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This story is different than you might think it is. Contains some sci-fi crap.
Also, it's pretty short. Mainly just a bursty action story left wide open so it can be added to in a sequel.
After her dad's murder, Skyfire realizes who she actually is...and how much devastation it can cause.
Panic ensues as the mystery explosion in the forest is still not figured out by the public.
Skyfire sets out on a journey to find out who killed her father, and to avenge his death by any means possible.

Sequel expected to appear soon

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Keep up the good work thanks.:twilightsmile:

Aragon #2 · May 19th, 2013 · · · 3 ·

Without any kind of doubt, this has to be the most interesting fic I've read in a long time. Words cannot express how incredibly entertaining is this. I can't wait for you to post the next chapter.

Although I may add that Twilight wanting to THROW AWAY THE PAGE OF A BOOK enraged me a little. That's just not how librarians work -and definitely NOT HOW TWILIGHT WORKS. She wouldn't write in the book either! She surely would read it and catalogue as an old tale nopony gives a flying feather about, but actually writing that and saying she wants to get rid of it? HERESY!

Canon says that she doesn't believe in certain things (Pinkie Sense, curses and stuff), so the fact that she is somehow sceptic to the appareance of what can't be described as anything but a magical robopony is credible. But tearing apart a page? OF A BOOK? Hell no! I ask you kindly to change thta bit, as it certainly took me out of the fanfic.

I don't want any other change though. I want to see this story developed in all its beauty. Being honest you have some mistake here and there (writing "main" instead of "mane", somehow typing "[" instead of a "p"), but that can be fixed easily. And the plot is just starting, so I don't think I can say anything

Don't try to force yourself writing too much a day, but don't stop writing. Please. Insta fav.

>> Aragon

I'm not the best at proofreading, I'll go back and fix those.

Anyways, I probably will take the part with Twilight throwing the paper away, replacing it with her just taking it out and putting it somewhere else

Edit: Also, she didn't write in it, it was just a sticky note. I should fix that.

oh and THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENT:raritystarry:

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