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Princess Luna and Prince Lightning Spark are now happily married until something happens that has the couple ecstatic yet scared to death.

A sequel to The Lunar Princess and The Lightning Prince

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 13 )

The length of the chapter does not matter. This story is beautiful.:yay:

3072511 oh thank u :twilightsmile:, that's so sweet :heart:

quick paced, maybe take it a little slower :twilightsmile:

AWWWWWWW!!1!!1!!!:rainbowkiss: It's so cute!!!!! Moar!!!!!!!!!! If that's okay with you

3393453 *giggle* maybe I'll write another sequel

"Lightning I don't care if it's two babies, I don't care if it's three babies, I don't care if all of Canterlot comes out of there;"


4171783 that was actually a reference from the show "Friends"

*One quick search and viewing later.*
:rainbowderp:Oh! I was actually laughing at the fact of irony that will follow if she did have all of Canterlot.

So... Adorable... * Fells off the chair. *

Lol he just quoted full house

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