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Harrowed Crown - DawnFade

There is a dark tale behind the 'Love Poison' that very few know.

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The Captain

That was the last of my own diary entries. From the scraps I have gathered, the next chronological entry is from the Captain of the Guard’s royal journal, which I found in the archives. Read at your will.


The Journal of Captain Summer Strike

Seventy-Three days until the summer solstice

I saw the strangest thing today. I know I’m supposed to keep these entries official and concise, but I really think it’s worth mentioning.

But first the official report:

Three guards caught napping on duty. They will receive harsh reports and loss of privileges.

The dragon researcher, Four Scales, left for the mountains. He took his assistant and four packs of parchment, so it seems he won’t be back for a while.

No major incidents. Petty crime is still in gradual decline. The new steward is probably to thank for that.

As for what I saw today, it was during my off-duty hours. I always found the gardens to be soothing after a day of yelling at recruits. I wandered the fragrant maze of flowers for a long time.

Eventually, I came across a very unusual sight. That Equinian prince, Harrowed or something, was in the gardens too, sharing a drink with our Princess. Not so unusual, yes, but this time it was different. Rather than politely tolerating the arrogant fool, our Princess seemed to be openly encouraging him. They were engrossed in each other’s eyes. This is not how Princess Poy normally behaves! Excuse my informal writing, but Poy is a very intelligent and kind mare and certainly not the sort to go bug-eyed over a stallion.

Especially a spoiled brat like Harrowed!

Even his own father admitted he sent the boy here to be taught what being a good ruler means, yet he struts around as if this were his castle!

Yet my surprise and anger did nothing to conceal the fact that they were clearly becoming involved with each other. They even kissed and nuzzled each other a few times.

In a (possibly misguided) effort to disrupt the madness, I tried to call the Princess away for a tedious royal duty. I had hoped she would leap at the chance to leave Harrowed’s company, but she became protective and dug her hooves in as if I was going to try and drag her away!

Clearly, this is very worrying. I shall continue to observe to see if her madness abates. Perhaps I need to assign a few more guards to her bedroom door as well. We do not need a scandal in this time of peace.

Captain Summer Strike


The Journal of Captain Summer Strike

Seventy days until the summer solstice

Official report:

One guard injured. Slipped from a rooftop post during a storm. He will make a full recovery.

The first harvest was poor, but we are in no danger of starving.

The dragon researcher Four Scales sent a raven informing us that he has reached the mountains safely and will contact us again when he has completed his studies.

Now onto more unofficial matters.

Rumours are spreading as fast as they can be thought up regarding the new royal couple. They declared their love for each other yesterday during a feast, to the surprise of everyone present. I swear they didn’t leave each other’s side for the entire evening.

I suppose if Poy is happy, I should not complain. Even Harrowed is being less of a prick with all his time occupied by our fair Princess.

Nevertheless, this whole situation awakens feelings inside of me that I should not have.

I helped raise and teach little Poy from birth. I was her personal guard until she came of age. The feelings inside of me are akin to what I imagine a father feels when he sees his daughter being wooed. I want to protect her, especially from Harrowed.

Even my nickname for her is born of this absurd fatherly affection. I once called her Princess Poy in court and thought I would be severely punished. Luckily our king is a benevolent and forgiving one, and he laughed it off.

In private that day, Poy asked me why I use such a silly nickname. I didn’t know what to tell her at the time because it had simply always been that way. But now, as I think, I wonder if I do it because I want to deny the second part of her name. It is her destiny to take the responsibility imbued in that second syllable, and like any ‘father’ I don’t want her to grow up.

Captain Summer Strike


The Journal of Captain Summer Strike

Sixty-eight days until the summer solstice

Now is not the time for adolescent infatuation. Harrowed and Poy have been inseparable – quite literally, I’m afraid. They have not left each other’s company for more than a few minutes in the last few days. They… have started sleeping in the same bed.

It has caused quite a scandal, capturing the amused attentions of ponies both here and in our ally’s kingdom. Harrowed’s father has written more than one angry letter demanding an explanation, yet there is nothing to explain. It seems that the two royals have become obsessed with each other.

How could she fall for a stallion like Harrowed?

She is smart. Very, very smart. The offer she received from distant Equestrian Princess Celestia is enough to prove that. Imagine being so naturally talented that the alicorn who controls the very sun requests you as a protégé!

But if Poy doesn’t get past this stage of her ‘relationship’ quickly then Celestia will see nothing but an immature, childish little filly who spends her time giggling with colts instead of fulfilling her noble duties.

Perhaps I am holding her to a higher standard than she should be held? By denying her those experiences as she grew and learned, have the other caretakers and I caused this? All those feelings, repressed for the sake of ‘duty’; something a foal does not understand. They must have compounded until they reached the brink, and unfortunately the target of her affection is an arrogant, self-absorbed prick.

Though his behaviour has improved significantly since they began… seeing each other. I don’t like thinking about what that implies. His father is furious, as I mentioned before, though it seems he is not surprised. Prince Harrowed is apparently quite well known for his less-than-innocent exploits back in his homeland.

Our king has expressed his surprise and grudging assent, though not without reservations. Though he may appear a friendly and jovial man, his mind is sharp and the affairs of state are not treated lightly. We are walking on thin ice with the Equinian Kingdom now.

Captain Summer Strike


The Journal of Captain Summer Strike

Sixty-six days until the summer solstice

Poy has completely forsaken all her duties. This is moving past foalish behaviour in the name of repressed feelings and becoming a serious issue.

I will confront her and Harrowed directly. As her caretaker, bodyguard, and lifelong friend, I hope she will hear my words and see reason.

Captain Summer Strike

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