• Published 11th Jul 2011
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Silent Ponyville - SamRose

Pinkie Pie goes to Twilight to end her horrible nightmares.

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Ending 7 - Pachinko

Ending - Pachinko

Unlock Condition: Fire Hideo Kojima, and forget what it means to be a gaming company.

“I finally understand now.” Pinkie said softly, shaking her head slowly before looking at the Slender Pony with a smile, “My fear of your presence, your stature over me, your very existence… I know what you’ve been all along.” The Slender Pony just stood there, unchanging from Pinkie’s words. “Just tell me, tell me what it is you need from me and I’ll do it.”

The pale slender creature moved in understanding, raising it’s hoof slowly into the air. Pinkie looked at it with curiosity, as it pointed at her. And in a deep booming voice, it cried out.

HIT THE LEVER!” Pinkie quickly slammed her hoof down on his raised hoof, the world breaking apart into a world of flashing lights and color. “+300g!!

“I’M GOING FOR THE HIGH SCORE BABY!” Pinkie grinned widely as the reeling slots appeared in the sky behind her. Cranking down again and again on the Slender Pony’s hoof as the world danced in flashing lights and fire.

+100g! CHANCE!!!” Slender pony screamed from the top of his lungs, as Pinkie madly pulled the slots again and again.

Pinkie had once thought that she understood the pain and hardship of her past, that she had taken the time to come to terms with it. But she was wrong. All she needed in her life now were the slots. With every pull of the Slender Pony’s hoof, she knew, she was closer to Nirvana.

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Never played any Silent Hills game, but I am still able to feel your pain.


Ugh. Watching what Konami has been up to in the past few months has been like watching an old friend go completely insane and start yanking their teeth out one by one with a pair of pliers.

I laugh and then was filled with sadness.

... I'm gonna go in that corner over there and cry. :fluttercry: The shit Konami did was the worst thing they could have done to the franchise. Instead of letting Silent Hill just rot, they thought it was funnier to place it on an altar, sacrificing it to the dark lord "Se-Rious-Badg-Ames" :ajbemused:

Excuse me, I shall mourn the loss of one of the best franchises ever made. :raritydespair:


Konami, go f*** yourself with Pyramid Heads sword.
Loved the chapter btw, spot on. xD

Sad times indeed.


Let it flow. #fuckonami

...........yeah, pretty much.

Just saw this and instantly had to read.
Haven't even finished reading the description before I had to make this comment.


Konami CEO might want to bulletproof his windows...

This is probably the funniest thing I read in a Silent Ponyville in a long time.

What is wrong with all the old school companies?? :rainbowderp:

Konami: butchering Silent Hill and seems to have run away from all the old Castlevania. :pinkiesick:

Square(Enix): hasn't released a truly good FF since X, and what happened to Seiken Desetsu, or the ton of smaller but amazing RPGs they used to be involved in? :rainbowhuh:

Capcom: Megaman is a shell of it's former glory, Breath of Fire was dropped after an obviously bad game, Onimusha, Viewtiful Joe, Ghosts & Goblins, the Devil May Cry reboot, Resident evil isn't survival horror anymore (though still fun), and they actually thought of shutting down RE in favor of making more Dead Rising games instead because they only wanted one 'zombie franchise'... wut?? :twilightoops:

And don't even get me started on Nintendo! :twilightangry2:

Seriously! This has gotten ridiculous!! :flutterrage:

It's bad enough they want all our money and want pre-orders and DLC and online passes, but can we at least get GOOD GAMES for of all that? Is it really that unreasonable? Can we get ones that are fun and engaging like the old ones were? Or maybe at least not buggy to the point of being unplayable? :fluttercry:

*sigh* :facehoof:

Konami, you fucked up.

Give us back Silent Hills you sick sons of bitches.

Frigging Pachinko machines, man. And fuck Konami. First Team Silent and then Kojima?

At least the industry itself won't crash... only positive aspect about since it'll be diluted with carbon copy games somewhere down the line.

What the fuck is this chapter? 4 years later and this? Am I missing something?

best chapter 10/10

Okay I haven't read this yet, but the artwork looks like someone just went and straight-out punched Pinkie in the face.

this man has been with us since the beginning. can I please get a round of applause for this writer?


let's not forget what they did to castlevania as well. i mean, UGH, Erovania. :facehoof:

well, at least we theres Bloodstained in the works.

Inafune > indie
Igarashi > indie
whoever makes up the team behind yooka-laylee (i haven't looked into that team so far) > indie

guess what, big publishers: you apparently DON'T know what kind of games gamers want to see more of anymore. new mega man, new castlevania (really looking forward to this one in particular as i love the 2d...2.5d in this case, castlevania games), and new banjo-kazooie. different names but we all know what they really are. :)

6316301 I'll help clarify. This chapter is a reference to Silent Hills (the intended sequel for the Silent Hill franchise) being cancelled and how that was followed by a story about how Konami then released Silent Hill themed Pachinko slot machines.

Needless to say, fans were pretty pissed off about this.

Hey sam, I've talked to you before but you probs don't remember me on this account. Do you have any idea of what happened to the silent ponyville video game guy? http://silentponyville.blogspot.com/

His last update makes it seem like he died. Any ideas?



Late reply, but basically they fired Hideo Kojima, cancelled the Silent Hill game they were making, and made a slot machine instead.

So...yay I guess?

*hits on head with a rolled up newspaper* No! Bad author! Stop messing with a good story and get back to work on Motherly Scootaloo


Nice reading. Not revolutionary, and I agree Slendy was a poor choice of main villain but the read was enjoyable.

*ducks* :trollestia:

Man, fuck konami they should give silent hill to a company that actually cares for it

This is true horror, and it will never end.

6311249 I thought FFXII was decent, a lot of bonus content. But X was the last one that had a story that really pulled me in.

7040377 that comment was over 3 years old

One of my favorites I've read on this site so far. Heartfelt, and well put together.:yay:

Amazing. Simply amazing. Bravo. This Pachinko update gave quite a good laugh.


I absolutely love this story!! :) Its absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what the rest are like :) :) :)

Finished the story. Pretty much earned a like and a place in my favorites shelf. :rainbowdetermined2:


In the words of the great Jim Sterling...Fuck Konami.

It's more traumatic then the actual games. I loved it

You should try the dog ending.

I'm not sure if you thought about this, but does killing the monsters have any effect on a pony's psyche (not counting "OMG I just killed a thing!11")?

Lemme guess:
[Silent Hill?]

Hard to imagine it has just been a bit over 4 years since this tragedy in the gaming community.

Awesome story hoping for more

OMG this is amazing I binge read all the Silent Ponyville Series in one night 🌙 and they were all incredible 😍 Thank you the Lostnarrator and Scribbler, GutuiSerenade and everyone else who introduced this to me your Wonderful SamRose I wished you had finished Silent Ponyville 4 but they are all amazing nonetheless, SamRose you have created a legacy that no one will ever forget Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤

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