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Lust is in bloom! Guess who's the lucky filly? (or rather, fillies)

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo get a little frisky in the orchard, but somepony catches them in the act. Will there be Hell to pay? You're gonna have to read to find out (see what I did there? That's what we in the business call "baiting")

*Scootaloo and Apple Bloom are aged-up, of course*

bookplayer pre-read this because she is amazing.

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Tee hee hee. That was cute.
Mean ol' Grampy. :twilightangry2:

Normally I'm a fan of ScootaBelle, but a ScootaBloom is fine too. :rainbowkiss:

2642412 Fret not. He died of syphilis and went to Hell :scootangel:

2642452 I thought the same thing. ScootaBloom is like AppleDash: The Next Generation

2642452 heh, I'm fine with any ship between the crusaders as well as any mane six ship.

That was cute, well done.

2642458 You totally ripped that Next Generation line off of bats. Charlatan.

2642878 I know of no such thing (I'm being serious, when did he say that? If he did, then by all means, give credit to him)

2642891 comments in the first chapter or three of Spellbound Fireflies. I said sweetie x Scootaloo wasn't his usual fare and he said it was TwiDash the Next Generation.

2642938 You know what then? He doesn't get credited.

It's obvious that ScootaBelle (like OctaScratch) is a projection of the fandom's unconscious love of RariDash

I always thought ScootaBloon would be incest. Since if Dash and AJ got married wouldn't that make Scootaloo and Apple Bloom related? I know Scoots isn't Dash's real sister but if Dash were to adopt her as her sister even if its not by blood It would still make ScootaBloom feel weird. So i prefer ScootaBelle it doesn't feel as weird.

2642950 Bah! Sweetie isn't a fashionista, she is a dictionary! She's a nerd!


Dictionary Argument = REFUTED, MUTHAFUCKA!!!

2643045 feh. Doesn't mean she can pronounce the words. When I was a kid I pronounced facade as "fa-kade"


Also, she doesn't get what 'irony' means (although, that can honestly apply to most people)

Well, this was pretty cute. :twilightsmile:


...That doesn't even make sense. Sleeping with the sister of your sister-in-law isn't even close to being incestual. Especially not if that sister is adopted.

Ok never mind then I see what you mean. ScootaBloom scootaBelle or SweetieBloom they are all cute pairings.:pinkiehappy:

I agree with everyone its cute now someone needs to do a aged up ScootaBloomBelle ship.:ajbemused:

Don't say this often but... Cute and worth my time (To an extent).

But seriously, thanks a bunch :pinkiesmile:

2644035 'To an extent' I usualy hate fica like this yet i enjoyed this one, That's an Achivement. Be proud.

2644052 I'm probably gonna sound like a moron, but what's "fica"?

2644066 I meant "Fics" as in Fan Fictions, I'm writing on my iPhone so i might missclick from time to time, Still, Great "Fic" PS: Fina is a swedish word that we often use in terms of wanting to take a coffe and a muffin.

2644066 Fika" Sorry, Fin is a auto correct for pretty.

Question: Does the Mach 5 include enough space for a monkey and a small child?

2644325 Yeah, but Scootaloo shouldn't even be racing. Why do you think she's an orphan?

2643958 If you click the 'view mature' button it shouldn't be too hard to find :twilightsmile:

And AJ is such a great big sis! :ajsmug:

Well done you man, well done.


Because Rainbow Dash is secretly Racer X and really is her big sis. For reals.
Or maybe Fluttershy is Racer X. I don't know.

Orange chicken, orange cow...

Sooooooo cute! I love the whole arrangement with the barn... Really shows that AJ sees a grown-up AppleBloom.

(And thanks for shipping Scootabloom... There needs to be a lot more fics about them like this!)


To be fair, I stole that line from my editor Echriedz, which he said to me in a private conversation several months ago and may or may not have contributed to me shipping Scootabelle.

On another note, this has been in my RL list since it dropped and will be read soon. Bit of a time crunch on writing at the moment. Self-imposed deadlines, busy days, and lots of distractions. You know how it is, I'm sure. :derpyderp2:



Take a few bits out of petty cash!

Go! Speed Racer GO!

Nice story!

2646042 I wish I had the self discipline to write as much as you do :applejackunsure:

You would attract more readers if you removed the sex tag. They talk about it but there isnt any graphic descriptions so i think the teen tag works fine by itself. Good story btw

2647496 Removed the "Sex" tag i see.
Clever girl.

Now that you know the truth, I am going to have to kill you.

2648885 Try me. "Dissapears into the shadows."

Maybe you want to change "hand" to "hoof":
"Something needed to be done before this got out of hand."


But otherwise have a Fav + thumb up :scootangel:

:applecry: so cute(wipes away tears)
but lets face it evryone needs there "time":trixieshiftleft:

2642458 So if it's The Next Generation, what's Voyager or DS9?

...I actually cringed at my own nerdiness just now.

That fact that it's AppleDash the next generation is what attracts me to this ship also. Nice story.

That was not what I expected... But I think I liked it more than what I did. Whole boatload of d'awws right here.

I'm a moron who needs shit spelled out for him. What were you expecting :rainbowlaugh:

Something about those two getting caught in the act and not living to tell the tale. Also actual foals. :P

And now I must go look up something to satisfy my desire for a sequel to this.

2687572 I've been kicking around some ideas. Perhaps a ScootaBloom AppleDash double date (not that kind, perv)

Now you're giving me ideas. I wasn't even thinking perverted until you went there. Now it won't leave my head.

I came in expecting a Threesome but left with D'awwwwwws

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