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Just a city boy, trying to write some pony fiction. What's so wrong about that?


A collection of stories for Thirty Minute Pony Stories.

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Spell #349? That's funny! :rainbowlaugh:


Loving the Moon. And I don't usually like shipping, especially M/M and F/F! (I really liked the ending)

Funny story, I almost didn't do that ending. I just wanted to get past 500 words, so I threw a curve ball.


Oh. It makes the story better, it's a lot funnier!

That's it though. It wasn't suppose to be funny, it was suppose to be cute. Although I did make a joke about dildos.

Wait, the dildo joke, or the last sentence?

Also, the only editing I do after submission is formatting. After that? Set in stone.


Ha ha. And also, a bonus ha. (I think you know where that's from)

Really though. I can't describe my love for them. It's crazy.


:twilightsmile: I know what you're doing...

(And it's from Animorphs- Marco says it)

I... Well, I would feel differently about her if they hadn't dropped the bomb on her AND Twilight's bro in the same episode. I think they should of been introduced a few episodes prior. Even a cameo during the award ceremony after Discord's defeat would of been cool.


Yeah, but then again, it was like the way they introduced the Mane 6.Would you rather they do it like they did for the CMC?

Gotta wait for a good one though. They got a theme week going on, if I remember correctly.

If you ever feel like writing for them, I have the link up in the story description.

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