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It was a regular day in Ponyville. Everyone was minding their own business and doing what they usually do...

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Holy shiznit, I found it! :pinkiehappy: Dude you need to come check out mine before I post it! :derpytongue2: I think my story's good, but it goes a bit fast.... :raritydespair:

Five hundred words for an opening chapter? Freaking really?

...Meh, I've seen worse.

...Well, I think you need a little more spacing between paragraphs, and make the chapters longer, and make people talk more. Also, which Godzilla is this? Is this the American Godzilla from 1999, or Japanese Godzilla? Other than those, it's great.

You be rushing like real cray-cray fast here, boi!
Translation from idiot-ese: Those chapters went waaaaay too fast. You need to slow down, add more details, make them LONGER. Also, you need to work on the story description. It doesn't describe what's going on in the story. Godzilla isn't even mentioned in the description.

Long story short, this needs A LOT of work.

Although I would've gone with Zilla Jr and the H.E.A.T. team from Godzilla the series ending up in Equestria. Somehow an inter-dimensional rift would open up causing the team, the Heat Seeker (their ship) and Zilla jr to end up in Manehatten Harbor. But Zilla jr wouldn't show up until later. If you need more information, go on YouTube, or Netflix and look up Godzilla the Series.

This is a very interesting story to read keep up a good work update more soon:pinkiehappy:. Question will chapter 3 out soon?:rainbowhuh:

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