• Published 15th May 2013
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Discord Writes a Ship Fic - Phoenix Quill

It can get so boring up there in Canterlot, so to alleviate that Discord tries his talon at writing the most offensive literature his twisted mind can conceive.

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Over The Moon

Over The Moon
By Discord

Once upon a time, there was a little pony named Front Line. He was a white pegasus with an icy blue set of eyes and matching mane and tail, as was usual for most ponies in the Royal Guard.

The story began one evening, as he was standing guard in one of the many halls of the royal palace. Front Line stood still as a statue, staring straight ahead, seldomly blinking, and only taking the shallowest of breaths as is proper for him to do.

"What is taking so long," he thought to himself, "It's past sunset, where is the next shift already?"

As he stood waiting, he could feel the time slowly slipping away, he could almost visualize it, that time had come to a halt just to toy with him, (but between you and I, it was really a handsome draconequus that was messing with his head lol).

Anyhow, a few moments later he finally decided to say, "Buck it, you know what? I'm going to complain to the princess, this is poppycock!" (That's what ponies say these days, right?) And he stormed off to do just that.

Minutes later, he found himself standing outside the throne room, he opened the doors and stormed his way in, "Princess Celestia, I want to know what is taking so long for my relief to come by! I've got to do some shopping before the market closes in a few minutes!"

He looked up at the throne, and froze, his face fell when he saw Celestia was not sitting on the throne, but rather her sister, the terrifying Ruler of the night, Princess Luna,(No, seriously have you met this pony?) HOW DARE THEE INTRUDE IN HERE MAKING DEMANDS! DO THOU NOT KNOW THINE PLACE?

Front Line's jaw dropped, not only from fear, but he was suddenly struck by the sheer beauty of the princess, he had never seen Luna before, and now that he had, he knew that it was love at first sight, "Forgive me your highness, I did not know that such a lovely creature as yourself would be on the throne." (The poor poor sucker)

Princess Luna tilted her head, "You think I'm beautiful?" she said with a blush. (hah I would pay so much to see that happen!)

Front Line bowed deeply before the princess, "Truly you are, I have never seen known such beauty to exist." (Gag me...)

The princess looked down at the pony, "Never before has a pony dared to approach me in such a brazen manner, step forward." (Note to self, make sure to save next time so I don't have to rewrite three paragraphs)

He did as she commanded and looked up into her eyes, as he did he saw all the stars in her mane and was again enthralled. Luna then leaned down and kissed him tenderly on his lips. "Tell me, what is your name?"

"My name is Front Line," he said with a smile. (OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I need a break, stupid storm erased the ending. I'll just make a new one.)

"Well front line, I hope you really love the stars, because there's a great view where I'm sending you." She then turned around and bucked him in the chest, sending him flying out the window. He continued to soar ever higher into the air until the stallion found himself in orbit around the moon.

As he floated there wondering what happened, a note appeared before him, he opened it and it read as follows, Learn your place. P.S. You're fired.

The End

Author's Note:

Version 1.2 for Equestria Daily.

Stay tuned, there's more insanity to come!

In the next chapter Discord shares his work in, So I Wrote This Story...

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