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Years ago, when war, pestilence, famine and death were more prevalent in the world of ponies, did four ride forth to do the duty that had been foist upon them. Sure it had been a taxing few millennia that had passed but at least they were known and feared by all...

However the good ride finally came to an end when Celestia and her sister What's Her Face arrived and made peace for all... then it all kinda went down hill for them.

Now they are forgotten, history lost and other things like that... ponies upon meeting them acting all like: "Oh Yeah! You Guys.... You were the... the thingies right? Did the thing with the... scythe and stuff..."

Life had gotten really boring... but still they each had a job to do and in this world of happy pastel ponies with no major disasters that couldn't be solved by use of 'friendship' the job was anything but fun...

These are their stories...

The Riders are all pony... kinda but not really... and have no relation to Darksiders characters, the title is just a way to show my appreciation of the game and its story.

There will be four chapters to this story and later another story with eight chapters to follow. (If this proves popular that is...)

The image was made by me, I know its not great... it didn't turn out as wanted at all... Oh Well! It'll Do!

(Thanks to halorocks884 for helping out in his own way...)

Chapters (2)
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