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My Little Pony: The Entities of Emotion - Michael_Ravencroft

Willpower, Hope, Compassion, and Love must battle Rage, Fear, and Avarice to protect their new home.

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Episode 6: Kindness, Compassion, and Hearth's Warming Day

It was a cold winter's day, one week before Hearth's Warming Day. Fluttershy was in bed, warm and cozy under the sheets and blankets. It wasn't long though before she heard the loud crow of her rooster, Chanticleer, telling her it was time to rise and shine. Fluttershy yawned deeply and stirred from her restful sleep. The pegasus started to get up out of her bed, it was more or less muscle memory, a routine she had gotten used to for a long time now.

Once Fluttershy was out of bed she starting making it, humming a little tune to herself as she did so. The timid pegasus moved downstairs in order to feed her little animals, and one cranky bunny. Although, when she entered the living room Fluttershy was surprised to see that she had a visitor. Usually an unannounced guest would make her zoom upstairs, lock her doors, and hide under her blankets. But this particular guest was not unwelcome.

It was a pegasus colt, with a purple mane and coat, and eyes to match. Fluttershy knew this colt by the name of Proselyte, or "Lyte" as she often called him. "Hello Lyte, it's nice to see you this morning."

"Hello Miss Shy, I already fed most of your animal friends, although, your personal pet seems to refuse my efforts to do so," said Proselyte, nodding to Angel.

Fluttershy looked down and noticed that her little pet rabbit was busy thumping Proselyte's right foreleg. "Oh my, I'm sorry! He gets a little cranky if his food isn't made just the way he likes it. I'll be right back!"

Proselyte watched as Fluttershy ducked into the kitchen and started preparing Angel's morning meal. While she was busy doing that, Proselyte stared down at the bunny who still seemed relentless in kicking him.

"You're never going to let up, are you little one?"

" #$%&*!"

"I've been visiting her at least six months now, and you still have the most foul of mouths I've ever encountered in this world," said Proselyte.

Angel stopped thumping his leg, he then jumped back and pointed an accusatory paw at the colt before chirping, " #$%&*!!!"

"Why do you constantly think that that's why I keep visiting Miss Shy, I have no impure intentions towards her."

" #$%&*."

Proselyte placed his left hoof on the bridge of his nose; he then shook his head back and forth while sighing deeply. "Taan elek fanara, naka o rem nok."

Fluttershy emerged from the kitchen, carrying a bowl full of lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. She hovered over to where Angel was and placed the bowl on the floor for him to get to. Angel stopped giving Proselyte attitude and happily hopped over to the salad bowl, munching on the freshly prepared meal. With the other animals, and Angel, fed, Fluttershy and Proselyte moved over to her dining table, where the timid pegasus had prepared some hot tea for them to have.

"I hope you don't mind that I came over early, with most of the animals hibernating I haven't much had much to do lately," said Proselyte.

"Not at all, it's nice having you here. Although, I was wondering, why aren't you wearing a scarf, or it's getting colder outside?"

"Oh...well...I must've forgotten them, I can tend to be a little absentminded every now and again."

"You really shouldn't forget something like that. It's chilly out, and it's going to be worse in the next couple of days."

Proselyte took a sip of tea before asking his next question, "Why, is something going to happen?"

"Well my friend, Rainbow Dash, told me that a big snow storm is scheduled to hit Ponyville, and that it'll last at least until the end of Hearth's Warming Eve," she warned.

Although Proselyte, and his fellow entities, had been in Equestria for half a year now, it still amazed him how each of the pony races were so essential in manipulating the world around them. Pegasi controlled the weather, Earth Ponies helped the plants grow strong and healthy, and Unicorns used their magic to create many different spells to benefit, not just themselves, but the other tribes as well. He'd also witnessed when a particularly bad storm was in the works that the residents were given far warning, and ample time to prepare for it so as to reduce and prevent any injuries or loss of life.

"I'll be sure and keep safe during that time, thank you for the warning Miss Shy," said Proselyte.

"No problem, I –"




Fluttershy looked to her clock, noticing that the time was now nine o'clock. "Oh my goodness, I almost forgot! I have to go and do my Hearth's Warming shopping, I need to get presents!"

The pegasus mare was almost about to speed away when she remembered she still had a houseguest. Fluttershy turned her head and noticed that Proselyte had a confused look upon his face.

"Oh I'm sorry Lyte, I forgot I had some shopping to do early this morning, but you're welcome to stay here as long as you want, just lock up before you do, if you don't mind that is?"

"It's no problem at all, but I do have one question."

"Okay, what's your question?"

"What is Hearth's Warming?" Proselyte asked.

Fluttershy's mind stopped upon hearing those words. "What is Hearth's Warming?" that's the first time she'd ever heard a foal as old as Lyte ask such a thing. Then again, Proselyte was...different from other foals she knew. The events of that day months ago were still fresh in her mind, looking at Lyte now, you wouldn't suspect he had such great power, or how mature he was for his age.

"W-Well, hmmm...Oh I have an idea, why don't you come with me!? That way I can show and tell you at the same time," said Fluttershy.

Proselyte pondered Fluttershy's offer, it wasn't like he had anything else to do that day. Predator was back in the Crystal Empire, and so far no mishaps, yet. Adara was keeping Scootaloo safe and both were happy and warm thanks to some assistance from a small magic heating lamp that mysteriously appeared in the treehouse one day. Ion was alright, with the harvesting done at the orchard, there wasn't much for him to do but to spend time with the Apple family. After contemplating it, Proselyte made his decision.

"It would be my pleasure to accompany you Miss Shy."


Proselyte and Fluttershy had walked throughthe snow covered road all the way to Ponyville. While it may've been easier and faster to fly it wouldn't have allowed Fluttershy the time to properly explain the story of Hearth's Warming. About the three tribes who were constantly at each other's throats, about the eternal winter that was brought upon them by the Windingos and how their hate was what fueled their wintery wrath. She also spoke of the six ponies who helped in founding Equestria, and ultimately united the three tribes.

"And to this day, the songs that they sang to keep the Fire of Friendship burning are the carols that we now sing today. So every year, we celebrate, not just the founding of Equestria, but the spirit of friendship and unity between everypony," explained Fluttershy.

"So the exchanging of gifts is a way to show each other that spirit of friendship and unity, correct?"

"Yes, exactly right."

"So you wish to show how much you care for your friends by giving them gifts, it is an interesting concept," said Proselyte.

The first stop for Fluttershy was the local Ponyville Postal Service. The mare and colt entered the facility; it wasn't overly large, but for a small town it was just right. Many pegasus and earth ponies were filing in and out of the structure, some with large saddle bags full of packages and parcels, others in teams, pulling large carriages full of big packages. As they entered the mail room Fluttershy immediately recognized the pony behind the counter. A gray pegasus with a blonde mane, and yellow eyes which seemed to be looking at different directions.

"Hi Derpy," said Fluttershy.

"Hey Fluttershy," she said, waving her hoof happily at the cream colored pegasus.

Derpy watched as the two pegasi approached her, it took her a minute, but she noticed something odd about the two. Derpy then smiled wide and clapped her hooves together.

"Oh congratulations Fluttershy!"

"Um...Thanks Derpy, but, uh, why are you congratulating me," asked Fluttershy.

"Silly, you don't have to be embarrassed, I was young too when I had Dinky, you should be proud to have such a handsome young colt for a son."

"Son...?" Derpy nodded towards Proselyte, Fluttershy looked at the purple pegasus colt, back to Derpy, and then back to Proselyte. In a matter of seconds Fluttershy's face turned a bright crimson red. "Nononononononono! He's not my son! Lyte's just a friend I met in Cloudsdale!"

Proselyte seemed to catch on at the same time as Fluttershy, though it was less intense, the Entity of Compassion did blush in slight embarrassment at the confusion.

"Oh, really? My bad, well, he's still a cutie. What's your name," she asked.

"Ahem, my name is Proselyte, but you may call me Lyte, seeing as you are a friend of Miss Shy," said the colt in a polite tone.

"Nice to meet you. So, what brings you two in?"

"I was wondering if those packages I ordered have arrived yet, they're presents for my friends and I'd like to wrap them up before it gets too close to Hearth's Warming Day."

"Sure, I just saw them in the back, I'll go get them for ya," said Derpy, grinning happily.

While Derpy was off getting the packages Fluttershy and Proselyte were left alone, the awkwardness of what the walleyed pegasus said hadn't quite worn off yet.

"She mistook me for your son...that was rather, odd," said Lyte.

"Yes, it kind of was," she admitted, "Besides, if anything, you're old enough to be my little broth –"

Fluttershy quickly clamped her mouth shut; she then turned her gaze away from Proselyte, her long mane hiding part of her face from his sight.

"Miss Shy, are you alright," he asked.

"It's nothing...really..."

"But –"

"Found them – WHOA!"

Fluttershy and Proselyte watched as Derpy carried five different packages at once, blocking her view of where she was going. Derpy tried to hover over towards them, but as she flew she wobbled back and forth, till she forgot that there was a box in her flight path. The pegasus mare bumped against the box, sending the packages flying up into the air. Proselyte watched the boxes carefully, his eyes flashed with indigo light, sending his power outward. A faint aura of energy wrapped itself around the boxes, holding them in place. In the next moment the five boxes were all neatly placed on the counter.

When Derpy recovered she frantically searched for the packages, fully prepared to apologize for dropping them. But the walleyed pegasus was surprised to find out that the boxes were alright and on the counter, which was weird.

"Um…How did…I mean, I just…"

"Are you alright Derpy," asked Fluttershy.

"Um, yeah…I guess I am! Alright, well then, here you go, see ya Fluttershy and you too Lyte!"

They loaded the boxes onto their backs and said their goodbyes to Derpy. As the pegasus mare and colt walked through the streets, Proselyte couldn't help but notice that Fluttershy was smiling at him, Lyte couldn't help but smile too, curious, he asked, "Why are you smiling at me Miss Shy?"

"That was a nice thing you did Proselyte, helping out Derpy like that," said Fluttershy.

"It was nothing, really…And thank you Miss Shy, for keeping my powers a secret from everypony."

"No need to thank me, after what you did for Storm, it's the least I can do. Besides, you don't seem like the kind of pony who'd use them to hurt others…you wouldn't would you?"

Proselyte chuckled at her nervousness, "No I wouldn't. You don't have anything to worry about."

The two pegasi went about the day with fairly anything big happening. Fluttershy answered more of Lyte's questions about Hearth's Warming, becoming increasingly fascinated by it. All the while, Fluttershy couldn't help but feel as if the pegasus colt was avoiding any real questions being asked about him. She could hardly blame him, she herself kept quiet about certain things, especially to those whom Fluttershy hadn't known for very long. But with Proselyte, it felt okay to divulge a few things, well, not everything at least.

After the heading through most of Ponyville, Fluttershy decided that she had gotten most of the shopping done for today. And thanks to Proselyte, she was able to carry more back home. With a little assistance from his levitation ability, of course he only did that once they were far enough that no pony would see him. That was another thing about the colt that intrigued the pegasus mare. Proselyte's strange abilities, somehow he was acutely attuned to others emotions. His cutie mark didn't give much of an indication of what his special talent was, nor did anything else for that matter. Regardless, the two managed to get back to the cottage and unload the packages.

"Thank you for your help Lyte," said Fluttershy.

"It was no trouble. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take my leave. I have some business to take care of before it gets any later," said Proselyte.

"Oh…okay, well I guess I'll see you later." Proselyte nodded politely towards Fluttershy and turned to leave. It was then that a light bulb went off in Fluttershy's mind. "Wait!"

Proselyte stopped just before exiting. Fluttershy began to rummage through one of the bags from their shopping trip. When she spotted the object, the timid mare reached in with her hoof and pulled out a long purple and white stripped scarf. Fluttershy then trotted over to Proselyte and presented the scarf to him.

"I know it's a little early, and it's not much, but Happy Hearth's Warming."

Proselyte stared at the scarf for a moment, "You…bought this, for me?"

"Of course I'll understand if you don't want it. It's just, that…well I…" Fluttershy was starting to lower her foreleg, thinking herself silly for even getting the colt a scarf when he probably had many others at home.

Suddenly Fluttershy felt the scarf leave her hoof. She watched as Proselyte used his powers to wrap the scarf around his face, covering a bit of his muzzle and his neck.

"It feels nice, thank you Miss Shy."

"Oh, you're welcome!" Fluttershy smiled warmly seeing Lyte wearing the simple gift.

"Well I'll take my leave now, farewell."

Proselyte proceeded outside and closed the doors behind him. Fluttershy went to the window to see the little colt off, but what she saw surprised her greatly. The young colt trotted a few steps away from the cottage, and in the next moment, he disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. Fluttershy did a double take, rubbed her eyes, and then blinked a few times. The mysteries of her young friend were just piling up.

"I think I need to lie down, yes, that's what I need to do…"

(CMC Treehouse, a few minutes later)

Scootaloo and Adara were busy dealing with the light snow that had been falling all day. Although it wasn't a lot, they thought it best to get rid of it before it accumulated. The two pegasus fillies were busy brushing off the snow from the walkway and gangplank with their tails.

"Brrrrr, it's getting colder, if that's even possible," complained Scootaloo.

"Guess we'll need a thicker blanket for tonight. I'm happy I get to spend my first Hearth's Warming Day with you Scootaloo," said Adara.

"'You're first?' what do you mean by that? You're as old as I am." Scootaloo said, giving her fellow runaway a confused look.

Adara flinched at the mistake she just made, "I-I mean, it'll be my first Hearth's Warming – you know – away from my home, that's what I meant!" The blue pegasus filly smiled nervously, hoping that her friend bought that lie she just told.

"Ooooooooh, okay now I get it. I won't lie, spending Hearth's Warming Day without anypony is kinda sad, but now that you're here, we both won't have to spend it alone," said Scootaloo smiling. "Sorry I won't be able to get you anything though…"

"Uh-uh, don't worry about it. I'm happy just to spend the holiday with somepony I care about – AS A FRIEND!" Adara quickly added.

"Duh, hey, do you mind getting the snow that's on the roof, that stuff can be trouble if it piles up too much. Don't wanna be sleeping and get crushed in the middle of the night."

Adara shook her head in confirmation and flew up to the roof. When she arrived on the roof she gasped in surprise, but quickly covered her mouth with her hooves. Proselyte was standing on the roof, grinning a bit bemused at his fellow entities reaction.

"Proselyte, what are you doing here!?"

"I thought I'd come by and see how you're doing, I'll probably stop by Ion's dwelling and then to Predator's after a little bit. How are things," he asked.

Adara let out a sigh and landed on the roof. She then began to sweep the snow with her tail while she spoke to Proselyte.

"Not much, the weather's getting chillier, but we should be fine," she replied. It was then that something caught the filly's eyes as she looked closer at what was around Proselyte's neck. "Nice scarf, where'd you get it?"

"Oh, Miss Shy bought it for me, an early Hearth's Warming present she called it."

"That was nice of her. You really should spend more time with her, since I'm still assuming you're intrigued about how she was able to decipher part of your Language of Compassion," said Adara.

Proselyte decided to make himself useful and helped her with the sweeping of the roof's snow.

"I won't deny that, but, there also seems to be something about her that I find…well, I can't find the right words for it."

"Proselyte, are you saying that you…you know, have feelings for Fluttershy," asked Adara.

"I can say for certain no, at least, not the same feelings you harbor for Scootaloo. It's hard to put into words, I do care about her, I guess I have a bit of trouble trusting her," he admitted.

"You know, Scootaloo told me that Fluttershy and her friends are connected to something called the Elements of Harmony, and each one of them represents a different aspect of those Elements, they also wear some items that allow them to channel that power. Sounds a lot like the rings and batteries, but anyway, Fluttershy's is kindness, and, when you think about it, don't kindness and compassion go hand and hand with each other?"

Proselyte pondered Adara's words. Kindness was indeed another aspect of compassion, could that be the reason why he was drawn to her? The Entity of Compassion wasn't lying when he said he didn't have any romantic feelings for Fluttershy, but neither was he lying about feeling something for her. Being an entity that was able to sense and connect to each light of the Emotional Spectrum did have its ups and downs, one of them being that he really couldn't get a beat on his own feelings from time to time. It was at that moment that Proselyte's eye caught sight of something that Adara was doing.

"Um, sister, I don't think you should do that," he warned.


Adara's tail swiped a large chunk of snow off the side of the roof which landed with a great plop.


The pegasus filly looked over the edge and winced when she saw Scootaloo buried under a pile of snow that she just swept off.

"Sorry, sorry Scootaloo!" Adara then turned her gaze onto Proselyte, "Why didn't you tell me I was about to do that!?"

"I tried," he said with a smirk. "By the way, you might want to think about better lodgings for the next couple of days. I was informed that a snow storm will be coming into Ponyville soon, and quite frankly, I don't think a treehouse will provide either of you with ample protection against the cold."

"Thanks, I'll tell Scootaloo, maybe we can find a way to stay with somepony, either Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle. Maybe I can ask Princess Twilight if she wouldn't mind. Oh well, can you at least help me get Scootaloo out of the –"

Before Adara knew it, she was talking to a puff of purple smoke. The cerulean filly blew a stray bang out of her face and stared with annoyance at the spot where Proselyte once stood.

"Thanks a lot."

(The Next Day)

Fluttershy was sitting on the couch enjoying the warm flame emanating from her fireplace. The snowstorm was raging outside, howling and blustering like there was no tomorrow. Luckily for Fluttershy she had wrapped the presents and took them to her friends' houses before it hit. Fluttershy sighed deeply, this time of year was always a little sad for her. It wasn't because of loneliness, goodness knows she had plenty of friends who thought about her and cared for her deeply.

And of course she had her parents who sent a gift every year. Her mother, the Royal Guard Sergeant Lily Hammer, was always busy, either training new recruits or doing some official business for the good of Equestrian Guard. Then there was her father, Stratus Heights, who was in charge of the Weather Factory in Cloudsdale, so it didn't exactly leave them with much time together. Although, each year they tried to invite Fluttershy back home to Cloudsdale for a family Hearth's Warming.

But she couldn't, it was…painful, emotionally anyway. I know I should get over it…but, they've told me so many times that it wasn't my fault what happened to him…So why can't I stop blaming myself?

Fluttershy stared into the dancing flames, "Maybe because it is, no matter how many times other ponies tell me, I'll always…"

Suddenly Fluttershy heard rapid knocks at her front door, the timid pegasus mare jumped off of her couch and hid behind it. The rapid knocking persisted, making Fluttershy fear the worst. Who could be out in a storm like this? There were always warnings about Hearth's Warming robbers, but Fluttershy never gave it much thought.


The frightened mare poked her head up from behind the couch, her ears twitching at the sound. The voice sounded desperate, frantic, and familiar.


At the mention of that name Fluttershy quickly flew up from behind the couch and flew over to the door. She then hurriedly opened and was assaulted by a gust of cold, icy wind. Fluttershy had to squint her eyes in order to see, but she was able to make out Derpy standing on her doorstep. The pegasus mare ushered her friend in and closed the door with all do haste. Once inside Derpy shook of the snow that had stuck to her coat, with Fluttershy doing the same.

"Derpy, my goodness, why are you out in this storm!? It's dangerous!"

"It's Dinky, she ran away!" Derpy cried.

"What, how, when!?"

"It's my fault…Her father sent me a letter the day before, it said that he wasn't going to come over forth Hearth's Warming Day, or ever…Dinky found it, she got sad, started crying and ran off befor the storm hit…!"

Fluttershy trotted over to her fellow pegasus and draped a comforting foreleg over her shoulders. It was true that Derpy had Dinky and Amethyst Star at a young age, and that the father was not always there for them. But to think he would flat out tell her that wasn't ever going to see them again.

"I know I've done things that've put me over my head…having Dinky and adopting Amethyst so soon after that…and now her father won't even attempt to visit anymore…"

"It's not your fault Derpy, you don't have anything to be sorry about," consoled Fluttershy.

"But now Dinky thinks she's done something wrong and now she's run away…Amethyst is looking in Ponyville, but I can't help thinking she's gone further than that…"

"Okay, we'll both go out there and find Dinky. We will find her," said Fluttershy adamantly.

Derpy snuffled a bit, she then smiled weakly at her friend and gave a light nod.

We have to find her, in this weather, she won't last long! We have to hurry!

(10 Minutes Earlier)

The storm was fierce, of that Proselyte could say with certainty. Having no real lodgings of his own, Proselyte had taken to residing in the Everfree Forest. It was a strange place compared to the rest of Equestria. The creatures inside seemed to govern themselves, without the aid of the ponies. The forest apparently was also the place where some of the more dangerous creatures resided. Though some of the creatures who lived here figured out that Proselyte wasn't a normal pony, perhaps it was their animalistic sixth sense that told them he was a being far more powerful than them.

Currently, the young colt was in the middle of a dispute between two "Star Beasts," as they were called. To his right was an Ursa Major, and her young cub an Ursa Minor. To his left stood a Canis Major, a very large dog creature, its body was made of ethereal energy, with sparkling stars inside of it and a few brighter stars that made up a constellation and frame of its body. Its silver body sheened as its yellow eyes gleamed. Next to it was a smaller version of it, a Canis Minor. Its star body was similar to the Canis Major, but its body color was more teal colored.

The two larger Star Beasts were snarling, growling, and roaring back and forth between each other. Proselyte stood at the center of the conflict, his forehead had a red symbol hovering over it, along with pinkish-violet symbol. Proselyte cleared his throat and gained the attention of the two beasts.

"Now tell me, what exactly is the problem here," he asked.

{This mutt claims that her whelp was hurt by my cub,} said the Ursa Major.

{I do not lie! The proof is right her before your eyes!} The Canis Major barked.

Proselyte looked to the Canis Minor, the young pup did have a limp in its right foreleg, a bite mark was noticeable around the lower part, and he also noticed how sad the female pup was. The pegasus colt then turned his attention to the Ursa Minor, his gaze was downcast, one of shame, but was it shame for being caught or for something else?

{I demand satisfaction, punish your cub accordingly or I will,} threatened the Canis Major.

The Ursa Major stomped its large clawed paw onto the ground, startling the cub and pup. She then roared fiercely at the Canis Major, baring her fangs and raking her claws against the ground.

{I will kill you before you lay a claw on my child,} she warned.

"Alright, that is quite enough." Both mother Star Beasts looked down at Proselyte. "I have heard both you, but I have not heard the story from the young ones. Perhaps we should allow them to speak?"

{What good does that do us, the evidence is clear!? By the laws set forth by Princess Luna, there must be reprimand,} said the Canis Major.

"ENOUGH." The tone of which he said that one word was soft and kind, but the force and strength that was behind it was more than enough to make both mother Star Beasts go silent. "Now young ones, please tell us what happened."

Both the Canis Minor and Ursa Minor traded each other nervous glances, after about a few seconds of heavy silence it was the Ursa cub who spoke up first.

{I-I-It was my fault…}

{NO,} the Canis Minor spoke, {It was mine!}

{Liaetha what are talking –!?}

"Hush," warned Proselyte, causing the adult Canis to go silent. "Go ahead Liaetha."

{Straun and I are…we've been friends for a while now.}

{We were afraid that the two of you wouldn't let us be friends, since we know the two of you don't like either one of us crossing territories,} said Straun.

{But I liked playing with Straun, he's a lot fun…but earlier today, we were playing too close to the cliffs…}

{Liaetha ran too far and almost fell over the cliff.}

At this information both mothers gasped.

{Straun caught me using his teeth, and that's why I howled! I swear mother, Straun saved my life! So please, please don't be mad,} begged Liaetha.

Straun looked up at his mother with the same pleading look. {And I really like playing with Liaetha, we're best friends! I know we lied to you both, and we're sorry…}

The Ursa Major and Canis Major both looked at each other; they really had no idea what to say. Not many Star Beasts got along with one another. Mostly because there was so many different kinds, although they were of the same origin, finding the same kind of Star Beast was hard to do, and add to the fact that many of them were fiercely territorial, it made for some poor chances to make friends.

"It seems that what we have here is a large misunderstanding. One that I see no point in making your children suffer for." Proselyte flapped his wings and began to fly over to Liaetha; he then hovered in front of her and smiled kindly at the pup. "May I see your leg?"

Liaetha didn't hesitate; she gingerly lifted her right foreleg and presented it to the pegasus colt. Proselyte then gently touched the wound with his hoof. A bright indigo light shined forth, enveloping Liaetha's foreleg and soothing the pain of her injury.

"Taan ewaya, lek lek san anarek…" The indigo light flashed and in the next moment it was gone, "…Nok."

Proselyte returned to his original spot and left Liaetha to examine her foreleg which was miraculously healed.

{Thank you,} she said.

The pegasus colt nodded happily towards the pup and to the cub as well. Now his gaze became stern, training it on both the mothers who noticeably flinched.

"It seems to me that there is room for negotiation. Your children have expressed to continue their friendship, despite what you may think of each other. Do you not think you owe it to your children to allow their friendship to continue? Such a friendship and uniting of both sides can yield great bounty in the future. What is your answer?"

The two mother Star Beasts stared at one another for what felt like hours, but eventually their expressions softened slightly.

{Very well, I will allow my Straun to continue this friendship with your daughter, but,} the Ursa Major turned her attention to her cub; {from now on you tell me when you're going to visit with the Canis pup. Is that understood?}

Straun fiercely nodded his head.

{And that goes for you too young lady. Stay within our territories so that you are both less likely to get into situations like today.}

To this Liaetha also nodded vigorously.

Proselyte smiled happily yet again, he then turned around and began to take his leave. Suddenly Lyte felt a strong surge of fear energy. He delved deeper into the energy, trying to discern what it stemmed from. This fear was rooted in being lost, and of dying. Without a moment's hesitation Proselyte teleported in a puff of smoke, leaving the Star Beasts confused as to where it was he went.

In a matter of seconds Proselyte was transported through a vast world of indigo light, he then thrust out his hoof and the symbol for fear appeared in the ether. After a couple of seconds Proselyte's eyes shined with the power of his emotional light.

"Emotional Tether established. Now let's see who calls out for help," said Proselyte.

Proselyte was then whisked through a tunnel of indigo light, with a golden yellow rope made of light pulled him towards his unknown destination. Faster and faster the rope tugged him through the tunnel of light, after a few more seconds the way was opened up and Proselyte's vision was filled with white.

The next thing he knew, Lyte's body was racked with bone chilling cold. The wind roared and howled in his ears as he was pelted with heavy snow blowing from, seemingly, every direction. This was the first time Proselyte had actually experienced cold weather, it was…brisk. Not to mention the added bonus of near zero visibility. Still, seeing where he was wasn't as important as feeling where he was.

Proselyte tried to open his wings, but the force of the wind made it too dangerous to even attempt flight. Guess I'm walking, but I should be close nonetheless.

The pegasus colt sloshed through the snow, fighting against the wind every step of the way. He couldn't see anything, and nearly bumped into a tree or two while walking. Regardless, Proselyte kept going, the only thing keeping him moving on a straight path was the tether of fear energy. Further and further he wandered in the frigid storm, meandering through the snow covered trees. Just then he felt the line becoming taut, he was close to whoever it was that was in need of help.

"Hello," he called out, "I'm here to help you! Please answer me!"


"Yes, who's there!?"

"Please help me…I'm lost!"

Proselyte moved closer, the details of the one behind the voice becoming somewhat clearer. From what he could tell it was a unicorn filly, she had a blonde mane and tail, a grayish-blue coat, and gold colored eyes. Proselyte regarded this filly, something about her struck him as familiar, yet he couldn't quite put his hoof on it…Oh well, a thought to ponder later. Proselyte ran up to the little filly, who was shivering violently from the cold.

"W-W-Who are you!? H-How did y-y-you find me," she asked.

"My name is not important right now, what is important is that we get you out of here," said Proselyte. "Where is your house, are you're parents nearby?"

At this she was silent.

"Okay different question, do you know where we are?!"

"W-W-White Tail Wood…!"

Proselyte started to go over his mental map of the general area around Ponyville. The Everfree Forest lies towards the east of Ponyville, and White Tail W-Wood i-is – By the Life Entity how can anybody, pony or otherwise, stand this cold!? Proselyte was starting to feel the effects of the cold, although pegasi were built to withstand frigid temperatures in the sky, there was a limit to how long they could withstand it. And the fact that he was a twelve-year-old foal did not help matters. Okay calm down. Think this through, if we're in White Tail Wood, that means we need to move in an easterly direction in order to get to P-Ponyville…

"Still that's too far away, especially in this s-s-snowstorm," he said to himself.

"I-I-I'm getting s-sleepy," said the filly.

Proselyte quickly placed his hooves on the filly's shoulders and shook her violently, snapping the young unicorn out of her dazed and groggy state, and bringing her back to full alertness. She then looked up to Proselyte, gazing into his left eye, the other being covered by his mane.

"What's your name!?"

"D-Dinky, Dinky Hooves," she answered.

"L-Listen to me Dinky, w-w-we need to get to Ponyville. B-But it's too far away."

At this news Dinky was the verge of a panic attack, "T-T-Then h-how are we – no pony knows I-I'm here and –!"

"Be calm Dinky, we'll make it t-through this." There's no other choice, I'll have to teleport us out of here. "Stay close to me Dinky and whatever you do, do not stray from me, understand?"

The unicorn filly nodded and quickly rushed to the colt's side, Proselyte unfurled his right wing, noting the rigid state it was in, and carefully draped it over Dinky to keep her close. Proselyte then started to concentrate, focusing his thoughts on Ponyville; however, he was finding it increasingly difficult to do so. He was quickly finding out that the cold was starting to effect his concentration; his mind wouldn't let him see Ponyville but instead made him acutely aware of his quickly plummeting body temperature.

D-Damn it…I-I can't think w-with all this COLD! Proselyte looked to the young filly, and it was then that he knew what needed to be done. Forgive me brother Ion, but it seems c-circumstances require me t-t-to shed this mortal f-form…!

"Dinky, step away from me a little," said Proselyte.

"B-But you s-said not to," said Dinky.

"I-I-I know what I said! Please listen to what I'm s-saying now!"

The sternness in the colt's voice prompted Dinky to step away from him as he instructed. Proselyte then flashed Dinky a kind and confident smile.

"Do not worry; I'll make sure you get out of this alive! You have my word!" Proselyte noticed Dinky's saddened and fear filled expression soften and give way to confidence, and, from what he could sense, hope. "Here we go…"

The wind blustered and howled once more, gusting with strong gales that almost pushed the two foals down to the ground. The trees began to make unnerving creaking noises.

"Tor lorek san, bor naka mur,
Natromo faan tornek wot ur."

Suddenly there was snapping sound that echoed from high above the two foals.

"Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur…"

Dinky watched as a thin layer of purple colored light started wisp off of the colt, part of her feared what would happen when stopped speaking in that strange language. However, Dinky's horn was somehow able to pick up on the energy he was emitting, it didn't feel hostile or scary to her, it felt…nice. But her uplifted feeling did not last, she started to notice that there was snow falling around them, more than what was already coming down. Dinky looked up above them and gasped audibly.

"Taan lek lek nok –!"


Proselyte's concentration was broken upon hearing Dinky's cry. The pegasus colt looked up in the same direction she was and watched as a large tree branch started to fall down from high up in the trees. Time seemed to be moving in slow motion, Proselyte didn't have time to think, merely act. The colt rushed forward and head butted her in the side, pushing the filly far from where she was. Unfortunately, that was all he had time for.

Dinky tumbled about on the snow covered ground and shakily got back to her hooves. In that moment she heard a muffled crash, followed by a blast of snow expanding outwards. Dinky sputtered and spat the snow that entered her mouth, shaking the remnants off her face. She quickly scanned the area, looking for the colt who pushed her out of the way. When she found him her heart sank.

Proselyte was now under a pile of broken branches and snow. A steady line of blood started to flow down his head and stain the pure white snow below him. Dinky quickly went to his side, she felt like crying, she wanted to break down into tears right then and there, but then she heard groaning. The little unicorn gently nuzzled Proselyte's cheek, stirring him from unconsciousness.

"A-Are you alright, Dinky," he asked.

"I-I'm alright, please don't die please!" Dinky started to notice Proselyte's eyes were slowly drooping down. "Don't go to sleep, y-y-you n-need to stay awake!"

"I fear…that's not my call…"

"NO! You can't stay a-awake, please stay awake!" Dinky called out.

Proselyte could feel himself losing consciousness, despite Dinky's efforts. He couldn't help but chuckle, the great Entity of Compassion, a being as old as the universe itself, was about to die in the middle of a snowstorm. Just when Proselyte thought this was it his power reacted, hovering over his forehead were the glowing symbols for Hope, Love, and Compassion. Dinky was surprised by this, but it seemed that wasn't enough to make her leave the colt's side. Dinky turned her head to the right, sensing that there was somepony out there.

A figure started to trot towards the two foals, its form only visible as a blurred out image of a pony, the details hidden by the blustering blizzard.

"Who are you!? Please help us," called out Dinky.

Suddenly the raging snowstorm started to slow down around them; the snow then froze in midair. Each individual snowflake was visible as they hung motionless. Proselyte's blurring vision allowed him a brief moment of focus, wanting to see who it was that emitted the three emotional powers at once.

The being who stood before them was a pegasus mare, with a powder-blue coat and white mane. Her eye color was dulled out, making the colt and filly wonder if she was blind. Dinky looked at her cutie mark, which was that of a flower stem with a blooming snowflake. For some reason, the air wasn't as cold as it was before, it was actually tolerable. The pegasus mare unfurled her wings and gave a light flap towards Proselyte. A concentrated gust of wind whooshed towards the colt and blew away the pile of snow. Once that was gone, the only thing that kept Proselyte pinned was the large branch.

"Do you think you can move those," asked the mare in a kind tone of voice.

Dinky looked at the branch, she didn't know if she could move it, heck, all the times she tried telekinesis only ended in failure. The blind mare seemed to sense Dinky's hesitation and moved closer to her.

"I-I can't…I'm not strong enough, can't you do it," she pleaded.

The blind mare moved closer and lowered her head to gently nuzzle Dinky's cheek encouragingly.

"You can do it. You're much stronger than you think; all you need to do is believe in yourself. You're friend does too," she added.

Dinky looked from the smiling mare and then to Proselyte who was going in and out of consciousness. The unicorn filly narrowed her eyes and took a firm stance. She delved into the magic within her, calling out to the wellspring of mana that lied dormant. Dinky's horn began to spark with a pink aura, off and on, repeatedly. Until, finally, her horn shined with pink colored mana, Dinky then focused her mind on the branch that was pinning Proselyte. The filly then raised her head, her brow beaded with sweat as she mentally lifted the heavy object.

Proselyte could feel the weight on his back lift, but the throbbing pain in his head still persisted. He watched the blurry image of Dinky using her telekinetic spell to heft the large branch up a good five feet into the air. With a jerk of her head, Dinky threw the branch away from them, landing somewhere far in the woods. The unicorn filly panted heavily, feeling like she just ran a marathon, twice.

"You did great little one. Now tend to your friend, keep him awake," she said.

Dinky quickly rushed to Proselyte's side and nuzzled him a bit, gaining a groan in response.

"He's alright! Miss, he's al –!"

When Dinky turned to speak to the blind mare she was shocked to see that pegasus had vanished. What was even stranger was that the only hoof prints in the snow were Dinky's, the mysterious mare left none.

Fluttershy and Derpy continued to search through the blizzard, and still had no luck in finding Dinky anywhere. Derpy was becoming visibly upset, having had to stop many times to wipe the tears from her eyes before they froze her eyelids shut.

"This is all my fault! My little muffin's going to freeze to death, and it'll be all my fault!" Derpy cried.

"Derpy we'll find her, Dinky's a tough little filly, I'm sure she's alright," said Fluttershy.

"But we've been out here for…for…Celestia knows how long! We may be able to stand this, but Dinky's not a pegasus, she can't last as long as we can!"

Fluttershy had to admit, what Derpy said was true. Adult pegasi could withstand frigid temperatures, but only to a certain degree before they themselves succumbed to it. Dinky was just a unicorn filly, she was in no way built to withstand this blizzard. Fluttershy didn't want to say think about it, at this rate the only thing they were bound to find was Dinky's body, if they were that lucky since neither one of them could see three feet in front of them.

"Fluttershy look!" Derpy cried out.

The pink maned pegasus gazed in the direction of Derpy's hoof. In the swirling snow a figure approached them. It was too big to be Dinky, but it was definitely a pony. At that moment the snow and wind died down at an extremely fast rate, allowing the two pegasus mares to see who it was that was trotting towards them. It was another pegasus mare, but her dull colored eyes suggested to them that she was blind, she seemed as old as they were from the looks of the mare, Fluttershy's innate kindness began to go into action.

"Oh my goodness, who are you, what're you doing out here," she asked.

"Have you seen a unicorn filly, she has the same color mane as mine, and a slightly brighter version of my coat color, but she's unicorn!?" Derpy asked.

Fluttershy felt like facehoofing herself right then and there, she understood that Derpy was frantic and desperate, but even she couldn't be so oblivious as to not notice that the mare she was asking was obviously blind. Fortunately the blind mare in question seemed to catch the frantic and sad tone of Derpy's voice, for her smile conveyed both understanding.

"Be calm, there are two foals some ways behind me. I went to search for help and, thank Luna, here you are," said the blind mare.

"WHAT!?" Fluttershy and Derpy shouted in unison.

The blind mare turned around and pointed in a certain direction, "Head straight that way and you'll find them. One of them is hurt I believe and needs immediate help."

Fluttershy and Derpy both shot worried looks between each other and quickly dashed away.

"Be weary… the calm will not last much longer…"

Both pegasus mares turned around to ask what the blind one meant, but when they did she was gone. As much as they wanted to the help blind mare as well, they both knew that the foals wouldn't last much longer. Fluttershy and Derpy galloped as fast as they possibly could, taking full advantage of the break in the storm.

"Hopefully she was right, and hopefully it's my Dinky," said Derpy.

"We might have a problem getting them back, I think that mare was right, this lull in the storm won't last forever, it could start raging again the moment we start heading back. And can't afford to get lost if they're hurt," said Fluttershy.

"I-I might have an idea about how to deal with that…Oh, Rainbow Dash is probably going to yell at me for this later…Ah who cares, FOR MY MUFFIN!"

With Derpy's battle cry shouted they sprinted onward, weaving between the trees and making great haste towards their destination. The blind mare didn't say how far away they were, but the two mares had to hope that they were getting closer with each passing second. Their prayers were soon answered as they started to come upon a small clearing. They both came to a skidding halt, leaving a plowed trail in the snow. Fluttershy gasped in horror at what she saw as well as Derpy.

No…please Celestia…Not again…!

Dinky, who was now rubbing on Proselyte's back with her hoof, noticed the appearance of her mother and Fluttershy, a big relieved smile was plastered upon her face.

"Mommy, Miss Fluttershy!"

Derpy wasted no time in making her way towards her daughter; her walleyes came into focus as she stopped a few inches from the two foals.

"Oh my gosh, what happened Dinky," asked Derpy.

"This big branch fell on top of him and hit him hard on the head! I've been trying to keep him awake, but I…I…!"

"Shh, shh, it's okay Muffin, Miss Fluttershy and I are here!" It was then that Derpy noticed that Fluttershy wasn't next to her. Curious, the blonde maned pegasus turned around and noticed that Fluttershy hadn't moved from the spot she was at. "Fluttershy!?"

The timid pegasus mare was frozen in place, her heart beating so fast that she feared it would explode in her chest. Her breathing was quick, she was practically hyperventilating. The look in her eyes held something akin to sadness, fear, and, possibly, shame? Derpy quickly went back to see what was wrong only to hear Fluttershy muttering something under her breath.

"It's all my fault…It's all my fault…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…!"


"It's all my fault…It's all my fault…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…!"


"It's all my fault…It's all my fault…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…!"


"It's all my fault…It's all my fault…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…!"


Derpy brought her right hoof across Fluttershy's face, effectively snapping the mare out of her trance. Afterwards Derpy put on the most apologetic look she could, although it worked she wasn't proud of having to hit one of her few good friends.

"Fluttershy I'm sorry, but you were muttering to yourself and you looked like you were a bazillion miles away from here! Please don't do that right now, I need help, my daughter needs us, and so does Proselyte!"

At the mention of the colt's name Fluttershy hurriedly made her way to the semi-conscious colt. She quickly inspected his head, seeing the dried blood trail.

A possible concussion, this is bad. Dinky's been keeping him awake, but I don't know if…if he'll…if he'll make it… Fluttershy shook her head, trying to desperately dislodge the negative thoughts. No don't think like that! I won't let either of them die, not here, not now, not EVER!

"Proselyte can you hear my voice, it's me, Fluttershy!?"

Proselyte weakly looked up and focused his vision on the blurry yellow pegasus before him.

"M-Miss Shy…?"

"Don't worry, you'll be alright, I promise," she said with stern conviction.

The roar of the snowstorm started to pick up in the distance, both mares knew that they didn't have long before the storm enveloped them once again and all hope of getting themselves to safety would be dashed.

"Derpy, you said you had an idea, what was it?!"

"Well…it's – no – it's a stupid idea…!"

"I don't care, for all of our sakes, for your daughter's, tell me what your bucking idea is," shouted Fluttershy.

Derpy, surprised by the serious tone in the usually timid mare's voice, decided best to tell her.

"Okay, I was thinking I could fly up to the clouds and cut a path towards your cottage," said Derpy.

Fluttershy had to admit, that was a rather ingenious plan, except for one minor detail, "Derpy, as cold as it is down here, it'll be ten times that up there! You could –!"

"Die," finished Derpy, "I don't care. As long as my little Muffin is safe, that's all that matters!"

"Mommy…you're not really going to die…right?" Dinky asked, her voice almost pleading.

The gray pegasus mare bent down and nuzzled her daughter lovingly. She then placed a hoof underneath her daughter's chin and slowly raised it to meet her gaze.

"Honey, listen, I'm sorry that Daddy…that Daddy doesn't want to see us anymore…That's not your fault, you did nothing wrong. Of all the things I've done in my life, for all my clumsy mistakes and accidents, you and you're sister are the only good things in my life that's made every day happy and bright…" Derpy started to choke up, but swallowed the lump in her throat. "But…I couldn't live with myself if I let you die…Amethyst wouldn't forgive me…and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. So don't be sad, I don't plan on not coming back, okay?"

Dinky was already sobbing, but she knew that there was nothing she could do to stop her. Her mother's eyes were both looking at her, straight and focused. She knew the only times they did that was when she was very serious about something, something that no pony could dissuade her from. And so, with a heavy heart, Dinky nodded.

Derpy leaned down and allowed Dinky to wrap her forelegs around her neck, embracing her in a tight hug. Fluttershy wasn't too far off from a breakdown sob session of her own, but right now she had to be strong, for Derpy's sake and two foals whose lives were in her hooves. Derpy reluctantly broke the hug; she then looked to Fluttershy with that same serious, yet happy, expression.

"Promise me Fluttershy; promise me that you'll get them to safety no matter what."

"I will," she said.

Derpy trotted off some ways from the three ponies. She crouched low and unfurled her wings; she gave a few practice flaps, stretching out her wings before takeoff. She then turned her head and looked behind her at the anxious faces of Fluttershy and Dinky, she then mouthed the words "I love you guys" before zooming off into the cold winter sky.

"MOMMY!!!" Dinky cried out.

It took everything Fluttershy had not to cry at that moment; instead she concentrated on helping Proselyte. Although it was a risk, she had to move him.

"Dinky, I know your sad sweetie, but I need your help to get Proselyte on my back, can you do that?"

Dinky wiped her face free of the snot and tears; she then turned to Fluttershy with best determined look she could muster. Taking that as conformation of her resolve, Fluttershy lowered herself to the ground, getting as close to Proselyte as she could.

"Dinky, I need you to try and gently push Lyte onto my back. Once he's on, I want you to get on too and try to keep his head stable the best you can while you're there, can you do that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Uh-huh!" Dinky then concentrated, fueled by her mother's courage and Fluttershy's, she once again tapped into her mana reserves. Her horn flared with a pink energy as her telekinetic aura wrapped itself around Proselyte's body. Fluttershy was speechless, she had no idea Dinky could use a telekinetic spell, she'd probably be more proud if they weren't in life or death situation.

Derpy Hooves you must return alive, if for nothing else then for Dinky to show you her magic, she thought.

Dinky carefully laid Proselyte on Fluttershy's back, leaving room enough for her to sit. For added good measure, Dinky concentrated her telekinesis on his scarf; she unwrapped the long cloth and began to tie it around his and Fluttershy's midsection at the same time. The timid pegasus kept her wings unfurled as to allow Dinky few obstructions as she worked. Once Proselyte was securely fastened to Fluttershy, Dinky jumped onto the small vacant spot on her back. In order to keep his head level, Dinky lay on her side and wrapped her forelegs around Fluttershy's neck, she then carefully rested the colt's head on her blank flank, although it wasn't the best thing she could think of, it was better than nothing.

Fluttershy slowly rose up from the ground and kept her eyes on the sky. She was slightly nervous since Derpy didn't always have the best sense of direction; if she started clearing clouds in the wrong direction it would be bad for all of them. Luckily, today wasn't one of those days.

Fluttershy galloped fast and furiously. Dinky did her best to keep her new friend's head stable, bad part was that Proselyte seemed to be really unconscious this time. But so far everything was going good. Derpy was working furiously to cut a path through the clouds. A long stretch of clear skies could be seen in their wake as well as a few feet up ahead. Behind them though, the storm was quickly catching up, overlapping the gap Derpy had made.

Fluttershy was nearly out of breath, both she and Derpy had flown for most of their journey till the storm grounded them, but now she had to make the long run back to her cottage, carrying two foals, and with nearly numb limps. But one look into the sky made all those anxieties disappear, she had no right to complain, what she was going through was nothing compared to what Derpy was enduring. Busting through ice cold clouds, battling fatigue and hyperthermia at the same time, not even Rainbow Dash was that crazy. Well, actually, if either of us were in this situation I'm pretty sure she would, thought Fluttershy.

After what felt like many hours of running, an exhausted Fluttershy was able to make out the familiar trail that led to her cottage, just a few more yards and they'd be safe inside her nice warm home, at least she hoped they would.

Soon the cottage was coming into sight. Derpy must've noticed too, because she now started to swirl around, breaking apart the clouds and clearing a large enough area to allow the sun to shine through, illuminating their destination. Fluttershy continued her gallop and came to a skidding halt on the other side of the small bridge. Dinky was the first to jump off of Fluttershy's back, she stood on wobbly hooves, drained and fatigued in her own right.

Fluttershy looked up into the sky, the clouds were moving in to close the hole that Derpy had made, but neither the unicorn filly nor the pegasus mare could see her. Dinky began to fear the worst, had she fallen from the sky somewhere far from them, was she frozen to death on top of the clouds? Fortunately neither one of them had to wait long. Derpy was then spotted in the clear opening she had made; she started to dive downwards, faster, and faster, picking up way too much speed.

"Why isn't she slowing down," asked Dinky.

"Oh no…!"

Fluttershy tried to open her wings, but the cold and muscle fatigue had done their work, for when she tried to flap her avian appendages a sharp pain ran through them, her muscles threatening to seize up right then and there if she even dared try. Fluttershy just stood there, helplessly watching as Derpy went into freefall. Dinky's sight was blurred with tears, she didn't want to see this, but no matter how much she wanted to turn away, some part of her forbade her to, a glimmer hope still burned inside her heart, wishing and praying that her mother would recover quickly and land right beside her. A hope that was quickly dying with each passing second…


Derpy, please, don't die! Dinky needs you, Amethyst Star needs you, and you can't abandon your family! You have to fight, pull up!

Suddenly Proselyte's body began to emit a purple aura of power; his cutie mark glowed brightly along with the rest of his body. The colt opened his eyes and they too were filled with the same indigo energy. The aura roared as it grew to an enormous size, a single tentacle made of indigo light lashed out, aimed right at Derpy. Both the mare and filly gasped in shock at what was happening, but Fluttershy remembered this power, it was the same thing Proselyte used to grab Storm and hold him still.

The tentacle continued to soar towards Derpy on an intercept course. Fluttershy and Dinky both held their breath in anticipation, hoping that the ray of indigo light would catch the fallen pegasus. Their prayers were answered as the tentacle made contact with Derpy; the tip touched the pegasus mare and surrounded her in a bubble of light. The tentacle then slowly retracted and brought Derpy safely to their level.

A second tentacle materialized from the aura and unlocked the door to Fluttershy's house. Once opened, the tentacle holding onto Derpy carefully placed her inside the house and laid her down gently on the floor. The aura then died down, the remnants of the light wisped away like dying embers.


With that last word Proselyte's body stopped emitting the indigo light, his eyes closing as the light faded away. Dinky wasted no time in entering the house, Fluttershy quickly but carefully trotted inside as well, stopping for a moment to look at the colt, she then smiled and gently nuzzled him.

"Compassion be with you too."


Proselyte found himself in a dark void; the only source of illumination was his glowing form. Somehow he had reverted back to his true form, but before he could start to question why another light shone in the darkness. This light was a brilliant white color, powerful, overwhelming; it didn't take long for him to figure out who it belonged to. The white light then took on the silhouette of a being with large feathered wings. The Entity of Compassion knew who stood before him, for it was none other than the Life Entity himself.

"It is good to see you great Life Entity," said Proselyte.

"It would seem that you have found yourself in a rather, precarious situation young one," he said.

Proselyte knew what he spoke of; he was partially embarrassed to have been found in such a state as to require his progenitor to pay him a visit.

"I can tell you and your fellow entities have been doing well in this universe. But tell me, Proselyte, why have you been so hesitant to embrace this world?"

Although he had no face to show it, the Entity of Compassion was confused by the statement.

"Life Entity, what do you mean? I have mingled with its inhabitants, and even have a friend. Why would you say I have not embraced it?"

"Compassion is a powerful, often neglected, emotion," the Life Entity raised its hand and within his palm a small sphere of indigo light shined, "It allows one to feel all emotions, negative and positive, and sometimes leaves little room for one's self. You're so willing to show this emotion to others, but you seem hesitant, and maybe, you are afraid to accept others compassion as well?"

Proselyte didn't know what to say to that. It was absurd, how can he be afraid to receive compassion when he himself was the living embodiment of that very emotion, the source of it in fact. But, the more he thought about it, the more the Life Entity's words rang true. He had been avoiding Fluttershy, the one person he had truly felt a connection with in Equestria.

"Proselyte, as I have charged Princess Cadance with a specific task concerning Predator, so too do I charge you with one. Accept compassion from others and trust in those who hold you dear. Do you think you can do that?"

Proselyte thought it over for a moment, after which he came to a firm decision.

"Yes, great Life Entity, I will…try, I promise," he said.

"Good to hear my child. Now since you're hovering on the edge of life and death I'll warn you, and remind the others, that your mortal forms are not invulnerable, you CAN die in that form and I can only interject you all into this universe's Life Stream so many times before it starts to have adverse effects. Luckily you're only half dead so it's no problem."

The Entity of Compassion's body started to take on a red tint to it, and it wasn't from rage energy. The Life Entity thrust out its hand, a powerful white light shined forth from it, banishing the darkness and enveloping all in its path.

"Proselyte, life restored…!"

Proselyte slowly opened his eyes; his vision was filled with yellow fur, and the sound of light breathing. Curious, Proselyte turned his gaze upwards and found Fluttershy's sleeping visage above him. She had him wrapped in her forelegs, pressed close to her body. He also noticed that they seemed to be covered in thick blankets; no doubt Fluttershy was doing all she could to warm his body and save his life. There was also some matted fur around her face, the cause of which was from tears being shed.

"Miss Shy…?"

Fluttershy started to stir from her sleep, opening her eyes slowly. Her first reaction was to check on Proselyte, she gasped as she saw the pegasus colt flash her a weak, but kind smile.

"LYTE! Oh Celestia, you're awake, you're alive!"

Fluttershy then brought the colt into an even tighter embrace; the strength of this mare sometimes baffled him.

"Yes Miss Shy, although, if you keep hugging me this tightly I'm not sure how long that will remain true," he croaked.

She quickly released the colt from the embrace as a sheepish smile graced her lips.

"How are you feeling, how's your head feel," she asked.

"It's alright; once I've gotten my strength back I'll be able to heal us quick –!"

Proselyte clamped his mouth shut, having almost revealed his healing powers. Although it appeared that Fluttershy wasn't fazed by it.

"It's okay; I know you have abilities you don't want others to know about. But…I'm not the only one who knows now. Dinky saw how you saved Derpy's life, she was so happy she told her what had happened, I really didn't have time to come up with an explanation, sorry."

Proselyte remembered that instance, it had happened purely out of instinct, his own drive to save the life one so compassionate as to give her own life for her daughter.

"As long as they're alright…They are alright, aren't they Miss Shy?"

"Yes, they're both fine. I think they're downstairs right now."

"Good, that's…good." Proselyte still felt awkward around Fluttershy, especially now that the Life Entity had charged him with a task. But it was one that he didn't mind fulfilling. Of all the ponies in this world, he was sure, he could truly trust Fluttershy, if no one else, but her. "Miss – I mean – Fluttershy…"

The timid pegasus was surprised to hear Proselyte say her name without a "Miss" in front of it, although to be honest she preferred it like this over the other.

"There are some things I must tell you. I've…I mean…It's sometimes hard for me to trust others, my powers require me to be in tune with many emotions, and sometimes I don't always let others get too close. But you…I feel a connection with you…one that I can't explain –" Proselyte noticed the intense blush that Fluttershy was starting to develop and feared that his confession was being taken a profession of romantic love. "Purely platonic I assure you, not the other kind!"

Luckily his explanation diffused the situation before it got out of hand. After letting the awkwardness of that moment pass, Proselyte cleared his throat and began again.

"I've been visiting you, to try and find out what this feeling about you is. The problem is the more I tried to investigate it, the more I found myself getting…scared of trusting you. So I've been traveling around, keeping myself occupied with this and that, trying to keep myself from returning here, but alas, I can't…"

Something in what Proselyte said made Fluttershy raise and curious eyebrow. "Lyte, when you say 'travel around' are you saying that you don't have a home?"

Proselyte sighed, "Since I am being honest, yes, I don't have a residence. That scarf you gave me is my only possession – the scarf!" The colt's hooves immediately went to his neck and felt nothing.

Fluttershy placed her lift hoof on his shoulder in order to calm him. "It's drying by the fireplace, you didn't lose it." A relieved feeling washed over Proselyte. "That being said, I can't believe you didn't tell me you had no home of your own! No foal deserves to be homeless; it's dangerous living on the streets! As nice a place as Ponyville is, it still doesn't change that fact!"

"In my defense Fluttershy, I am not your average foal," he countered.

"No excuses, from here on out you're going to stay with me!" Fluttershy proclaimed this with such conviction that it took both of them by surprise. "I-If you don't mind, that is…?"

Live with Fluttershy, it was something that Proselyte hadn't contemplated. It was fine relegating himself to sleeping in the forests or in some vacant dwelling. Should he take a page from his fellow entities? Ion was living with Applejack on her farm, Adara was living with Scootaloo in the treehouse, and Predator was living with Princess Cadance in the Crystal Empire. Should he too live with a denizen of this world? Proselyte spared a glance into Fluttershy's eyes, those same eyes that held kindness and compassion within them.

"…don't kindness and compassion go hand and hand with each other?"

Adara's words replayed in his mind, as if telling him what the answer should be. The colt nodded to Fluttershy, "Yes, I'd be honored to stay in your home."

Fluttershy then reached out and hugged the pegasus colt, "Well then, welcome home Proselyte."

Since Proselyte was feeling a little stronger Fluttershy decided to help the young colt downstairs the in order to meet with Dinky and Derpy. The gray pegasus was busy lying on the floor, with her daughter curled up next her, sitting by the fire. Once the two reached the last step, Dinky and Derpy looked in their direction, the little unicorn filly's eyes went wide as she rose up and quickly made her way towards the colt. Dinky then threw her forelegs around his neck and hugged him tightly; Fluttershy couldn't help but smile at how cute the whole thing was. While Proselyte just stood there awkwardly.

"Thank you for saving my Mom, Proselyte," said Dinky.

"You're welcome Dinky," he said.

The unicorn filly then quickly let go of Proselyte, there was a faint tint of red upon her cheeks as she made her way back to her mother.

"We promise not to tell anypony about what you can do, right Muffin," asked Derpy, to which Dinky nodded back.

"Thank you both and I'm glad to see you're doing well Miss Hooves."

"Aw shucks, call me Derpy. And yeah I am, although…my wings still feel a little stiff, and I still have a weird numb feeling in my hind legs, but nothing serious."

Proselyte trotted over to Derpy's left side; the walleyed mare looked upon the colt with wonder and confusion. He then lifted his hoof and turned his head, "May I," he asked. Derpy nodded with a happy smile upon her face. Proselyte then placed his hoof on her body, took a few deep breathes, and concentrated. The indigo light shined from his body and lapped over Derpy's. She wasn't afraid, she had no reason to be, Derpy new Proselyte was a good colt, and that he was probably helping her. After a few seconds Proselyte's light faded and he wobbly stepped back.

"How do you feel now," he asked.

Derpy started to unfurl her wings, they were no longer stiff. In fact they felt great. The numbness in her hind legs had also gone as she stood firm on all four hooves.

"I'm alright! I feel better than ever!"

"Consider it my Hearth's Warming gift." Proselyte looked at Derpy's eyes for a moment titling his head to the side in a contemplating fashion. "Derpy, do you wish for me to…you know…your eyes?"

"Uh-uh, it's alright, you've done a lot already. I've accepted this as who I am, so you don't have to do that. Save that gift for somepony who really needs it, okay," said Derpy.

"Derpy, I'm sorry you two are going to have to spend Hearth's Warming Day here, but after everything we've been through I think it's better if we all rest up another day before going back out into the cold," said Fluttershy.

Derpy trotted over to Fluttershy and brought the timid mare into a one legged hug. "Fluttershy, Hearth's Warming is about friendship and family, and after today, I consider you and Proselyte not just my friends, but our family."

Fluttershy was overwhelmed with how Derpy regarded her; a few tears of joy fell from her eyes as she moved closer to her friend to return the hug.

"I'd be honored," said Fluttershy.

It was then that Derpy noticed a confused look on Dinky's face as she looked at Proselyte, who was apparently occupied with the book the mother and daughter were reading.

"What's the matter Dinky?" Derpy asked.

"Does this mean that Proselyte's my big brother…?"

The two mares glanced between each other; a bit of light laughter was shared.

"In a way, yeah!"

"Yay!" Dinky cantered a bit and jumped up onto Proselyte's back giving him a surprise hug and slightly startling the pegasus colt. "Proselyte's my big brother," she proclaimed happily. "What are you reading?"

"Oh, your book Hearth's Warming Tales, I've never read some of these and I…I…"

Proselyte found himself speechless as he turned the page of the book and stumbled upon one story. Dinky, confused by his reaction, looked down and soon found herself in the same predicament as Proselyte. Dinky turned her head towards her mother and Fluttershy and pointed down at the book.

"Mommy, Miss Fluttershy, you need to see this."

Curious, both mares trotted over to see what they were looking at that had left them speechless. The page was entitled The Story of Snowdrop: Wishing Snow. It was an old pegasus story, the tale of a blind filly pegasus who created the first snowflake more than a thousand or so years ago. Underneath the title was an illustration of Snowdrop, Fluttershy and Derpy's jaws dropped when they noticed that the filly in the story book bore a striking resemblance to the mare who helped them during the snowstorm, even their cutie marks were the same.

Derpy and Fluttershy stared at each for a moment before saying anything.

"Hearth's Warming miracle," asked Derpy.

"Hearth's Warming miracle," agreed Fluttershy.

This world seems to get more baffling every day, thought Proselyte.

"Oooookayyyy…let's sing some carols!" Derpy announced.

"Wait, what?"

"Carols!" Dinky cheered.

"Yes, carols would be wonderful," said Fluttershy.

The mares and filly all gathered around the Hearth's Warming tree, dragging along Proselyte with them. The young colt protested that he did not know the words to the song to Fluttershy, but was assured that all he needed to do was repeat after them.

"The fire of friendship lives in our hearts
As long as it burns we cannot drift apart
Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few
Laughter and singing will see us through (will see us through)
We are a circle of pony friends
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end~"

Outside of the cottage the storm had ended, and the area was covered in fresh white snow. Near the happy home, standing at the bridge and listening to the happy singing going on within, was a powder-blue pegasus mare, her eyes were closed as she listened to the music, humming along to the tune. Afterwards she turned around and trotted off down the path, a sudden gust of wind blew towards her, kicking up the snow around her, and in the next moment she was gone. Not a trace left, except the hauntingly happy humming that was carried on the wind.

Author's Note:

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