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Twilight Sparkle has never seen the need to venture into the realms of Humanity, but when Pinkie Pie receives six invitations the grand opening of her sister's fine dining restaurant in Singapore, she swallows her apprehension and takes the plunge into the wondrous magical void that is the human's domain. A world of steel, glass and machines that defy the very laws of magic.

And stranger still, are the ponies that make their livelihoods amidst the madness. Pinkie's sister amongst them.

Yet, even for such a foreign land, the troubles of home are deceptively close indeed.

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This is brilliant world building. And most amazing is that you are not world building but using our world as is. Cept dimensional portals of course. The limitation imposed on the ponies due to the lack of background magic isn't something I have seen used before.

Definitely intrigued. I can see why Twilight would feel apprehensive. A world where her talent is meaningless. A world not ruled by cutie marks. Twilight hates that type of disorder.

Are we going to get some backstory as to when Humans and Equestrians learn of each other's existences?

Good story ,but one thing "deep friend raccoon's bottoms could be on the menu for all Twilight knew." That is all.


Thanks mate. Got it corrected.

Maybe, maybe not.

I feel, that for the Equestrians, the human world has been an ever present but distant land; similar to what darkest Africa was to the people of the age of sail. The ponies generally have ever seen the need to go to this "dirty" and "dangerous" place.

At least not till recent times.


Cheers, mate.You've made my day.

This story needs a whole hell of a lot more love. It's really good so far. Looking forward to more.

I like this story very much. Please write more.

I love how the humans are like giants compared to the ponies. I haven't seen another fic where we are that huge.

This is a very interesting set up, I'm eager to see where it goes. Definitely favorited.

2668624 By the way they added Pinkie's sisters to the Character Tags if you're interested.

This is looking pretty cool so far, I'm looking forward to where it goes quite a bit.

It is rather interesting... I was just thinking of a similar scenario, with the ponies-on-Earth (or humans in Equestria) for once treated as a fascinating but ultimately mundane exercise, and what possibilities were opened up to development once stripped of the typical drama of "first contact."

So imagine my surprise when not only do I find a fic with such a similar background, but one that is well written, with vibrant and rich descriptions and narrative. I have few story favorites and follow few authors, and almost never would I tag a story or author based on a single chapter, but I think I shall in this case. If and when this updates, I feel I need to be actively informed. I want to see more of this premise, in this style, executed at this first chapter was.

also... I did catch a little error, methinks.
Fly the fly with my own two wings!
"Fly the sky" I think you mean.

Any hope of more chapters? :fluttercry:

with something new at every corner!

Be careful that the "something new" doesn't eat your face. We have plenty of things like that on Earth. Not to mention poisonous. Poison and disease seems to be a favorite way for Mother Earth to kill us.

A couple errors, such as 'six ticket' instead of tickets, or forgetting an opening quotation mark when Twilight's talking about Pinkie's aeroplane.

On another note! Yay! I'd forgotten all about this story, hope there'll be more updates coming. I can clearly see how unnerving a magical void would be to the element of magic, and you write her excuse-seeking very well.

Wow, speciesist ponies with their picket signs. Reminds me of a certain picketing group that people hate...

Hmm, makes sense her shock would be worse; she's losing more magic.

On to the next chapter!

First off, nearly everything is in italics.

Stupid Diamond stupid Tiara stupid...

… run by Alpacas. I laughed. All the same, you capture Diamond's brattiness very well. I'm itching to punch...

Wow, this professor is a real... mis-something-thrope. She just seems to hate everything; a real charmer.

I'm liking the sense of intrigue here

very exciting. I swear i'm the only one who does not hate diamond tiara :derpytongue2:

Why is near everything in italics?

Please reformat it. I thought I was reading some kind of dream sequence for awhile.

How is blueblood in this story?

Thanks buddy.

They've been corrected.

He's the mysterious Death Overlord, plotting against Celestia from his fortress of DOOM, with legions of magically animated Nazisliebers. (Nazi Bielibers)
The conflict with him will form a central part of the story, in which he'll ascend to godhood by drinking red bull and lay waste to equestria until the protagonists stops him, by explaining slowly and carefully that Nazisliebers can't possibly exist on account of Nazi's hatred of lesbians and the Bielibers hatred of everything - resulting in the decimation of his army. Celestia and Luna then fly in with Freddie Mercury and Vladimr Putin on their backs respectively (To the sound of a remix of Bohemian Rhapsody and Flight of the Valkyries) and strafe the prince with lasers.

Or he could just be appearing in a later chapter to ruin Rarity's day. Or perhaps save it.

But hey, its nice to see the poor guy have a fan XD. Props to ya' mate.

Thanks, mate. That's been corrected.

thanks....i look for blueblood stories and read them anytime i can ..

I have a feeling that The Professor might be a rogue scientist (different from a mad scientist in that their knowledge is for sale to the highest bidder – regardless of the bidder plans to use it for good or evil).

And this Bellerophon Institute...it may not be benign as it seems.

And yes, you captured Diamond Tiara's brattiness perfectly.

You really went into detail about the ruined cutie mark there, yeesh. I guess the professor doesn't want to know what her cutie mark is telling her.

And the Lenz Field, would that be were basic pony magic comes into effect? Such as 'magnetic hooves'. Or are we talking something even weaker than that?

3828744 Misequist? Seems to be the most natural term.

3833804 That would be it, but she just seems to hate everything. Nihilist perhaps? That's really stretching that term, though.

I get the feeling that while the Belerophon Institute is not what you'd call evil, they do want a product to sell. And if the good Doctor does something evil, the Institute will most likey drop her faster than they can blink.

Ah. So, I think people have already speculated about it back in the original incarnation of this fic, but I'm pretty sure I have some idea as to what that whole confrontation is about.

And I have to say, if it is about what I think it is... I'm rooting for the professor.


And this Bellerophon Institute...it may not be benign as it seems.

Or more benign, perhaps... Though I suppose that is all a matter of perspective...

I don't think that's the case actually... If I'm right about what is going on, I think she has a very good reason for feeling the way she does... Or rather, she's particularly bitter and angry and such and seems to come across as very hateful towards everyone around her, but there's a reason she's so angry at the world around her. And if it is the reason I think it is, then I sympathize with her.

I'm looking forward to future updates, especially if I'm right about what I think is happening...

Hey! Just found this. Good stuff. Want to know what else is good? A bomb head! Now go run at that wizard.

I'm guessing the girls haven't seen the way Humanity wages war. Not that I'm saying that I want it to come to that but I'm sure Dash would be in for a surprise when she encounters an Falcon or when Twilight sees a tank come rumbling toward her.


“Besides, the humans are all softies.” Rainbow added her two, unnecessary bits worth. “If they attack, I'll kick all their flanks, easy!”

I´m curious about why hasn´t any nation of Earth considered conquer Equestria yet. Overpowered princesses, maybe?

Hmm, this Bellepheron institute sounds like Bad News.

Sounds like the order of the golden sun is being a manipulator why would they get them to start thinking about this stuff and name specific organizations and countries? food for thought.

So are both groups bad? i'm sorry i'm just a little lost on who wants what and why :rainbowhuh:


I´m curious about why hasn´t any nation of Earth considered conquer Equestria yet. Overpowered princesses, maybe?

I imagine it is because most humans aren't irrational, colossal dicks, and those that are can't really do anything without pissing off much more powerful nations and individuals.

Or maybe both groups are good!

Or rather, I doubt it is something so simple as a conflict between Good and Evil... which means that the Mane 6 might be in for a bit of a surprise.
Probably a conflict of ideologies and values and morals and such... Each side believing they are doing the right thing, and each even being able to be seen as doing the right thing... It is just that they disagree on what the right thing is and it doesn't help that there isn't an objective "right thing".

I'm really interested to hear what each groups' motivations and philosophies are...

Ah I see.
I think ive read too many fics that simply had outright conflict rather than the clashing of ideas and goals.
Also are there humans living in equestria and are they immune to magic there?
I'm just thinking cause of that comment about humans being able to walk through magical security.

Good points, Humanist.
Nothing is truly evil, and nothing is truly good. Not within our world, at least.
Even Hitler, a completed idiot and megalomaniac, tried to turn Germany into a powerful nation.

Both are influential groups, and both have their own motives.

You are right about the lack of motive to conquer Equestria as well. Equestria is essentially an isolated nation, far from any belligerent states. Logistics, geopolitical fallout and the Barrier, ensures that the only invasions of Equestria, from humans at least, are merely the stuff of stories or oral traditions.

Humans can pass through the Barrier, but not for long. They confine their business dealings to the town of Hippocampus and its shipping port, Equestria's sole territory outside the Barrier.
As for the human magical non-presence, it is simply a theory, presented by Canterlot University. No one in Equestria has actually experimented directly on a human. Yet.

Human capacity for war is already the stuff of legends in Equestria. There's a reason why Old Pegasopolis showed numerous Greek influences.

But whilst truly intimidating to the average pony, the human war machine is not the final say against Equestria, should conflict break out.

Rainbow is right to be confident. Despite her small size, she could likely lay the average human out easily - within the boundaries of Equestria at least.

The Order is essentially a knightly one. They look out for potential threats. Sometimes, Princess Celestia listens to them.

3888166 the inquisition was an order knightly as well not so nice in the endgame though. I'm just going to draw my own conclusions till everything is done and over. Still cant wait to see how they handle a big city like Singapore.

though one of the things I am confused about is the cooperation of this group that is multinational. i mean there are only a few reasons the US would enter an equal standing relationship with China or Russia and that is a direct threat to all of humankind but if its just to promote and understand cultural compatibility i don't see why it would be all in one group stuff like this is usually handled out at a state level i could see the port of wherever this gate leads being under multinational influence just as a rule of thumb so that no one nation can take advantage of resource flow. Still im curious to see where this goes keep it up.

The Golden Horn reminds me of the KKK for some reason.

White Rabbit Candy things

You mean those white Chinese ones with the wax paper inner lining you can never peel off right? Those things are the best!

I like that the story will be taking place in Singapore. These sorts of stories almost always seem to happen in the US. That being said, I find the general lack of interaction between humans and ponies to be puzzling.

3009888 wrote : " It is rather interesting... I was just thinking of a similar scenario, with the ponies-on-Earth (or humans in Equestria) for once treated as a fascinating but ultimately mundane exercise, and what possibilities were opened up to development once stripped of the typical drama of "first contact." "

Have you read The Rogue Wolf's "Reinventing Trixie" yet?

Are there pony/human couples in this fic?

Thank you!
have a moustache

“No threat indeed. Not yet. Not now. But potentially soon. Perhaps within a decade. Perhaps a week. It depends on how hard-working the Professor is feeling.”

I hope that this is just child naivety speaking, because Equestria's military is NOTHING compared to Human Technology.

I believe it is a reference to magic. Human understanding of magic.

So your saying "Because the ponies have magic, they're invincible and human technology can't scratch them"?

No, I'm saying that magic is either currently such an Out of Context Problem that humanity is unable to effectively deal with it i.e. currently no weapons effective against/within Equestria or at the very least the ponies would have a significant advantage were any combat to break out due to a variety of factors pertaining to the nature of magic (in particular, it seems to be implied that Equestria itself is somewhat... sentient, if not sapient... Of course, that is just speculation on my part), or at the very least the ponies think this to be the case.

Once humanity has a sufficient understanding of the workings, capabilities, and limitations of magic, however...

3897725 OOOOR guns work perfectly fine.

Sure, they probably do.
But there's more to war than guns, and more means of conflict and competition than open war.

What I'm saying is
1. Magic is a huge unknown in this story. There are hints that magic isn't the simple "unicorns use it to cast spells, pegasi use it to control the weather, earth ponies use it to grow crops" (which, to be honest, is already kind of frightening)... There are hints that the magic of Equestria may very well act independently of the Equestrians and on a much larger scale than it might seem at first glance (both openly and more subtly).
2. Open warfare is not the only way that two different nations, two different cultures compete with each other... And we don't know how magic affects that playing field.

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