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So long, gay cowboy


It had been months since the Elements of Harmony failed to defeat Nightmare Moon, and a resistance force had prepared the perfect plan to finally defeat her. But just before they could pull it off, the unthinkable happens:

Someone else beats them to it.

The new alien overlord known as "Mental" seems better than Nightmare at first, but the ponies quickly learn that the reality is that he is far, far worse.
Out of options, the former resistance, headed by Twilight Sparkle, forms a desperate plan. They need a hero; someone who is brave, someone who is capable...
They need someone who is serious.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 35 )

A Serious Sam crossover?:rainbowhuh:

The card holder.

Writing a Serious Sam crossover.


I think I just came.

I don't even know who Serious Sam is, but will read.

I'm SERIOUSLY ok with this, please proceed.

Took ya long enough to update.
(an awesome update if I may add :raritywink:)
Hopefully chapter 3 won't take so much time...is it? :fluttershysad:

No time to explain *giant crab shows up*


We need some Syrian Bulls and those thing that shoot lasers that sound like star wars blasters.
get dem pls

I like this. I am not familiar with Serious Sam's lore or adventures but I can tell I am going to enjoy this. One thing though, the blue colored text for Netrisca's dialogue is a little hard to read. I recommend you change it to purple or whatever color they use in the games. I eagerly await the next chapter.

They actually use green for NETRICSA's menus in The First Encounter, and blue in The Second Encounter. Most other games also used blue, as well.

As for the text... eh. Change the color to something darker, I guess? I-unno

Oh, I can already tell this is going to be exactly like the games: gory, smartass action blended with completely over-the-top, silly humor.

I await more, dear author, carry on!

I think a better question is how do they scream.?

MOAR! GIVE ME MOAR NAO! :flutterrage:


Friendship is so serious!

If I was still making serious sam levels I'd seriously (hah!) consider making a couple levels to follow this story. I got seriously nostalgic about explorin' some ruins and killin' some classic Mental minions from reading this. :raritystarry: Dunno how I would've incorporated the ponies though... but on the plus side, the speed at which you're writing this story is very close to my mapping speed so I would've been able to keep up :rainbowlaugh:

I really thought we were gonna see some hardcore melee kills BFE style this chapter. Oh well, later then.

Poor Lulu...

I seriously think this is worth following.

I think this fic would benefit an ungodly lot from the BFE arsenal, mostly because of the SOP38 and how awesome the guns sound. But that's me.

Dat update.

Don't you agree?

It's a serious miracle!
Horray for those! Good to read that you have not fallen to sam's shotgun yet!

The group of headless kamikazes, no longer screaming, looked at each other before shrugging and walking off calmly to do things headless kamikazes are wont to do when not blowing up.


Double the humans double the fun

This is definitely one of my favorite cross overs.

Sam strode to the west, the ponies following closely. It was very cloudy that day, but there was still plenty of light to see perfectly fine. Strangely, there had been no sightings of any of the aliens.


"I'm sure you'll see, after-" Sam was cut off by the sound of lots of dirt being displaced behind them. Whirling around, he saw a group of about seven alien spider things approaching, each one a bit bigger than a pony. Twilight wasted no time in putting a shield up around her and her friends, just as the spider things began to spit acid at Sam and the ponies. Meanwhile, inside the barn, numerous pods could be heard breaking open.

Shoot it ?

Please dO NOT DESTROY ... EQUESTRIA IN THIS UNIVERSE . Also ... I would lie a bit change . Leveling up weapons and gaining heaviness weapons . meaning in each next shot has double of the original and next goes double of that , in short .

it begins with 1n , the next is 1+1=2n , the next is 2+2n and so on . and leveling up . and resist planet destruction

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