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Octavia and Vinyl Scratch have worked together for years and have risen to greatness on the love and support each gave the other. But as time goes on, things start coming apart at the seams, revealing the true origin of Vinyl's greatness, and the dark depths from which stems.

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I'm surprised there's not a single comment yet. :twilightoops:
Me, I'm enjoying the story so far, I have my thoughts on what may be going on, one based on the cover art you used (I have yet to read the Tapes story). Of course, I leave the big reveal to you. That's part of your job, after all. :rainbowdetermined2:

Well this chapter played somethin' suspicious! What kind of conspiracy are you building here, pardner? :applejackconfused:

2779803 Well, I'm not exactly known for writing in the most straightforward of manners, if you catch my drift. :pinkiecrazy:

I ain't complainin', makes me wait eagerly for the next chapter :ajsmug:

I agree with you. I'm very surprised nobody has commented on this. I've only just found this story and started reading it.



GOOD! :raritycry:

I REALLY like this story:rainbowkiss:.. so many questions. :rainbowhuh:

Don't let it end so soon!:raritydespair:



I will watch this story like a hawk now. :twilightsmile:

hidden practices, unexplained wounds, growing discontent,...
this is getting interesting

I'm likin this story , it's eere and dark yet so , AAAUGH I can't describe the feel it gives!

Just keeps getting more eerie with each chapter.
A hole on Octavia, how'd that happen? *Peers at Vinyl* You didn't... right? :ajbemused:
Even with this suspicion, I can't help but feel bad for Vinyl.

I was happy that her problem seemed so easily solved,

You're not fooling me! :applejackconfused:

2855384 This comment made me celebrate so hard I nearly fell over, for four reasons:

It just means that its going as I planned, and this makes me pleased :pinkiecrazy:


A very nice chapter. This story keeps me wondering what is going on with vinyl. Cannot wait for next chapter!! :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit...
my lord...
Jesus fucking Christ...
i love it!
I'm telling you the honest truth...
That is by far the best chapter YET!!!!!!!!!
Don't know/care what you did, just keep it up!
I give you seven mustaches out of a possible five!


I swear you're one of my favorite writters on here. Leaving the good stuff for later asdfnkqwrthik :rainbowkiss::heart:

:pinkiecrazy:Can't wait..

What? :twilightoops:


I'd like to quote Max from Sam&Max: Hit the Road: "Fiercely thickening plot!"
I feel like busting my way into Vinyl's home, picking her up, shaking her violently while screaming: "What the hell are you doing?!" :applejackconfused:

You guys are all far too kind :twilightsheepish: but more will be along as soon as I can manage. One among the many... Still, doing my best. Stuff is heating up for this story though. I actually have a few ideas for development now! :yay:

2994187 I shall await the next chapter. *sits and waits patiently* :pinkiesmile:

Well... Shit...
That's all I have to say on the matter. Very well done.:moustache:

Vinyl is no longer here. At the tone leave your message.



Dayum! Music-suckers! :applejackconfused:

Vinyl, you silly-flanks! :facehoof:

3109709 Apparently people hadn't worked that out yet...I was sad
Soooooo I gave the other side of the story. Now no one can possibly be confused with what happens next. When it oh-so happens...
Question being, it worked, right?



NEW CHAPTER NAO! I am more drawn into this story now... I just cannot wait for the next chapter.

The suspense in this story is killing me. I need more of this story now! :pinkiecrazy:

OOOOHHHH The anticipation is killing me! KICK ANGEL'S ASS OCTAVIA!:flutterrage:


Just what the Doctor ordered (;

Yeah, that "cold, empty pit in my stomach"? It's there alright, which in my case, means a great, bittersweet ending to a story marked for Tragedy. Eeyup! :ajsmug:
And a sequel? Yes, please, I would love to see (read) whatever happens in the coming days.

By the way, shouldn't this 'ere story be marked as "Complete", pardner? :ajsmug:

S-So many feels.. I.. I can't.. I.. I-I..

..Sequal? <3

"not too shabby, ey Nige?"
nicely done, and im off to the next...

i have nothing more to say...

god i wish it wasn't too late to favorite this 12 times
the emotion i feel towards this story cannot be expressed in English so have an obscure African one...
"Entwadi eyake ingle enkulu! Wena iyakwaz u'bala emnandi englobo eyam!"
sorry if my spelling is wrong but i havent written this stuff for 5 years :twilightsheepish:

Well then! I've finally got off my butt and gotten around to reading this, and I'm glad I did~

:D I loved this story, because it's a completely original concept. I haven't ever read anything like this, and I don't think I ever will.

Great story. I'm glad I read it. :twilightsmile:

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