• Published 11th May 2013
  • 6,868 Views, 51 Comments

The Flank War - Sneaky

A tale of epic proportions involving cake, princesses, and the unwitting victims of royal tomfoolery.

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Hey, guys! So, CaptainBron3y did this awesome reading:


If you enjoyed the reading, go check out his channel! TheCaptainSand

Author's Note:

I apologize if any of you thought this was another chapter.

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Comments ( 18 )

Great, now write another chapter. I need more non-sexual butts.

asdfghjkl :flutterrage: not another chapter!? thank you for apologizing i think if you didn't i would have raged.

2573617 lol sorry. I think I got some dislikes for that. I'm thinking about a sequel though, just not real soon.

holy shit dude, you didn't tell me you got a reading, and this shit is hilarious! how the dialects inflected change so rapidly is fantastic!

edit; commented before he finished, omg roflmao! the way he said 'H W rawGerz' HAHAHAAAAAA!!!

2588961 Totally forgot to tell you! Yeah, the way he reads it, I was smiling like an idiot the whole time.

This was quite funny. Have you put this in Reading it For the Plot?

3456235 Yeah, a bit of a while back, I believe.

That's good. Bet those guys got a laugh out of it. Ever consider writing a sequel? Maybe with Luna's flank taking center stage?

3458121 I'd have to do some hard thinking on what else I could do with butts... well, not really, but still.

Sequel? Possibly, in a way, but nothing's really going to get done until I finish a different story of mine that's been going on for about 9 months now.

3458267 Nup. Close Bonds. Although I need to finish that up too... I'm actually in the last few chapters of it.

Cool. I haven't updated my stories in a while. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

3458310 Good luck on that, then. I'm going to get back to writing as well.

Best of luck. May the daughters of Zeus guide your hands.

3458339 It only took me eleven weeks to figure out what you meant by that XD

Shining you luckyBAS***D

6708172 Haha, thanks. Just wondering, how did you end up finding this story? Every once in awhile I get notifications for stories I last updated years ago and thought nobody reads anymore. Figured I would ask for once how you got here.

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