• Published 29th Aug 2013
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My Little Pony: The Entities of Emotion - Michael_Ravencroft

Willpower, Hope, Compassion, and Love must battle Rage, Fear, and Avarice to protect their new home.

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Prologue IV: Call me Predator

The Crystal Empire, once ruled by an evil tyrant king, its citizens forced to be his slaves; a kingdom once lost to the passages of time was now thriving and as beautiful as ever. Thanks in no small part to six mares, a dragon, and a royal couple who now ruled over the land. At the moment the crystal ponies seemed to be on edge, some looking up at the Crystal Palace with anxious gazes, as if worrying something would burst forth from its sparkling halls and attack them. But for the moment that wasn't the case, so they tried to go about their day.

Inside, Princess Cadance was entertaining a guest, a newcomer to both the Crystal Empire and Equestria itself. She was lying on a cushion across from her guest. The other pony was a unicorn mare of sixteen, with a dark pink coat. Her long mane and tail were pink, with red highlights. Her eyes were a brilliant violet color; it was as if beauty and ferocity were mixed together within those eyes. Her cutie mark was that of an eight pointed star, an odd cutie mark, but Cadance knew of its origins.

"I must say Princess Cadenza, it's such wondrous thing to meet another who shares in my power," said the unicorn excitedly.

"T-thank you, but please, call me Cadance."

"Oh, my apologies, Cadance, but honestly, I've never felt this much love energy upon one world, it's almost overwhelming, how do you cope with it!?"

"Well it's actually not that hard, but –"

"And this Empire," the unicorn mare stood up from her cushion and moved around the room, "such beautiful crystals, they shine so brilliantly, and so do the citizens! Tell me, are they actually made of crystal or are they just magically enchanted to look like that?"

"It's an interesting story, but please could you –"

"You simply must show me around your Empire, I want to hear all about it –!"


The pink unicorn mare went silent and stared at Cadance.

"Sorry, Predator, I would love to show you around, but could you please do me one little favor?"

Predator smiled happily, "Of course, anything."

"Would you please release my husband," she asked pointing a hoof towards the other side of the room.

There was Shining Armor, the older brother of Twilight Sparkle, Captain of the Royal Guard, Prince of the Crystal of Empire, and he was trapped in large violet crystal pillar with a look that was a mixture of anger and shock. Predator frowned.

"Must I, we were having such a wonderful time. And it's not as if it's hurting him, if anything I'm sure he's enjoying being in there. The crystal puts him in a state of suspended animation and shows him his desires," she said.

"Be that as it may, Shining Armor is my husband and if you're going to be living here that means you'll also be staying here with him as well."

Predator sighed, "Very well, but keep in mind I did it out of self-defense."

Cadance just smacked herself on the forehead at that statement. Predator's horn glowed with violet light, with flash of energy the crystal prison shattered completely, releasing Shining Armor. The white unicorn stallion shook his head multiple times, holding a hoof to his head. Cadance moved towards her husband and placed a hoof on his shoulder.

"Honey, are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah, I think so. I was having some weird dreams…well not weird, they were nice dreams, about you and…" Shining Armor quickly went silent as his cheeks went red.

"What, what did you see," asked Cadance.

"Probably something he's always desired of you, but was afraid to ask," said Predator.

That's when Shining Armor, grateful for the distraction, looked upon the unicorn mare curiously. "Hello Miss, um, who are you, I don't believe we've met."

"Oh we did, I just wasn't in this form when we did."

Shining Armor cocked an eyebrow, Cadance decided to fill in the gaps. "You might want to sit down; this is going to be a long story. Do you remember when I was summoned to Cantertlot a few days ago?"

Shining Armor rubbed his chin, trying to recall that particular day. After about a minute the metaphorical light bulb clicked and he nodded in confirmation.


(Canterlot, a few hours ago)

Cadance was walking down the grand halls of the Royal Palace. She, along with Twilight and her Aunts, had found out that the other three entities had all somehow settled in Ponyville. Cadance didn't know if that was for best, seeing as how some natural disaster or world ending scenario usually starts there, and having the entities of willpower, hope, and compassion there did little to ease her mind. However, the fourth would be a different story. The Entity had tasked Princess Cadance with a mission concerning the fourth entity, one that she wasn't sure she could accomplish.

"Help her understand love?" What kind of a request is that, the fourth is supposed to be love incarnate, my title may be the "Princess of Love," but compared to her I might as well be a considered little more than a fly, probably less than that.

Cadance sighed.

Oh well, I can't really ignore this, who knows, I might be able to help. Hope Shining Armor's ready to receive a new house guest, she thought.

The pink alicorn made it to the large double doors of the west wing; she knocked on the doors with a hoof, announcing her presence.

"Enter," said a voice from within.

Cadance used her telekinesis to open the one of the doors; suddenly her vision was filled with violet light, making her squint her eyes in order to see. The light dimmed a bit, allowing her to see a young, dark pink unicorn mare standing at the epicenter of the light. It dimmed down considerably, allowing her to look upon the mare more clearly. When the young mare spotted the alicorn her expression lightened, she smiled widely as she approached.

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, you came to see me!"

"O-Of course, why wouldn't I," asked Cadance.

"I just thought after you first saw me in my true form you'd be a little apprehensive about seeing me again…not everyone is as accepting that a creature like myself is the entity of love," said the mare frowning.

"Predator, it's fine. I'm not going to pretend I understand why you all look the way you do, but that's just how you were born, and what you all came to be, besides, I think your true form sorta captures what love is, fierce and powerful."

The young unicorn's eyes lit up upon hearing those words of praise and moved in to embrace Cadance. The pink alicorn felt a surge of energy flow through her body whenever she came into contact with Predator; she was love energy in its purest form, given life. Her own special talent allowed Cadance to feel the love of other ponies, but with Predator latched onto her, it was as if she became an antenna of for every living creature's amorous affections. So, rather quickly, Cadance broke the embrace, smiling gently at Predator.

"So, what did you wish to discuss with me, Mi Amore Cadenza?"

"Ahem, well, since it appears that your fellow entities have settled in I thought it was about time you did as well," said Cadance.

Predator's ears flattened against her skull, her expression becoming worried. "You're going to send me away…? Am I to go where the others are?"

"No, the opposite in fact, Ponyville is…let's just say it has one too many power players for my comfort, and I don't want to add a fourth. So, I was wondering if you wanted to come and live with me in my kingdom."

Predator lit up once again, her ears perked up, eyes glittering. "The Crystal Empire, I've heard that's where you live, yes I would love to!"

"Good, well, when you're ready, I have a carriage waiting to take us –"

"Oh no, that will not do for one who wields the same power as I! We will return to your Empire in a fashion more befitting of our titles!"

"O-Okay…just what did you have in mi –?"

"For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in Blackest Night.
Accept this power and join our fight,
Love conquers all with violet light!"

Another flash of violet light engulfed the room; it was powerful, and brighter than the previous flash before. Suddenly Cadance heard a loud boom, a rush of cool air swept over her body, along with some dust, making her cough and sneeze a bit. When the light faded Cadance gasped at what she saw. A creature with a violet crystal like exoskeleton, standing a hundred feet tall, four arms with razor sharp talons, and large dagger like fangs, was now looming just a few feet outside the broken wall of the palace. Predator's true form, which exhumed a powerful love aura, was only matched by her intimidating and monstrous appearance.

"P-Predator what are you doing!?"

"As I said, we will away to your Empire in a fashion most befitting our titles! And what better way than for the both us to arrive together, with our power radiating down upon your subjects," said Predator.

"That's a nice idea, but remember, the Entity said that you and the others were to keep a low profile and –!"

Cadance suddenly felt something coil around her midsection, the next thing she realized she hoisted into the air, and quickly placed on Predator's back. The large violet beast turned its head and looked at her fellow love wielder.

'Then let us away with great haste! Point me in the direction of your Empire!'

Knowing that it wouldn't take long before all of Canterlot was in a state of panic, Cadance frantically pointed her hoof to the north. With her direction made clear, Predator rose into the air and shot off towards the frozen north. The wind whistled in her ears as the land below them became a literal blur of colors. Being this close to Predator, in her true form was very overwhelming to Cadance. It brought up a lot of embarrassing feelings inside her, ones that she hadn't felt since she found her special talent and was a little overwhelmed about feeling the love energy of those around her. It led to some rather embarrassing situations, both humorous, humiliating, and some leaning a tad on the side of sensual. It felt like when she was a filly all over again, only multiplied by the power of ten.

Cadance, feeling a little light headed, and hot, saw the landscape change beneath them. From the greens, blues, and browns of the lush land, now only white flowed. She barely felt the cold; in fact, Cadance didn't feel any of the cold. Predator's energy created a warm glow around them, keeping the bone chilling cold at bay. It wasn't long before Cadance saw the Empire come into view, it was the only place where the clouds were opened and sunlight shined down.

'Is that it, is that your Empire?!' Predator asked.


'Are you feeling sick, am I going too fast?'

Right now Cadance was wishing it was motion sickness, instead of this burning feeling within her. Soon Predator slowed down, allowing the distinct shapes and figures to come into focus. The crystal ponies down below all gasped, their faces frozen in shock and terror as Princess Cadance and the Predator came flying into the Crystal Empire. Many ran inside their homes, the newly inducted Diamond Knights had assembled around the Crystal Palace, all armored, wielding spears, shields, and swords. At the balcony of the palace, one guard, none crystal, wearing purple and gold armor, stood proud and fearless. This white unicorn stallion, horn glowing with a rosy aura, created a giant force field around the Crystal Palace.

'The nerve, your warriors bear arms at the sight of their Princess! And that one, he wishes to deny us entry! Well, challenge accepted!'

"Predator wait don't –!"

Too late, the violet beast swiped its talons at the barrier, easily shattering it with a single blow. The stallion was blown back the recoil of his spell being destroyed, but just as quickly regained his composure, ready to fight against the Predator.

'Such a cocky male, to think he can match me. I do admire his courage and tenacity, you shall be spared!'

Predator slammed its claws into the balcony; suddenly three trails of violet crystals rose up from the point of impact. The three strands became and snaked their way towards the stallion. He didn't have time to react, as the violet crystal surrounded him, shooting upwards and incasing him in a pillar made of the crystal. Satisfied that the stallion would no longer be a threat, Predator used her tail to gently grab Cadance, who looked positively flustered, and gently placed her on the undamaged portion of the balcony. Afterwards, her form changed to that of the teenage mare she was before as she joined Cadance on the balcony.

"Well that was fun," said Predator with a smile.

Cadance, now coming down off the euphoric love energy, was now able to fully grasp the situation at hoof.


"So basically after that it took me hours to calm down the Diamond Knights, and even longer to reassure the citizens that Predator was not a threat to any of us," Cadance let out a long drawn out sigh, retelling the events thus far was a little more stressful than she had realized.

Shining Armor just sat there, going over the details about what Cadance had just told him. What was a little unsettling was that Predator was sitting next to Cadance, closer than the stallion would like after hearing that story. The unicorn stallion shook his head, bringing his train of thought back to the present elephant in the room.

"Okay, so, she'll be staying with us for…how long exactly?"

"Ahem, well, um, the entities are all going to live here in Equestria, indefinitely, so…for the time being…Predator will be staying with us, indefinitely," said Cadance, offering a weak smile to her husband.

Hearing the word "indefinitely" made Shining Armor feel uneasy, having a violet- colored-skeleton-crystal-love-raptor living with them for the foreseeable future was a little disconcerting. A feeling that was only made even worse by what he saw happen in front of him, Predator, without any shame, leaned up against Cadance and began to nuzzle the side of her neck. It wasn't a normal nuzzle, like one between friends or family, it was more like the kind that she would do for him, or vice versa, the nuzzle of a loving couple. Cadance was aware of Predator's nuzzle and tried not to let it bother her, but it was obvious to Shining Armor that it was, and he himself was getting a little ticked.

"Ahem! Cadance, do you mind if we step out for a minute, there's an important matter that needed our attention," said Shining Armor.

Cadance immediately caught onto her husband's distraction, "Oh darn, are they still having trouble with that silly tax law?! Ugh, alright, let's go hash it out before everypony starts rioting about the taxes."

Predator looked up at Cadance, "Ah, do you really have to go? I wanted see the Empire with you."

"I promise I'll give you the grand tour. But we are the Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire, and duty calls."

Sighing deeply Predator nodded, "I understand, the joys of ruling do come with equal responsibilities. I will await your return."

With that said Cadance and Shining Armor rose up and left the room. The couple trotted down the hallway for about ten minutes before either one of them let out a heavy sigh of relief. Shining Armor slumped against the pillar closest to him, while Cadance just plopped herself on the floor.

"Thanks Shiny," said Cadance.

"No problem. Seriously though, what's her deal? She was nuzzling you like you two were dating or something," said Shining Armor.

"Cut her some slack, she's the Emotional Entity of Love itself, and with me being the Princess of Love, I guess she's taken a liking to me." Cadance let out a weak chuckle.

"Alright, but really, why is she living with us, not that I don't understand the reasoning, but…do you think it's safe, for anypony?"

Cadance got back on her hooves; she then moved towards the open window and stared out to her kingdom below. "I think I understand, a little, about why the Entity wanted me to look after her. When we were flying, I was surrounded by her violet light; normally I can feel the love of ponies nearby. But…when I was in that light, I felt the love of every pony, dragon, griffon, and animal within Equestria, and not just love like the one we share. But…other kinds…"

Shining Armor raised an eyebrow at that, "'Other kinds,' what's that supposed to mean?"

Cadance turned her head and looked at her husband, her cheeks tinted with red. "Please don't make me say it Shining, it's really embarrassing…!"

"I don't understand what can be so embarrassing that…Oh…Oh – OH!" Shining Armor finally got it and his cheeks, too, were tinted red. "You, uh, you felt those kind of things…?"

"I used to when I was filly, when I first got my cutie mark, I could feel all sorts of love, even the more intimate types…needless to say it took a while before I could fully control what I was feeling, and now it's little more than a feeling in the back of my head. But after being with Predator," Cadance shook her head. "Never mind, point is, I felt something chaotic inside her, she's open to many different forms of love that she doesn't know which to follow."

"And that's what you're going to do, help her sort it out," asked Shining Armor.

"I'm going to try, but, I could really use her help, at least so that I can make sure that I'm still grounded."

Shining Armor trotted up to his wife and nuzzled her cheek, comforting the pink alicorn, his silent way of saying that he would be there to help her through this. He two of them then stared into each other's eyes, their muzzles slowly gravitating towards the other, eyes closing as they prepared to kiss…


"Did I just feel the ground shake," asked Shining Armor.

"It does whenever I'm around you," responded Cadance.


"There it is again," Shining Armor drew back.

"Shining c'mon, don't tease me like that –"




This time Cadance definitely felt that. Both the husband and wife galloped down to where they felt the strong surges coming from. It was only now that Cadance could feel the energy coming from the direction of the room they left Predator in. She feared the worst.

They turned down the next corridor and gasped at what they saw. The door had been completely blown away. Cadance and Shining Armor sprinted to the blown entrance and dared to peer inside the room. Rosy-violet crystals permeated the room, no longer were they the bright hues of blue. Some jetted from the floor, creating large pillars, with several other tiny shards protruding from it. The bed was gone, now switched in favor of, what appeared to be, a nest which was neatly carved out of the same crystal.

The Co-rulers of the Crystal Empire stood there slack jawed at the transformation the room had gone through. Predator had been standing in the center of the room; she seemed to be surveying her recent changes to her, yet-to-be-decided, living space. When the dark pink mare turned her head she spotted the couple and smiled gleefully at them.

"Cadance, Prince Shining Armor, I decided to make a few alterations to this room. If you don't mind I'd like to keep this one, the view of the Empire from here wonderful. So, what do you think of my changes!?"

The Royal Couple shook their heads to snap them out of their daze. It was Shining Armor that found his voice first.

"Eh, yeah, it's…it's certainly is different Miss."

"Please Prince Shining Armor, call me Predator!" The dark pink mare struck a proud pose.

Shining Armor leaned close to Cadance in order to whisper into her ear.

"How long did you say she'd be staying here…?"

Cadance blushed, embarrassed at Predator's actions. She then gave him a sheepish smile.

"Heh, heh, uh…indefinitely…"

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