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It's almost Hearthswarming Eve, but there's no snow - except for one odd patch at Sweet Apple Acres, that is. Rainbow Dash is determined to find out what it's doing there.

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I recall this!

Well done, man. Glad to see you finish it. Pretty good writing, indeed.

Hmm... well the list of suspects is pretty small.

I am going to with Rainbow Dash sleep flying or the CMC did something by accident.

She even said I should debate Princess Luna someday.

Well... that wont work. Not if you dont use the

2931503 Where was Dash during Nightmare Night when Luna used her voice?

2931416 Why thank you! I've been trying to rediscover the (very helpful) proofreaders that helped me craft it, partly to credit them and partly to enlist their help for chapter 2

.2931435 That would be telling, wouldn't it? Does anyone else care to hazard guesses?


Yeah, it's nice to bump into you again, really glad that you got something out, you were talking about it ages ago. xD
I'm going to PM you a sneak at my next project coming out in a day or two, been really productive last two months or so. Finally put a complete tag on BOWTN, thinking I'm keeping it as is to see just how far the writing has come. I still have that trophy chapter doc with your comments plastered all over it. xD Such good memories!

2931756 My editing and publishing pace is, fittingly, glacial.

For anyone wondering, I started this last October.

Very nice. Rainbow sounds like she's working on becoming a hard boiled detective. :rainbowhuh:
Are you planing on continuing anytime soon?

You really should continue. You're good. Of course if you noticed it is no fun to you writing stories then that's that. But still, consider it. Even if you don't have that much time writing anything.

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