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Words have, and always will be, his greatest enemy.

Blueblood, minutes away from glorious death, remembers his life with Octavia.

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Interesting story, mate.

And you didn't portray bb as a twat.

Amazing story!

In a very short amount of time, you convey an immense amount of emotion. The quick, almost frantic switches in mood made me anxious to know what would happen next, and the ending provided a release to all that tension that came neither too quickly nor too tediously. Very nice job.

Because it was taking so long to write the other Blueblood story, here's one in a very similar style.

That's not a synopsis. Delete it with extreme prejudice.

That was enjoyable, without the need to use bombastic theatrics. Thank you for writing this fic.

Wow it's short, yet it's so deep. Emotional indeed, well done.

Very decent work :twilightsmile: I've been looking for good works for a while now and came across this little gem. Honestly, this should be featured on the site, not just EqD.

This strikes me as one of those stories that should have been done with two OC's instead. Even if it were, I'm not sure it could have saved it from being wafer-thin in the emotions department. I think the only message I could get out of this is 'if you're emotionally defective, another emotionally defective lifeform might bring you some happiness, but when she dies you'll want to die too'. Doesn't exactly feel either sad or romantic.

I dunno. I guess it just didn't make any sense to me, first or last.


I gotta second Inquisitor's comment. This would be better with OCs (their personalities are completely different from canon or fanon interpretations anyway), and with some better emotional impact or clearer direction.

Also, the bit about her being a changeling was superfluous, and could have been removed without anything being lost. It also feels like a cop-out, a cheap character trait that wouldn't need some deeper exposition to justify why Octavia is on the same level as Blueblood, insofar as being "broken". And it is removed from the story, with no signs of that revelation affecting the prince.

In defence of the story, I can only say that the changeling thing wasn't at all to display Octavia as 'broken' at all. And I wouldn't call Blueblood broken, either.

Hm, this was pretty decent story! Didn't quite get my feels going as much as it seemed to be trying to, but still, not bad at all!

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Truly genius!!! This very piece of art makes me think of Blueblood in a entirely different perspective!!! I DEMAND MORE!!!!! Pwease? :pinkiehappy:

read it some time ago, nea story bro.

(it actualy was some time ago and i cant remenber the finer details of it, hence my lack of feedback, sorry!)

THANK YOU somebody who makes Prince Blueblood look good.

About time I find a story to put in my Blueblood folder in my "Royalty To Soldier" group.

Great fic, the prose is so simple but I can't think of a better way it could be written; fantastic example of the "less is more" principle. GG.

I can't believe it's been four years since I last read this story, still a good read.

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