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Xenonic lives in the north of england and so has never seen the sun. She would put that she's a girl but there are no girls on the internet so she won't.


Late one night, a small group of celestial beings and deity's were playing with the fabric of space-time, toying and twisting it with their immense powers, creating something that no-pony had ever seen before.
They were drunk.
Very drunk.
And so, the morning after the night before, it came to be that the Legend of the Toilet Door was created...

And not a single crossover happened.
(Note: Happens somewhere between Season 2-3.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Reminds me of a yogscast yoglabs episode, with dimensional doors.

If this is anyway related then: fak yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh

If not: fak

Liking, favoriting and stalking.

...why is this marked "complete"?

2891200 That's where I got the idea from. :pinkiesmile:
2891450 Oh dear. I'll fix that.

i gotta see what happens next, i just gotta :pinkiecrazy:

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