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As ponies mysteriously begin disappearing in the wake of Discord's forceful usurpation of the throne, survival has become a desperate battle of life-and-death in a land gripped by Chaos, as houses become floating death-traps, the water tastes like sour lemonade, and the snozberries no longer taste like snozberries.
For those left behind, it will be the greatest test of courage and willpower they will ever face, amidst Equestria's darkest times.

This is their story.

Set in the universe of TwistedSpectrum's 'Five Score Divided by Four'.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 26 )

Well. I have mixed reactions to this story, so I guess I'll share them all.
and Relieved
Well played Strayan, well played.

wow, you included info from so many stories, including mine, and this story is really interesting nopony really thought about what happened to whomever discord didn't banish

Well i think you solved five scores "sidefic all the ponies" problem.

Im rather curious if any more of this will be done. If not, thats alright. This is great as is

Wow, nicely done. It made me feel feelings. (not an easy feat.) Kudos.

Very well done! Love this, an "after the end" story to the FSDBF :moustache: :moustache:

Rather unnerving, almost... the comedic randomness going on in earth, meanwhile Equestria is an absolute nightmare!

In that order? :duck:

2660264 2660455
Thanks for the feedback! :scootangel:


Welcome, which reminds me I need to get back to reading your FSDBF featuring Daring Do I've yet to read the latest chapter

Do let me know what you think of it when you get the chance! :scootangel:


An excellent look at the world left behind and what has become of it. Chilling.

This is a very sad story.

My unicorn family, including their filly, Small Horn, dissappeared during the first hours of Discord's reign.

Small Horn and her family are stuck in some hospital on earth, hoping to discover a way out or some help from others who want to get them out.

Oh, Oh god. Oh bucking shit.

I have to thank you for writing this. It'll help me write my second story in the Treble-verse. Also, loving your other story so far.

Thank you for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

Don't exactly take what you read here as canon, per say. It's just an idea, a theory, of what's going on in Equestria while waiting for Discord's curse to wear off. :unsuresweetie:

The point of the story is to raise the question of "What about the ones who aren't turned into humans?" :applejackunsure:

Everyone is writing stories about humans (whether it be themselves or otherwise) turning into their favourite ponies, with some rather... interesting results so far, so I decided that the group needed something like this to break the monotony. :trixieshiftright:

Wow. Just wow. This is incredibly brilliant. It's a wonderful idea, and I love the combination of journal story mixed with survival story. Those are two of my favorite styles, and I feel you put them together perfectly. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I incorporated this story as canon for my story too? I may or may not use it, I'm still speculating, but I just thought I'd ask now, since I was already here.

I don't mind. Go ahead. :pinkiesmile:
Thanks for the feedback! :scootangel:

Not a bad read, but that seemed too dark to fit the rule of Discord. Definitely not chaotic enough. :raritywink:

Anarchy is a form of chaos, is it not? :duck:
Besides, this is only one pony's perspective. Things could be more random and chaotic in different areas of Equestria when compared to others.

It's Official! I'm NEVER going to look at discord the same way ever again! Bastard should die!
This story is amazing! But the ending... WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM! :raritydespair: TELL ME! :flutterrage:

I finally got around to reading this. Damn, that's some powerful stuff.
Slightly awkward for me, as technically, umm, I'm responsible for everything that happens here :unsuresweetie:. So, I'm sorry about that Roseluck...
Anyway, very powerful story. You know a writer is good when they can make the reader (such as myself) feel such emotion.

Glad to have your tick of approval. :yay:

This made me feel kind of depressed... I don't think I've read a story on this site that's made me feel that way yet and I've read or am reading well over 200 stories. Congratulations sir it's not everyday a person can make someone feel certain emotions such as these with writing alone. Because of this you get like and favorite:pinkiesmile: . Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go find a happy story to cheer me up:yay:
Side note: I feel so sorry for the ponies living in that hell:fluttercry: though at least now we know what happend to them... More or less...

My job here is done then. :ajsmug:

Nah jks Thanks for the feedback! :scootangel:

Great story, but I particularly like your author's note. Sums up Discord rather well, even if you didn't intend it.

If the ending of Five Score manages to save Equestria (and considering it isn't nearly as dark as this, I think it will), I hope you write a sequel and/or second chapter.

Just read this story, and I'm mildly disappointed.

My first impression was that ”effectively neutralised as an effective force” was an odd choice of phrase. The RoUS gave me hope that it was a sign of interesting wit and word choice to come, but the story fell into somewhat bland and rushed genre expectations from what started as a relatively promising beginning and concept.

Good enough that I'd read more stories by Strayan in the hopes of finding a story with more passion and effort. This one just missed the mark for me.

And then comes the point where I realize the last comment before mine was six years ago, ditto the author's last story.

However, the author was ”last seen Wednesday.”

I hope life's treated you well, mate. Thanks for writing, and stay awesome.

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