• Published 20th May 2013
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One born without love - CeresBane

Trixie the 69th has heard the story of her mother and her tragedy since foalhood. But now she is aware of the changeling vice that holds the New Lunar republic together, Trixie demands answers from her adoptive mother Queen Luna.

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The hero of the night

In every generation, great heroes are born and within the republic there has always been one constant. Trixie would always be the greatest warrior in all the republic. Generations of breeding, generations of shared memories, generations of magical advancement and generations of savage war had forged the Trixie line to be a being that existed for war. Every single Trixie had held accolades that equal the various legendary heroes of the republic's history. But in recent years, it was Trixie the 68th, that demonstrated to be the most successful in the warfront.

Around the years of your conception, Trixie was among the first in centuries to fight back the legions of the day. With her masterful generalship and might she drove the Solaris back into their city states, defending their assets and lives. For the first time the surrounding cities near the capital knew eternal night and the ponies of the sun suffered in the darkness, drained of the light that gave them their strength.

However in Trixie's foresight she knew that this major victory would be short lived. Her troops has been spread far too thin to mount any real siege upon any of the cities. And if she gathered her strength to mount one, the abandoned cities would gather in strength to counter attack from behind her attacking troops. So all she could do was establish a stalemate, all the while the imperial capital gathered strength. Princess Twilight Sparkle, the great and power was readying to mount her counter offensive within the absolute burning heart of the their empire. If Trixie had her way, she would send troops to lay siege in the capital as well, but doing so would break the stalemate as she would have little troops to maintain an intimidating cordon on the surrounding cities.

Trixie was no fool, she knew to appreciate the count of her blessings.

Having no means to destroy the empire itself, Trixie aimed for capturing the ultimate goal of the war. The throne of Canterlot within the old capital of Equestria. With the enchanted power of the Canterlot throne, the coronated queen of Equestria, who wore the haloed crown of her station, had the power of absolution. The power of omnipotence and the infallible title of the new queen mother.

In the day of coronation, the blade of the king anointed both sisters with the halo of the queen mother of Equestria. This meant both were worthy of the throne, but only one was allowed to be a queen. Believed to be a test from the queen mother, the sisters declared war for that very throne. And to this very day, the war continues.

Over the eons, Canterlot has been sealed with layers upon layers of magic. It was this that made it so difficult to end the war. For every new layer undone, new ones were formed over it and because of the war to take the city, armies would work to undermine the efforts to undo the seal.

Trixie held the position at the foot of the mountain, painstakingly undoing the layers of protection magic on the old capital. Many have made it to a month or even several weeks, but it was Trixie that holds the greatest amount of time holding the city for six months.

After those six months Trixie returned home to the Capital, defeated, broken and pregnant. Returned to me safely as a gesture of good faith from a changeling prince that had claimed and broken her.

Author's Note:

Do I explored the 6 months holding the city of Canterlot. Or the days afterwards?