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Do you remember that writer that gave up? Neither do I.


Short story about a Roomba causing havoc in Equestria. I'm told it was entertaining, but I don't think that's the case. Either way. Read at your own risk.

Rated teen for the language.

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Comments ( 11 )

This was hilarious!

Luna's reaction was the best followed closely by her older sister's

Heh ponies are like my dog, terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

if i was interupted that much in one day i'd surely explode into a flaming ball of pure rage.... i hate being interupted:twilightangry2:

Ya Luna! Not giving any fucks!

Ah yes- Wrath of the Roomba. I like this piece. I'd checked repeatedly on pastebin, looking for an update, so I'm very happy to have stumbled across it here!

Well...this escalated quickly.


oh god yes. I would have decked twilight thirty times by the end of this story. I would have Decked her in the Schnozz.

This'd be the point where i disasemble the toaster and the generator,And use them and some parts to make a flaming sword,Revolutionizing the planet,And then proceed to clock twi over the head with the Generator hilt

Yeah, animals and vacuum cleaners, no bigger terror for non humans exists. :trollestia:
Have two cats at home, when I vacuum they act like I just summoned demon from hell.:facehoof:


Last time in read a Twilight story with beeps ... A toaster caused her to turn crazy...

Electronics ain't for magics mares
They need a warning label or something

If Twilight did that in my house, I would be utterly PISSED.

It’s mostly the sound. Apparently some aspects of the noise are at a higher pitch than humans can hear and it really freaks out anything that can.

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