• Published 13th May 2013
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The Possibilities of Potions - NoSillyDoorknob

Rainbow Dash and Twilight experiment with Zecora's gender-swapping potions.

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one of the better clops i've read. good job.

bats #2 · May 18th, 2013 · · ·

Lovely. I was hoping it would evolve from plain ol' sex to something more, and you did not disappoint. Very, very lovely.

F/F, my expectations have shifted from H/H, and I love this story

A short, sweet, and sexy story.


Maybe I should look to see what else you've written...

I would have liked to see more myself. maybe a little bit with Twilight telling her family was with someponoy now, or maybe one or both her and dash were pregnant but I still liked this story, the ender was rather cute

The last chapter sort of invites to a bit of romance. It sounds like their rutting session grew into something a little more than that.

goddamnit, why oh why must my bf be in wyoming?

So sad it's over! :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

Great lover of the...
That was a horrible pun, and you should be ashamed of yourself. :pinkiehappy:
But in all seriousness, great chapter.


Now, futa sex.

As they say in my home state: You done good.

The clop was fun and interest-keeping. Didn't feel mechanical. I liked the romance at the end, especially since it didn't feel tacked on. I liked the resolution. So many stories drop the ball at the end. Either it's too abrupt to be satisfying or it drags on and becomes a soap opera with no direction. This was well contained from beginning to end. The flow of events felt natural and the beginning wasn't rushed or stretched.

This gets :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: out of 5

She dropped the letters on her doorstep. “Of course I’ll come,” she said, laughing.

:facehoof: Unitentional double meaning there.

:rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish::rainbowwild::twilightoops: ! This story was a funny Clop fic. I highly enjoyed it.

loved it! i can't help but be a little (ok a lot sad) that we aren't gonna see their relationship blossom, but oh well, i still have my imagination.

I realized a few things:
1. Zecora either gave Twilight quite a few bottles of gender bender potions (knowing full well what would happen) or those were more potent or much larger than realized

2. While already slighly implied at being sold, these potions would make you rich

3. I wonder what the ad would look like

I knew this would be the next chapter!

Good story. Normally I don't read M/M scenes, but (as with most things) I make exceptions if they're small parts of a larger story. I love the concept of a couple sharing every possible gender match up.

these weren't bad , but this subject deserves way more wacky exploration than just gender changing.....

It's always the quiet ones, huh?

Also, whilst I skimmed a lot of this (The sex scenes were great but the humour was absolutely terrific) I couldn't help but think of the scientific breakthroughs Twilight's just made, like microfibers at the very least, but wondering how the hell she'll explain it to Celestia.

"Dear Princess Celestia

Today I put my mind to it and discovered amazing new ways to discover how to make fur and bedsheets hydrophobic! I discovered this by... Uh... Huh. Is there any way I can say 'Having my cum saturated genitals turned inside out repeatedly over the bedroom' without having to explain the context? Because it's sort of really embarrassing. And hot. Oh so very hot.

Your faithful student"

"Dearest Twilight Sparkle

So THAT'S why Luna's been coming to breakfast with such a manic blush each morning... I know this may be a strange request to ask, Twilight, but next time you see her in one of your dreams, and you will now that you're looking for her, be sure to include her. I'd hate for my sister to feel left out, she does have a tendency towards jealousy..."

"Dear Princess Celestia


Your faithful student"

First and last chapters were kinda meh, and the alliteration and weird metaphors/similes were more disruptive than hilarious.

But then, I got a pretty great fap out of it, so the other problems don't matter. :twilightsmile:

Have an upvote.

2700857 That depends... :trollestia: Do you like it?

This was an absolutely beautiful clopfiction. One of the best I've ever read. Thanks for such a wonderful treat.

That ending title drop...
Not sure if :pinkiesick: or :rainbowlaugh: at it.
But for the story overall? A definitive :twilightblush:

That was certainly a very nice little title drop at the end. Huh, I normally leave a comment after each chapter, but I thought I'd just sum up my love for this at the very end. It was nice seeing them take turns being the stallion for each other. And then... I'm not the biggest fan of M/M clop, but it was still a good chapter. Then there was the good ol' lesbian chapter. That's where my heart truly lies in these kinds of stories. Surprised it took me this long to read this wonderful piece of clop. It's nice to see that they're going to continue their 'experimenting' with the potions. Good thing she came up with that new spell too, or they'd go through a lot of sheets. I'll be looking forward to your next story. Keep up the great writing!


Excellent story. Enough said.


A wild RBDash appeared!



This story was.... Different, to say the least. :ajsmug:

But it was fucking awesome. :trollestia:

and, as a reward....

GET ALL THE MOUSTACHES!!! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Was good, keep it up!

Rainbow's still identifying herself as a girl, here. It's almost more of a body-swap than a full on gender change.

2603616 Fuck your female lover senseless! Be the envy of all the mares! Experience what it's like to be a stallion! Buck up today!

That's what the ad for the stallion potion would be like if it was done by Fontaine Solutions, which it arguably would be.

This is a great gender swap fic, I have to say that this is a sexy story, keep up the good work!

"Vagina" and "penis" are about the least sexy words in the english language. The flowery metaphors can be ridiculous at times, yes, but that's because we're culturally primed to automatically treat any discussion of sex as a joke. There's no romantic way to talk about it, because people having a romantic encounter don't talk about it, they do it. There are two options for writing a sex scene: the dry, clinical and passionless play by play (which have their place, when the sex is supposed to be terrible for plot reasons), or the somewhat purply and goofy but warmer and more involved Mills & Boon.

The best way to show a love scene is to not show it; fade-to-black is omnipresent for a reason. But that's not really sensible when you're writing erotica.

This is the single hottest clopfic I have read. Have a like, fav, follow, and five moustaches. :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:
I never give out moustaches.:pinkiehappy:

4660229 I like this comment

4660229 I very much enjoy your writing style, is there any remote chance that you would make a full story about the relationship between those two... I don't care if it wasn't ever outright stated, I'm one of the least romantic people in my life and I see that blooming relationship. If it is a no to that, is there any chance to have another TwiDash romance story that is about an actual relationship? (not that it can't have sex, but I just have this feeling that you would be great at writing that kind of story)

This was really good, loved it:twilightsmile:

If you're born with XX sex chromosomes, "you" are female.
If you're born with XY sex chromosomes, "you" are male.
(Regardless of whether or not you cause bodily changes ~physically, magically, or otherwise~, you remain what you have always been.)

Don't over-complicate things. :twilightsmile:


It'd kinda ruin it if s/he sounded like Dash from the Mentally Advanced Series/Rainbow Dash Presents...
That series is really funny though.

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