• Published 16th Feb 2012
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Harrowed Crown - DawnFade

There is a dark tale behind the 'Love Poison' that very few know.

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The Father

Chapter 6


As you can see, the state of the city, and by extension the kingdom, was quickly getting out of control.

This is the last piece of information I have managed to recover, and it is also the most painful for me to share. I want to destroy it, burn it like everything else, but I cannot bring myself to do it.

Haven’t I destroyed enough?

The following is a letter from my father, addressed to me.

By the Princesses of the land, please forgive me.


To my son and heir, Prince Harrowed Crown of the Equinian Kingdom.

Thirteen days until the summer solstice

When you left to study in our ally’s court, I thought my days of strife were over. Surely, I thought, another king would never let you get away with such behaviour. I hoped you would be set straight and reminded of your duty to me and to our subjects.

Clearly, I was mistaken.

Ever since you were a colt, you have always acted so entitled. I suppose you were, as my heir, but being humble is critical to maintaining control. You’ve scorned every advisor I found and ignored even the most basic lessons in etiquette. Only your mother seemed to have any effect on your behaviour, so when she passed on I feared that you would grow out of control.

And you have! What have you done, Harrowed? Do you have any idea of the scale of the claims made by messenger birds? They say that the Equillan capital burns and screams with a thousand riots! That the illustrious steward threw himself from the highest tower because he saw no way to save his ponies! Their king apparently sits in his chamber praying all day, refusing food and water!


The first letters spoke of your seduction of the Equillan Princess. Is that how it started? Did you offend those kind ponies with your lecherous nature to the point where they were corrupted?! They say that the two of you have fallen in love, and as a result their kingdom is dying. The events that led to that are unknowable to us, so you must realise my anger is righteous!

The last letter we received was a week ago. It was rushed and difficult to read, but the essence was clear. A large shadow was moving over the city, and the buildings shined.

I do not know what that means, but it cannot be good.

Please son, I’m begging you, forsake your love for Princess Poysun and help me save our people.

Maybe there is still a chance, if you hurry.

King Withered Crown

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