidal?)
Kisame-Very humble,confident,respectful to leadership or stronger allies
Sasori-Ummmm...emotionless? I do think he was regretful though
Kakuzu-Greedy,selfish,quick to anger,confident

It would also gain more followers if it stayed truer to the series.

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