• Published 18th May 2013
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Phases of the Moon - Jade Ring

Sequel to 'Lost in the Night.' Shining Armor seeks more information about Luna's past lovers and uncovers some shocking truths.

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Chapter 4- Half: Esmeralda

Princess Luna’s back arched as her pleasure reached its peak. Her strangled cry ended and she collapsed onto the cloud-like mass that was her bed.

Two emerald eyes took in the spent goddess. Their owner smiled at her success and slowly, almost languidly, pulled her shining body up the bed and took her place by the princess’ side. “I take it you were pleased, your majesty.”

Still coming down, Luna could only nod.

Her partner planted a delicate kiss on the goddess’ cheek and lay back to gaze at the starry sky outside the tower’s open ceiling. “Your stars are beautiful, highness. They remind me of my home.”

Luna moved at last, rolling over so that the Crystal Pony was pinned beneath her. “They remind us of thine twinkling silver coat.” She kissed the spot between the violet mare’s eyes. “When it becomes too much to bear for us as we await your return to Canterlot, we lay here, look at the stars, and…”

The visitor from the Crystal Empire felt her own anticipation rising. “And…”

“…we do what we can.” Princess Luna finished, her hoof snaking down Esmeralda’s chest towards its ultimate goal.

Esmeralda hissed as the hoof made contact and smashed her lips against her lover’s in silent passion.

After Luna had finished returning the favor to her latest lover, the pair lay in content quiet side by side on their stomachs. They craned their necks to stare up into the night sky and pondered the mysteries of life and the universe.

Esmeralda could contain herself no longer. It was now or never. “Princess?”


“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you about.”

Luna looked over to find a concerned look on her lover’s face. “What vexes thee?”

“It’s…” She took a deep breath to gather her strength. It was now or never. “It’s Sombra.”

Luna raised an eyebrow. “Our ambassador?”

“Yes.” Esmeralda looked away. “I’ve… heard things.”

“What sorts of things?”

“That Sombra has plans to seize the Crystal Heart. He intends to enslave the Crystal Ponies and conquer the Empire.”

Luna’s jaw dropped. “These are serious charges, Esmeralda.”

The Crystal Pony looked at the goddess of the night with desperation in her eyes. “Which is why I would not bring them to you unless I was certain that something is going to happen. I’m terrified that my fellow Crystal Ponies and I are in grave danger.”

“What has convinced thee so thoroughly? Ambassador Sombra has always been one of the most trusted members of the court.”

Esmeralda looked to her immortal lover with hooded eyes. “Like you, your majesty, Sombra has a weakness for Crystal Pony flesh. One of his consorts came to me. It seems your trusted ambassador has a bad habit of talking in his sleep.”

Luna chortled.

“You… you don’t believe me, do you?”

Luna rose from the bed and spread her wings. “You must understand, it is not that we do not believe thee. Ambassador Sombra’s record is impeccable. We will need more than simple hearsay of pillow talk.”

Esmeralda looked up at her majestic lover, silhouetted by the very moon and stars she commanded. “If I heard his words myself… would you believe me then?”

Luna considered, then nodded.

“I must ask one thing in return.”

Luna put a hoof beneath the Crystal Pony’s chin and gazed into her eyes. “Anything.”

Esmeralda stared back, steely determination in her emerald eyes. “Sanctuary.”


“From him. Keep me safe, I beg of you.”

Touched, and more than a little worried for her lover’s safety, Luna lay back down and surrounded her with her wings. “We shall do everything in our power to protect thee. For forever and a day.”


“Poor Esmeralda.” Veritas muttered, stirring the ice in his glass with a hoof. “If only somepony had listened to her sooner.”

Shining Armor put the scroll aside and looked toward the flickering fire-place.

“That affected you, didn’t it?”

“I’m one of the Crystal Empire’s rulers. I’ve felt Sombra’s dark magic.” He raised his glass and sipped. “What happened next?”

“Esmeralda was true to her word. She knew the only way Luna would believe her was if she heard the evil things Sombra spoke of for herself.”

“How did she manage that?”

“Easily. Sombra did indeed have a weakness for Crystal Pony flesh.”

The implication struck Shining Armor. “She seduced him?”

Veritas nodded. “Quite thoroughly, too.” He sighed and levitated the scroll back over to his side. “When Esmeralda next returned to Equestria, she again told Luna of her concerns. This time, Luna believed her enough to take a little stroll through Sombra’s dreams.” He shuddered. “She never revealed what she saw there, but it was enough to convince her that Sombra needed to be removed.”

“They were too late.”

“Indeed. Sombra had already stolen the Crystal Heart and crowned himself king.”

“And when Celestia and Luna sealed him away, he cursed the Crystal Empire and all those within.” A thought occurred to Shining Armor. “I’ve met nearly every Crystal Pony in the empire. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this Esmeralda.”

“She died.”

“But all the crystal ponies were put into stasis. Why not her?”

“Because she had left the Crystal Empire by then. Her seduction of Sombra left her with a little… souvenir.”

Shining Armor gaped. “A foal?!”

“A son.” Veritas sent the scroll whizzing down the hall and back to the archives. “Esmeralda sought sanctuary in Equestria carrying the spawn of the monster that had subjugated her people. She met a nice unicorn and settled down soon after.”

“Luna never sought her out?”

Veritas shook his head. “Luna never forgave herself for not believing Esmeralda the first time. The shame kept them apart for the rest of Esmeralda’s life.”

“And the foal? Sombra’s son?”

“Grew up and had children of his own. The line is carried on to this day. Their Crystal Pony blood is so diluted that they no longer have the shining coats, but the eyes are a dead-giveaway; a unique mix of Crystal Pony emerald and Sombra’s wicked fire. The old ones had a name for it once. I believe it was ‘ignis ardens intus smaragdus.’

“What’s it mean?”

'The emerald fire that burns from within.'”

A cold wind blew from the archives, rustling the two stallion’s manes.

Shining Armor shivered as he reached for the final scroll. “When was this written?”

Veritas was quiet as he stared at the unrolling piece of parchment. “Roughly two weeks before Luna’s banishment.” His glass shook as his concentration wavered, but he quickly corrected himself. “’The Testimony of Nevermore.’

“Who was he?”

“Luna’s first, and only, student in the magical arts.” Veritas noticed his glass shaking again and set it down before it had a chance to fall. “Remember what I said earlier? About finding out the true history of Equestria?”

Shining Armor nodded.

“Well… you’re about to read the greatest cover-up in Equestrian history; the true reason Luna went mad and attempted to bring about eternal night.”