• Published 27th May 2013
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Sweet Treats and Royal Delights - JaketheGinger

Bon Bon is your average hard working mare, running her own candy stall in Ponyville. But when Celestia tries one of her candies, she gives Bon Bon the offer of a lifetime. With Twilight by her side, how will Bon Bon cope with the changes ahead?

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The Two Nerds

A long line of ponies stretched through Ponyville, everyone in the queue waiting for the latest and tastiest treat that had entered the scene. Word had spread that these new candies were like an explosion of goodness in your mouth and eating just one left you dying for a dozen.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the sweets was where they came from. They were not the product of a large company, or a family one. No, these candies came from a single mare, running a single stand.

Well, it wasn’t solely Bon Bon who made the candies; she needed the zap apple ingredient from somewhere. Of course, the Apples were understandably a bit reluctant to let some of their zap apple jam go for some other pony’s personal gain, but Bon Bon had always intended to share some of the profits with them. At first, it was a 60/40 split in favor towards herself, but due to Applejack’s stubbornness, it ended up at 50/50, much to Bon Bon's disappointment. Sometimes, there was just no way you could argue against an Apple. At least Applejack was kind enough to hoof over the zap apple supplies for free, and Granny Smith helped Bon Bon with the other ingredients she needed.

Not that Bons minded all that much. She had so many customers today she swore some had come from out of town just to have her candies. It was lucky that she made a large supply to meet this huge demand.

She was just done giving some candies to a nameless customer, when a familiar face was next in line.

Bon Bon greeted her friend with a welcoming smile. “Oh, hi Colgate! Here for the zap apple sweets, right?”

Colgate nodded. “Of course I am. Everypony in town is going crazy over them, so I’m not missing out.” She cast her eyes over the famous sweets. They were small, oval pieces of rainbow colored candy that had the scent of zap apple on them. So, essentially, they smelled of the rainbows that were made in Cloudsdale, with a hint of apple.

“Got it.” Bon Bon ducked, her head disappearing behind the stand. Seconds later, she got out a box of the candies for Colgate. “That’ll be five bits.”

Colgate passed over the change, which was quickly put in a money box. “Thanks, Bons. So, how does it feel, being the most popular candy maker in all of Equestria?” she asked with a smirk.

“Er, haven’t really thought about it yet. It just sort of happened,” Bon Bon replied, keeping an eye on the queue. She frowned, then gave Colgate a small smile. “Sorry Colgate, but I don’t have time to chat like I usually do.”

Colgate blinked, then looked behind, facing a rather disgruntled stallion. Smiling sheepishly, she turned back to Bon Bon and began sidestepping away. “Oh, sorry! I’ll be out of your mane now!”

Bon Bon nodded at her, then turned to her next customer. Then she realized that something was between them. And it wasn’t just the stand. “Heh, sorry about this,” she said to the stallion, with an apologetic smile.

She watched Colgate go, clearing her throat and shouting, “Colgate, catch!” Then, in one swift movement, she swiped her friend’s sweet box off the counter with a hoof, while also throwing a new one in its place using her long tail. Colgate caught her box with her magic, laughing awkwardly, before swiftly trotting off.

“Five bits please, sir,” Bon Bon finished, leaning against the stand like nothing had happened.

“Well...” the stallion began, swallowing, “that was efficient.” He put his bits forward, then gave Bon Bon a respectable nod. “Have a good day, miss.”

“You too!” Bon Bon waved him off, then welcomed her next customer. She kept on a warm smile as an alicorn strode forward. “Hi, Twilight.”

“Hello, Bon Bon. Enjoying the revenue?” Twilight smirked, levitating over the required bits for her purchase.

“It has exceeded expectations, yeah,” Bon Bon replied, casually tossing a box onto the counter before Twilight. “Enjoying Princesshood?”

“It’s a new stage of my life, that’s for sure. But I’m ready to tackle it head on.” The alicorn opened up her box with her magic and began to munch on a sweet. As she chewed, her eyes widened and a shiver coursed through her. When she swallowed, her mouth was agape slightly. Not long after, she blinked and shook her head, inspecting one of the sweets. “Bon Bon, these are... amazing!”

“Heh, thank you, but that’s just the zap apple in them, no doubt.” Bon Bon shrugged. Sure, she put them together, but the Apple family had to take credit for the flavour.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit. I’m serious, these are great, and you should be proud.” She closed up her box, then eyed the rest of the candies on display, tapping her chin. “Do you mind if I buy another box? It’s not for me, of course. I think Princess Celestia needs to try these herself.”

Bon Bon blinked at Twilight as if she had just been on one of her scientific ramblings that nopony but her understood. “She... she’d really try them?”

Twilight gave Bon Bon a firm nod. “She would. After all, everypony has a sweet tooth somewhere, right?”

The candy maker chuckled, running a hoof through her mane. “I guess so, heh.”

“So, am I allowed to take another?” Twilight asked.

“Oh! Yes, please do!” Bon Bon hastily answered, swiping up the bits that Twilight gave her.

“Excellent. I’m sure she will enjoy them.” Twilight levitated the two boxes near her, then spread her wings. “Take care of yourself, Bon Bon.”

“You too, Twilight. I’ll see you... whenever I see you.” Twilight giggled a little at that, then took off to the skies, flying towards home.

When Twilight became a Princess, it was a little odd at first. She still stayed in the library like she always did, yet she was royalty. For a couple of days, nopony knew how to react towards her. But it quickly became apparent that she hadn’t really changed at all. Granted, her visits to Canterot were a lot more frequent than they used to be.

As soon as Twilight left the ground, Bon Bon resumed her work. She kept working in a flowing motion, rarely stopping, even if one of her friends happened to appear. A couple of times she took a quick break to get a drink and wipe the sweat off her brow, before continuing like a flawless machine. Many ponies commended her on that, which helped keep her going.

Even so, she couldn’t keep going forever. Another sale made, she rubbed her eyes, her vision starting to blur. She smiled at the next customer, but it was tired and merely a mask. At this point, she just wanted to go home and sleep. She went down behind the stand and searched for any more boxes.

She blinked, realizing that she was having to search now. Had she really run out? Could she go home now? After a frantic check, lifting up other boxes and supplies, she cheered to herself in her head and raised up to meet the new customer. Finally, I can go home...

“I’m dreadfully sorry, but my stock has run dry. I’m afraid that’s all for this year.” She turned the sign on her stand around, showing the words ‘closed’ to the queue. Sighs of disappointment headed down the line as everypony discovered what had happened. “Once again, I apologize. But come back tomorrow, and I’ll have my standard, but delicious line of sweets available!”

As the ponies grumbled and started to leave, Bon Bon made her exit. Grabbing her money box and other bits and bobs into her saddlebags, she closed up her stand and then quickly headed for home, even if the evening was only just beginning. She knew half of the ponies there wouldn’t come back, although she didn’t really care—another rush like today and she would collapse.

Picking up the pace when she saw home, she rushed inside, ignoring the full mailbox by the front gate. In the hallway, she dumped off her things and raced upstairs, before collapsing onto the bed.

She was fast asleep, face in pillow, in a matter of minutes.

Knock knock knock!

Bon Bon slowly opened her eyes, grumbling. She rolled over, trying to get a few more moments of rest.

The knocking did not cease.

“Eugh, go away,” she moaned.

Another three thumps came from the door.

“Okay, fine, fine, you win!” Bon Bon hauled herself off the bed and started storming downstairs to the front door. Swinging it open, her grumpy frown immediately switching to a smile when she saw who was standing before her.

“Ah, hey sugarcube,” Applejack said.

“Hi, Applejack!” Bon Bon replied, struggling to keep the grin on her face. “Sorry if I look like a mess, I wasn’t expecting anypony to come by this early.”

“It’s nearly twelve o’clock,” Applejack bluntly stated. Then she put on a concerned frown. "I can come back later, if you want."

Bon Bon coughed, shaking her head. “It's fine, really. Yesterday’s rush kind of wore me out, that's all.”

Applejack nodded. “Can’t say I blame ya. Anyhoo, it’s time to split the profits.” She looked past Bon Bon, into the hall, raising an eyebrow at the fallen saddlebags. “Is that it right there?”

Bon Bon turned her head, spotting the saddlebags. She giggled awkwardly. “Um, yes. I was in a real rush to get some sleep yesterday.”

“Okay then.” Applejack entered when Bon Bon went back to pick up her saddlebags. The two went to the kitchen, where Bon Bon got out the money box on the table. Applejack let out a whistle as the box was opened, many bits pouring out.

“Whew! That’s gonna be a lot to count,” Applejack commented, drawing some bits away with a hoof and putting them into piles.

Bon Bon longingly eyed her toaster. “Yep...”

And thus began the long, gruelling process of counting money. Bon Bon tried to keep the yawns at bay, but only ended up with a trembling mouth whenever she tried to fight them off.

Eventually, after what seemed like forever for Bon Bon, the money had been tallied. Applejack grinned, whistling once more. "Nine hundred bits! That’s mighty impressive, Bon Bon!”

The end result shocked Bon Bon, her eyes fully open and alert. “Wait, what?!”

“You heard me,” Applejack smirked, beginning to split the bits fairly. “Means you must have sold, er, lemme think...” The farmer tapped a hoof on the floor. “A hundred and eighty, I think.”

Bon Bon took a step back. “I really made that much? Wow...” She rubbed her head, then beamed at Applejack. “Thanks, AJ. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

The farmer chuckled. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. This here’s a mutual thing. Y’know, I think we could make the same arrangement next year.”

Bon Bon’s ears perked up. “Really? You think so?”

Applejack smiled. “I reckon so. Two hundred and ten bits between ourselves? That’s mighty respectable.”

“Heh, yeah, I suppose it is.” Bon Bon began taking some bits for herself and after some more counting, both ponies had equal sized piles of money.

“Well, thanks for the opportunity, Bon Bon,” Applejack said, giving the candy maker a firm hoofshake.

Bon Bon bit her lip as Applejack firmly shook her foreleg. “No, thank you, Applejack.” She let out a little sigh of relief when the farmer let go. “It was really generous of you and your family to help me out. Tell them I said thanks, yeah?”

“Will do, sugarcube.” Applejack put her bits safely in her saddlebag, then headed for the front door. "You take it easy now, you hear?"

Bon Bon scoffed. "Don't worry. I plan to."

They said their goodbyes, then Applejack headed back to her farm, Bon Bon slamming the door shut when she disappeared from view.

Finally, she thought to herself, going back to the kitchen, breakfast time. She licked her lips as she put two slices of bread in the toaster, waiting for them to pop back up.

For her, today was going to be a day of rest.

Bon Bon stood in front of the desk, holding onto a paintbrush, delicately painting a small figure of a pegasus decked in silver armor. Gently, she lowered her head, applying a new coat of paint to the pegasus’ armor. Once she was done, she dumped the paintbrush into a jar of water and admired her work.

The pegasus wasn’t the only soldier on the desk. Behind it, a whole army of ponies stood, some in robes, some with staffs, some with chainmail and others with swords. Here, in what Bon Bon’s friends called ‘The Nerd Room’, she put together her secret obsession.

Bon Bon loved the realm of fantasy. Epic quests with a band of merry heroes, castles being defended against a siege of monsters, all that heroic stuff. And Bon Bon took her love of it very seriously. Figures weren’t the only thing she had in the ‘Nerd Room’. Rows of shelves were lined up with huge novels, grand tales on their pages. In two wardrobes were an assortment of cosplay outfits Bon Bon made herself (although sometimes Rarity helped too)—perhaps the coolest yet most disturbing thing she owned were weapons. On the walls, axes, bows and swords were held up by hooks. Of course, most were replicas with dull blades, but some were the genuine article.

Thankfully, she had the licence to own all of them.

Bon Bon was about to re-apply paint to a worn looking Minotaur figure, when she heard the door open and the sound of hooves trot in the room.

She rolled her eyes. Only one pony had the nerve to do that. “Lyra...”

“Hey, Bon Bon. Not planning to be cooped up in here all day, are you?” Lyra asked, her horn glowing.

Bon Bon snorted. “I will if I want to.” She moved the minotaur figure away. Another time, perhaps.

“It’s a bit... weird, though,” Lyra said, coming up next to Bon Bon. “I mean, come on, Bons, how many figures do you have here? One hundred? Two hundred?”

“I haven’t counted—” Bon Bon did a double take at Lyra’s horn. “Uh, you do realize your horn is glowing, right?”

“Oh! Yeah, that.” A stack of letters floated into the room and settled on the desk. “Your mailbox was full, so I took the liberty of emptying it.”

Bon Bon grunted, tossing the first letter aside. Just some bills. “You better have not opened any.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that. Unless Derpy messed up the mail and you got a letter for me. But...” Lyra pointed at a pink envelope tucked under the others. “That one looks important to me.”

“Hm?” Bon Bon took the special envelope out from beneath the rest and flipped it over. Her eyes widened, a gasp escaping her lips. “That’s... the royal seal?!”

Lyra grinned, nodding eagerly. “Yeah! That’s the one I was tempted to open, but... yeah, I didn’t.”

Bon Bon wiggled her lips. “Hmm... don’t you think that this letter is for my eyes only?”

Lyra shrugged. “Maybe. Who’s gonna find out if I read it too?”

“Me,” Bons deadpanned.

“Okay, apart from you and me.”

“Lyra, please? I was kind of planning to spend today by myself, anyway. I need a break from...” She waved a hoof in the air. “Social interaction in general.”

Lyra gave her a skeptical frown. “Bon Bon, I don’t think that’s healthy.”

“I’ll tell you what isn’t healthy. Greeting pony after pony with the same smile on your face, taking no breaks, while desperately wishing you were in bed asleep. That isn’t healthy,” Bon Bon retorted, prodding Lyra in the chest.

Lyra’s eyes gazed up, as she considered her best friend’s argument. “Hm. Okay, good point.” She went back to the door, pointing at the earth pony. “But you’re coming out tonight and hanging out with me and the others, alright?”

“Probably, yeah. Depends on what the letter says and how urgent it is,” Bon Bon replied, waving the letter around. “But, yes, see you later, Lyra.”

“Have fun in your fantasy world,” Lyra said with a smirk, before closing the door behind her and exiting the house.

Bon Bon snickered, shaking her head. Lyra could be... a bit odd at times, but she was a free spirit. If Bons was feeling upset, Lyra always had the solution. And if Lyra was upset, then Bons was the firm support that she needed. Really, what else could you ask for in a pair of best friends?

Bon Bon stared back at the seal. In hindsight, telling Lyra to go was a bad move. She felt a lump in her throat form and butterflies dart around in her stomach. What if she had done something wrong? She glanced at the weapons on the wall, biting her lip. Had her license expired without her knowing?

Taking a deep breath, she ripped open the envelope and quickly skimmed the letter. Her eyes darted from left to right, a drop of sweat trailing down her head.

She couldn’t find any sign of words related to crimes or punishment. Letting out a relieved sigh, she laughed quietly. Okay, she was in the clear. With that established, she started from the top and read the letter for real.

Ms. Bon Bon,

After trying one of your confectionaries, our glorious Princess Celestia has offered you a once in a lifetime invitation. Our Majesty would like to give you the chance to become the Royal Confectioner for herself, Princess Luna and their servants in the castle. Know that this is not a royal order and therefore, this offer can be declined. However, should you accept, many benefits shall be yours.

Yet, before you can be chosen for this esteemed title, you must pass a simple test. The test is as follows:

You must make the Royal Sisters a selection of your best confectionaries.

To assist you in this task, we would like to invite you to Canterlot Castle, where you shall have access to the royal kitchens and the ingredients therein.

To notify us of your choice, simply speak to Princess Sparkle. She shall take over matters from there.

Yours honorably,


Personal aide to Her Royal Highness Princess Celestia

Bon Bon almost lost her grip on the letter. She stumbled back, her heart racing. Was this really happening? She looked over the letter a third time. The words remained the same.

That’s when it fully hit her. Celestia had tried her zap apple candies and clearly she had enjoyed them enough to give Bon Bon the chance to make sweets for her full-time. She couldn’t believe it. This was, no, could be the chance of a lifetime. Furthermore, one question lurked in her head and would not leave. How did the letter get here so soon?!

Bon Bon stood there, trying to take everything in, unaware of the newcomer behind her.

“Wow, Bon Bon! I had no idea you had all this neat stuff!” Twilight chimed, looking around the room in awe.

Bon Bon squeaked and jumped around, dropping the letter. “Twilight!” She took a moment to catch her breath. “What are you doing in my house?!” she demanded.

Twilight let out a little cough, smiling awkwardly. “Uh, Lyra said it would be okay if I entered.”

Bon Bon rolled her eyes. “Of course she did...” She shook her head then pointed at the letter. “And what is this?!”

Twilight picked the letter up with her magic and quickly read it. “Ah, so you did get it. Goodie.”

“But, what, how—” Bon Bon stopped, clearing her throat and tried to sound coherent. “How did it get here so soon?!”

Twilight chuckled to herself and explained, “I was one of your earlier customers, and when I left for Canterlot, the first thing I did was give the Princess your sweets. Suffice to say, she loved them, and got her aide to write a letter for her—she was in the middle of other affairs—then I teleported back to the library and put the letter in your mailbox myself.”

Bon Bon blinked, slowly comprehending Twilight’s words. “She... she really liked them that much?”

“That she did. Said they were almost as good as cake.” Twilight blinked and let out a little squeak. “Okay, don’t tell her I told you that. That’s our secret, okay?”

“Okay—” She was cut off by Twilight’s hoof on her lips.

“I’m serious. That’s a part of her private, personal life and I will not have that spread around town. Understood?” Twilight commanded, her wings twitching, although they never spread out.

Bon Bon nodded, backing off. “Er, yes, understood.”

Twilight brushed her brow with a hoof, wings folding back to her sides. “Phew, good. Now that’s clear... your thoughts on the letter?”

“Um...” Bon Bon rubbed her foreleg, looking away. “I’m not sure what to think yet. It’s an honor, certainly, just...”

“A lot to take in?” Twilight smiled reassuringly. “Not to worry. You can have all the time you need to make a decision.” Spotting Bon Bon’s hooves shuffling on the spot, she opted to change the topic. “So! You like fantasy novels?”

“Oh, yes! I do! I love how a few pages are all that’s needed to whisk me away to another world. It’s just... pretty amazing, really,” she eagerly replied, beaming.

“I know how it is. Not everything I read is non-fiction, contrary to what other ponies might think.” She raised an eyebrow, seeing the figures on the desk. “Are those...?” She gasped. “They are!” Grinning like a little filly, she levitated over a unicorn magus figurine and examined the craftwork, her mouth forming an ‘o’ shape. “Whoa... Bon Bon, this is incredible! An actual Clover the Clever figure! And by that looks of it, limited edition too! The painting is perfectly precise and the colors completely accurate, up to her violet eyes! Did you paint this all by yourself?”

Bon Bon smirked proudly. “Indeed I did.”

“That’s really impressive. I mean it!” Twilight glanced around the room, eyes searching for something. “I assume you’ll have the roleplaying games too, then?”

“Obviously.” Bon Bon replied with a snort. “Dungeons and Darkness, The Eternal Shadow, all the good stuff like that.”

Twilight giggled like a child, hopping about on her hooves. “That’s great! We have to play them some time!”

“Definitely!” Bon Bon beamed, reveling in Twilight’s excitement.

“What class do you usually play? I tend to go for the Archmagus, although sometimes, if I’m feeling a bit sneaky...” Twilight paused, eyes darting left to right in a suspicious fashion. She then continued, whispering, “I go for the Warlock.”

“I go for the Barbarian, most of the time. If you set it up right, you’re practically unstoppable!” Bon Bon let out a dorky squee, picturing various game scenarios with Twilight.

The two kept babbling on about their treasured hobbies for quite a while. Yet it soon disappeared when Bon Bon remembered what the young Princess had came here for. Bon Bon came to a stop, eyeing the letter and letting out a sigh. “But first... this letter business.”

Twilight gradually slowed down, taking in a deep breath and regaining her composure. “Yes, the letter. You should know that if you become the Royal Confectioner, you will receive generous pay, your own quarters in the castle and plenty of days off to come back to Ponyville, if you wanted to do so.”

Bon Bon grunted in acknowledgement. It was good to know that if she passed the test and stepped up for the job, then she would still have time for herself and her friends. She knew that they, especially Lyra, would be devastated if she were to go away for an extended period of time.

Actually, she doubted Lyra would take this news well at all.

Bon Bon rubbed her head, thinking. No, this wasn’t about Lyra, as much as she cherished her best friend. This was about herself and what she wanted to do.

Twilight smiled reassuringly. “I can see that this will be a tough decision and I don’t blame you for that. Would you like me to leave so you can think it over?”

“Yes, I think that would be helpful. Thanks,” Bon Bon mumbled, not really paying much attention to Twilight. Despite that, the alicorn wasn’t offended, merely nodding once and stepping back.

“I hope you make the right choice. That is, the one you want.” Twilight then turned and walked away, admiring the weapons on the wall as she went. She then froze, peering at them searchingly, before muttering to herself and going onward. Bon Bon could only just hear the door close as Twilight left.

She rested on the desk, trying to imagine the possibilities in her head. Being the Royal Confectioner would be a dream come true. It would be something that would allow her to push her talents to the limit and get recognition for it. She would be set for life too; almost guaranteed job security if she worked hard—and she knew she would—plus generous pay. Those things didn’t even take into account the fact that she would be working for and meeting the Princesses themselves. Sure, Twilight was a princess, but Celestia and Luna were something else entirely.

On the other hoof, she knew things would be a lot different. She wouldn’t see her friends as much, that was for certain. How friendly and welcoming were the castle staff too? The guards she had seen always looked pretty stoic and intimidating. Sure, the servants can’t have been like them, but were they nice?

Bon Bon cast her eyes over to one of the bigger figures on the desk. It was Celestia, decked in golden armor that had a shine to it. Sighing, she grabbed it and idly tilted it around in front of her, examining all the features.

Can I really satisfy you? Am I truly worthy enough? She mused, setting the figure down. A troubled frown formed on her face as she asked the next question.

do I really want to?

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