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I'm a bisexual atheist from texas suffering from how lame life is and how awesome I am in comparison. (that's a joke...you can laugh now...)

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I seen the description for this in the new story feed and just had to think...

What website am I on again?

One full of man-children and neckbeards.

Sometimes both at once!

It wasn't long enough for anyone to get off, really. Not to mention poor word choice that completely throws off the mood. Fast paced, and the OCs weren't very realistic.

I've nothing against M/M shipping, for when it's done correctly, it's a complete turn on. Don't ask me why. But, when it's with OCs, I don't know... It's just so much better when it's Braeburn, or Big Mac, or even Soarin'.

Reads the description: huh he? 'Reads again' m/m as in Mano en Mano...'reads Art Inspired's comment' what's happened to love and tolerate?,and wtf has this to do with the show? WHY ARE PEOPLE WANKING OVER MALE HORSES BANGING?!?!?


3164197 I appreciate your comment and will work harder next time. I just used OC's because of personal reasons. :pinkiesmile:

Well aside from others negativity, I personally enjoyed it very much! I can't wait to read more of your stuff!

3203820 Thanks :pinkiehappy: that means a lot

hm... Interesting. :unsuresweetie: I think I enjoyed reading this:twilightsmile: course, it doesn't go into enough sensual description and doesn't last long enough. (and then there's the matter of me being completely asexual:trollestia:) This made more sense than Splish Splash, anyway.:twilightsmile:

3389996 i'd recommend Big Mac's Secret Desire although i must warn you, it was my first story ever, and it has a lot of dislikes

3389996 yay! Another asexual!

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