• Published 16th Feb 2012
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Harrowed Crown - DawnFade

There is a dark tale behind the 'Love Poison' that very few know.

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And there you have it.

The full story.

The reason behind my self-loathing comments.

I killed so many ponies. I single-handedly brought down a kingdom that had existed peacefully for generations. In less than a year, I destroyed the world.

And for what?



I wasn’t in love! I simply couldn’t comprehend not being able to have what I wanted!

My own failings brought about the deaths of innocents.

I was just a colt!

Poysun was as sweet as sugar venom, enticing me, teasing me…

I couldn’t not go after her!

I was young!

Why didn’t they stop me? Why didn’t that bloody captain stick his blade through my neck the second I stepped out of line?

Wouldn’t that be better?

For everyone?

Including me…?

I think…

I think I’m going to climb up to what’s left of Poysun’s tower. I think that was where we pushed the captain to his doom when he tried to separate us.

I think it will be windy up there.

I think I’m not as surefooted as I used to be.

I think there’s no atonement for what I’ve done.

I think

I think

I think

I think I’m sorry.

Harrowed Crown

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Comments ( 16 )

Figures he'd take the easy way out. :twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Thank you very much for sticking with it despite the long gaps between updates.
I'm glad you liked it :D

:unsuresweetie: Are you serious? This is so short!

:pinkiehappy: Just kidding. It was awesome. To bad it had to end

are ther going to be any more chapters kind of ended on a cliffhanger there but good story though

So, so very good! Having a story behind the Love Poison is amazing, and having extra cool stuff in there, like Ditzy's ancestry and other stuff, is just great.
Wait, it was about Love Poison, right?

The first time I was presented this story, I did try to read it but then I saw the length of the chapters.
From the description, it seemed like a good story, but the chapters were simply too small for me to wait weeks just for half a k words. So I waited and, now that this is complete, I have read it in one single go. And I'm glad I did.
The story is very interesting and I like how it just transpires 'Equestrian Mythology'. I know the show itself has a lot of plotholes, but if you take this here story into consideration, then nopony in their sane mind would put the recipe for such potion on a easy-to-get book, but I digress.
One thing, though; Mystery. The story, although beautifully written and with a good plot, is not mysterious at all. You may catch yourself thinking about what would happen next, but that only lasts for a fickle second before one presses the "Next Chapter" button. For a story told by documents that belonged to several ponies, this story is awfully complete; the readers aren't left with anything to mull over after it ends. The only single piece of information that we don't have is Princess Poysun's fate. I mean- I know she is dead; but how did she die and why Harrowed Crown still lives?
Points that I very much enjoyed: Derpy's family origins (even though it was explicitly stated {to me, at least}) and the "mystery" surrounding the Princess Poysun.

Thumbs up. This is really good.

IM NOT CRYING MY ASS OFF!!!!!! :raritycry:

Fittingly, I loved this to death.


Thank you.

This is truly a masterpiece. You took no more than a paragraph from one tiny scene in one measly episode and turned it into this epic tale. Well done, good sir. Fantastic work.

Those are remarkably short chapters you've got there.

I really enjoyed this story. I like how each chapter is written in another character's perspective and, though brief, the chapters fit perfectly into that fine line between telling us too little and telling us too much. The story meshes together very well: giving us hints and implications without explaining to us exactly what happens.

Thank you! I'm glad even my older stuff is still able to entertain.

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