• Published 26th May 2013
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A Night Gone Awry - TheOriginalDash

What happens when Octavia invites Vinyl to stay the night? Will conflicting emotions cause awkward situations? Oneshot.

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Epilogue-The After Years

This was the first of many days that we would spend together, because we kept our promise and stayed with each other until the end. I could not have chosen anything more perfect. I finally got my happily ever after with my best friend and the woman of my dreams, complete with a white picket fence, two cats, a hamster, and a snake, and four kids; a set of twin boys, and two beautiful daughters that look just like their mother.

They all call me da, even though I'm technically their mum, too. But I didn't carry them for nine months, so I can't complain. I suppose it helped them make sense of the whole thing when they were little, and it just stuck. And I'm sure saying they had a da cut down on bullying until the others met me. Octy loves it though, and thinks it's just the cutest thing that they differentiate between us like that. And if she thinks it's cute, I'm not gonna change it. What Octy wants, Octy gets. It's always been that way.

Our family was, needless to say, a very musical household; we had a cellist, a pianist and trumpet player, a percussionist, and the youngest played more instruments than I have time to name, including the double horn and bassoon. Octy and I were proud marching band parents for a total of fourteen years, helping out even in the years between having a kid in it.

Note actually didn't mind that she left him for me. Turns out, he's gay, and was only dating her to try to 'fix' himself. It didn't work, and he was actually looking for a way to let her know he couldn't lie to her anymore. He eventually ended up with our friend Lyonheart, and they had a couple of kids through a surrogate mother. Everything worked out for everyone, and our kids spent many years together as they grew up.

My da was very happy for me, but my mother tried to disown me. Octavia's stepmum tried the same. So, when we sent out wedding invitations, we included them anyway, but our da's were the only ones to show up. It really bothered me, but I let it go because Octavia wanted me to. At least her da was there to walk her down the aisle to me.

Octy's da is their favorite grandparent, and they call him Papaw Morceau. My da was referred to as Gampy until they were old enough to call him Grandda Surefoot. My mum has sort of come around, if only for the sake of a relationship with her only grandchildren. They absolutely love their Nonna Liliana, and Octavia is too good to hold a grudge. I'm not, though, and I told the kids what she did when they were old enough. I did tell them that I had forgiven her, though.

We're all doing well now. Octavia and I just celebrated our twenty-third anniversary. The twins, Crescendo and Finale, are in college. Crescendo wants to be a doctor like me, and Finale is studying to be a music professor. Allegrezza is in her freshman year at Octy and I's old school, Blueridge Senior High. She plans on being a psychologist. The youngest, Quillan, is in third grade at Lakeview Elementary. She already thinks she's gonna be president. We promised to vote for her in the 2032 election. If that doesn't work, she wants to be a particle physicist and work at CERN. I still marvel at how she knows what that is at eight years old.

Author's Note:

So, it's finally the end. As a side note, this will probably explain the questions you may have about the terms used in this last chapter. Vinyl's family is Irish and Italian, and Octy has an Italian mother and a German father. That should just about do it.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for your input. You've been instrumental in shaping the story, no matter how short the story actually is. I love each and every person who has read this, simply for the fact that they read it.

So, goodbye, and good luck, with much love from TheOriginalDash.

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Comments ( 53 )

2757606 This is very fluffy indeed, good sir

2758984 Fluffy has been defined. This is a kitten, kind sir, that has been dipped in feathers and clouds, and coated in pillow stuffing.

2803677 Hmm... I remember I had an answer prepared for that question, but I've forgotten it momentarily... Oh yeah! She wished that things would remain as they were for the rest of her life, spending time with Octy and her other friends. That, or she wished she had some pizza. Your Pick. It is Vinyl, after all.

2803779 Indeed. They're my current obsession.

2803827 Course they are. See that human tag? I can't write ponyfics, sadly. :applecry:

Oh.. don't mind me. I'm just creeping around on your other stories as well now.

I must say I freaking love your writing. You deserve to be my stalking victim :ajsmug:

Very nice, deep, and touching. I like it. :twilightsmile:

2837675 Oh. Wait, you like it? The great psp7master likes my story? My life is complete. You sir, are the god of OctaScratch fics. This is amazing! Thank you. :fluttercry: (tears of joy)

Um... Wow. Hehe. Thank you. :twilightsheepish:
I'm honoured that you have such a high opinion of me. I'll start reading Collide as soon as I can. :twilightsmile:

2841408 Sorry about maybe fangirling a bit there. I just love your stories. You've really got characterization down, and that's pretty amazing. OOC stories are no fun to read. :pinkiesick:

And I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my stories. There's really no rush. Get around to it when you can.

I'm humbled that you like my stories. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

2843386 Well, I'm only saying what a lot of other people have been thinking. You're good, and you should feel good.

All right, with your permission, I'll start feeling good right now, k? :twilightsmile:

2843864 You have my permission. Feel good now.

I don't know how they heck I missed this. Short, but (very) sweet! :twilightsmile:

2914915 Thank you, sir. It would have been much shorter, but people wanted more. I just can't write a oneshot, can I?

Of course not! That would be far too reasonable! :twilightsmile:

2948091 I'm not exactly known for being reasonable, am I?

Nah. But reasonable people are boring anyway! :pinkiehappy:

2998261 Course they are. They never have any interesting suggestions.

Exactly! What's just as bad is that they won't go along with your interesting suggestions. That's why all my friends are unreasonable, so we can all do stupid interesting things together!

3001392 My friends are reasonable people. I'm just veeeerrrrryyyy persuasive. I've corrupted them all! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

This site really needs a smirk emoticon.

*smirk* You devious-genius-evil-brilliant satan. That's right, you're this handsome son of a bitch. images.wikia.com/powerlisting/images/0/0c/Supernatural_Lucifer.jpg

Now if only I could manipulate people like that I'd have some sane friends...

3003705 I wouldn't call it manipulation. Just, convincing suggestions.

I would say that convincing anyone of anything, even through logic, is manipulation because you are changing their opinion to suit your needs.

3004026 But what if it's not my needs, and it's really their needs, they just don't know it yet?

You are still changing their views. I also could argue that the only reason people help others is to make themselves feel better. This fandom of course disproves that argument on many occasions. Besides, manipulating people (much like violence) isn't always a bad thing. :twilightsmile:

3008179 Well, helping other people does make you feel better a lot of the time. But you're right when you say that isn't the reason. And manipulation is not something I'd advocate (much like violence), but it could be useful, I suppose.

I'd advocate manipulation over violence any day. Manipulation is really just convincing someone of something, so on its own it isn't bad at all. When you manipulate someone to do something bad or trick them into hurting themselves or others it is a bad thing. But something like tricking your drug addicted friend to come to an intervention so that they can get help is a very very good kind of manipulation.

3014839 You know, that point is valid. But I'd prefer to do none of that.

3051514 Indeed. It's so cute.

Yeah, both options kinda suck.

Another reason why society is irksome. :applejackunsure:

3106171 We should make our own society... :pinkiecrazy:

Haha, yeah, a society for the criminally insane. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh yes, we can make a utopia! Kinda like Rapture, except maybe without plasmids and insane splicers.

3147817 I should think so. A shining city on the hill for the world to admire and follow. And we shall relentlessly pursue the ideals of love and tolerance and insofar as to be so spiritually clean that nothing may soil our purity of soul. And the heavens will notice, oh, the heavens will see! They will see our shining city upon the hill and weep for its glory, weep in its perfection! And we shall be masters of our own selves and coexist peacefully with everyone and everything, and perfection will be perfected by our hands! We will see a new dawn, and it will be a magnificently glorious dawn!

This story melted my heart.. But who needs those things when you have OctyScratch!:scootangel:

3227734 Aw, thank you. I decided it was time to write a simple story like this. Even with that in mind, instead of leaving it at a oneshot, I was persuaded to write a little more. So, it's not so simple, but it's cozy and comfy, like your favorite blanket on a cold morning in winter. Something you get wrapped up in and don't want to leave. I almost regret finishing it so soon, but it was time.

3147908NOTHING WILL CORRUPT THE CITY! Maybe video games though. lol :rainbowlaugh:

4492307 Oh, I do love a good TwiDash. Personally, OctaScratch is my OTP, but I've read good TwiDash in my time.

4493231 Didn't realize this story was that old...

4492571 I'd say both are equally amazing in my book.

4493323 They are pretty great, indeed. I love a good FlutterDash, too. And LyraBon should just be canon by now.

Comment posted by deli73 deleted Jun 4th, 2014

4495703 Jeez, bro. No need to be so harsh. I don't like a few ships, but to each their own, you know?

4496959 Sorry. That was mean. It just... bothers me, that's all. :twilightsheepish:

4497124 It's okay, I understand. Just, love and tolerance, you know? :pinkiehappy:

Will it be more stories:pinkiehappy:

We're all doing well now. Mollie and I just celebrated our twenty-third anniversary.

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird? Is Mollie Octavia's real name or something?
Other than that this fic is very fluffful I like it. Tier 3.

5374465 Thank you so much for taking care while reading this. I absolutely miss things when I'm self-editing all the time. I'll get right on fixing those. Typing on my phone leads to the odd mistake here or there. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story, though.

5376037 No problem, I love reading and I like making corrections so things work out well for me.

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