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Rainbow Dash gets ideas sometimes. Usually, they end in broken limbs or brain damage. But when she gets an idea that is completely different than any other before it, will Applejack and Rainbow Dash survive the shenanigans?

Probably, but it sounds more dramatic to give you the doubt.

Originally a one-shot that asploded later. AppleDash because best ship. Pre-reading/editing/shenanigans by Jackie. Yay.

Chapters (11)
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may read it later but for now my thoughts.

rainbow= jack black

applejack= kyle

This... is pretty much the best thing ever. Seriously loving this! Great characters and dialogue, friggin hilarious, and basically the best premise ever.

Super stoked to see more! :raritystarry:

Okay. This? This is FUN AS HELL.
I'm loving the concept, and the interaction between Aj and Dash is wonderful. Eagerly awaiting more! :pinkiehappy:

2629595 I'll get on it if your comment doesn't kill me first :P

Kill you? Why would it kill you? :rainbowhuh:

2629688 'Cuz you're like, the AppleDash overlord, and I had no idea this story was gonna get any sort of attention. And I may have been high on sugar at the time of posting. Bear with me, I'm an oddball.

Seems good so far, looking forward to more :moustache:

Slowly been reading this today between gaming, and this seems to be a fair bit uniqe compared to most other typical fics do "jolly good sir" and cant wait to read the rest :rainbowlaugh::ajsmug:

So there are some awesome Tenacious Dash vids, but there's a problem: They star Dash and Twilight. Vid one and vid two, because it kinda feels wrong to embed a twidash vid in an appledash story.

“Ah’m sure she won’t wind.”

Is that supposed to be mind?

I must echo Tchernobog's sentiments. This was a hell of a lot of fun to read and I eagerly await the next chapter!

And we said "NEIGH, we are but MARES!"

I wanna say first that I am enjoying this story thus far.

However, the reasoning for them going to see Twilight does not ring true at all. They've both admitted to themselves and each other their feelings, but they think Twilight is going to have more insight into their minds than they do? If it was one of them going to ask her for advice, I'd get it, but this comes across very, very forced.

Maybe when you post the chapter where they go see her I'll change my mind about it, but for the moment I can see the strings waaaaaaay too clearly.

Again though, other than that, I'm enjoying this. Keep it up!

2660359 I... what? Where are you even getting this? Neither of them understand their feelings yet. On a subconscious level they understand a little bit, but none of it has gotten past that. There was no instance in which they confessed anything. All they know is that there is a rumor going around about them, and that things have been awkward between them. Because both characters are very stubborn, dense, and have had no prior thoughts on such a matter, neither make the connection that seems obvious to the readers. Such implications - to ponies not instantly drawn to romantic conclusions as, say, Rarity might be - go over their heads.

As it stands now, both have ideas of what is going on, but are afraid to act, as they are still unsure, hence the word idea. Also, as hinted, there are things standing in the way of openness besides the general awkwardness, which is going to be touched upon. Twilight here is going to help with that, as well as serve as a sort of mediator/therapist.

I apologize if any of this has been unclear. This is my first thing I've actually really written. Everything that has happened is important, be it now or later, and has my sort of accidental logic behind it. Just gotta look for it.

I've decided to delete this criticism because I think I was being kind of douchey about it even though I still think I was right. >_>

I really like this story very much so far, it has an interesting, original plotline, its humorous and god damn cute and you portray the characters very well. Being a huge appledash- and also octascratchfan i cant wait to read more. Its 2.30 AM where i live and I have to get up early tomorrow (today), but "unfortunately" i just have to read chapter2 now, so i'll blame you if I oversleep :pinkiesad2:

2718632 I've got Day 3 all written, and half of Day 4, but I think I broke Jackie with all my wordiness. I swear I'm trying to make it shorter. It's just not cooperating!

Yessss this updated! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
And... oh dear. You silly fillies:raritydespair:

2736799 Silly indeed. Now they can't even have their magical babies! :derpytongue2:

Yet! :flutterrage:
I do love how eager Dash was throughout most of this - and how AJ just went along with it. It was very cute, even though they knew there's more behind it all.

I get the feeling AJ might be the one to come forward first, after this lil' accident~

My god, the pointless angst. It's almost majestic.

damn you tugging at my heart strings :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Chapter 4 going into editing at 14k words :twilightoops: Halp meh! I cannut stahp!

Hngg, that was entirely too sweet! :rainbowkiss:
The octascratch is wonderful in this. Can't help but wonder what was up with everyone... Flutters, Twi seem evasive, Rarity and Big mac aren't there, Pinkie vanished... they're organizing shenanigans for day five, aren't they? :rainbowderp:

Yay, AppleDash achieved

2769908 Come, now. I have to spread them out a little more than that, don't I? :derpytongue2: But yes, expect all the shenanigans for day five.

i noticed that Aj forgot about what hapenned in the barn, Got out of that one easy Rainbow.

P.S. great story btw

2769908 Pinkie's throwing the one kind of party she's never been able to throw before, obviously.

i'm thinking macshy/twixrarity or a 3 way somewhere


Okay, I'm getting a little worried here. Day Five is 20k words... yeah, at this rate, I'm gonna end up with almost 400k words at the end of the first arc. Which would be the initial month. I think I'm making this way too big. But there's just so much to write about... Blargh! I'm sure I'll get a handle on it eventually... Or not, I have no idea. Don't kill me!:fluttershbad:

Note: It's still in editing, so don't expect it for a couple more days. Edited description of story slightly to reflect my current thoughts. It truly did asplode. Like, for reals.


Eh, usually longer stories have more impact, but there are some, like 'Beautiful Freak' that really strike you in the feels, or in the wood if your into that.

Comment posted by Hipster Cloudchaser deleted Jul 7th, 2013

....it was all cuteness :rainbowkiss: and hnnnnnng :ajsmug: and d'awww :rainbowkiss::ajsmug: and then..

BOOM! Rarity's a man!:duck::eeyup:

Lol but update soon anyway!:twilightsheepish:

With a story this d'awww-worthy?....never too long:ajsmug:

The best way to wake up in the morning is by checking updates and seeing a MASSIVE 24k UPDATE for a story that so far, has been frickin awesome! And because appledash.

Dis gon b gud

Ok awesome chapter and all, but right now i just feels like i need to dare to do something, something that would change the fate of equestria forever, do a strait shiping :rainbowderp: and not one from the show.

Nice update ^^
Unfortunately, I fear it might be time to change the rating of this from Teen to Mature, if you're gonna include more sexy bits :/

The puns! The punssss! MAKE IT STOP!! Theres to many, I CANT HANDLE THEM ANYMORE!

Now i cant watch an episode of rarity without laughing histerically, but still a great chapter. And a frickin long on at that

Squee. Rainbow's right, earth ponies totally have sneaky seduction powers.

Also, Rarity. Wat. :twilightoops:

(i'd seen some fics where it was Dash in that situation, but never Rarity. Bahaha.)

OH wow did not expect that rarity twist. well played, well played

Mac got all angry because Rarity was being all elusive

After this line, I knew Rarity was a guy.:raritywink:

2836312 Nah, I'm just gonna have side-chapters in a different story kinda thing. Like Steel Resolve does with Green.

2836376 I blame the comics. They gave me this headcanon. Rainbow called Rarity a trap (kinda not really but it looked that way in the panel). So then this happened.

2836223 Who said I've completed my list of shipping shenanigans? :derpytongue2:

2836340 I assure you, all the puns in this fic were completely accidental.

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