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Dude, I never thought I'd say this, but you wrote a story that crossed one of my hard limits.

I only have two hard limits.



I mean, perhaps you could explore the situation more? I may be taking a look at the other fic related to this, just out of scientific curiosity! :twilightblush:

I will never see flutterpie the same way again.:raritycry: oh well since fluttershy was never my favorite no loss there.:rainbowlaugh:

That other story is a LOT more tame than this one. I wrote this to push my own limits, so I'm not sure how much further I could take this.
Maybe if I return to it I'll write it like a Joker/Harley Quinn abusive relationship. Idk, no plans to continue it yet.


Well, if you wanted to go somewhere deep and fucked up with it (psychologically), you could have Pinkie starting to get physically aroused after a few 'experiences' (despite her general disgust), and eventually somehow convince Fluttershy she wasn't originally interested in her, and then they end up in an abusive relationship anyway because now Pinkie's broken sexually and regular vanilla's just not ringing her bell any more.

That'd involve a lot of awkward sex, angry sex, nasty shit Fluttershy could do to Pinkie while she thought she 'wanted' it -- and then it'd even have the awful notion of a rape victim attempting to seduce her (now somewhat reluctant) rapist. I can't even imagine what 'lovemaking' would look like in this situation. (Maybe you can, though. :raritywink: )

And Then They Lived Fucked-Uppedly Ever After! That's How Equestria Was Made!

At first Shy was all like :fluttercry:.And then she was like :flutterrage:.And finaly she was like :yay:.And then Pinkie was like :pinkiesick:.

Yeah that's basically what I was thinking. I would just have trouble writing darker and darker sex scenes. Or maybe I wouldn't because deep down I'm a monster. Idk.


'Darker' doesn't have to mean 'more violent', or even 'grosser'. Get psychological with it, or add roleplay that's creepy. Fluttershy likes Pinkie to call her mommy, or keeps Pinkie in a box sometimes -- things like that.

There's an infinite world of fucked-up stuff people do in bedrooms, trust me. If you wanna throw around ideas, feel free to ping me. :pinkiehappy:

I am curious i know you like appledash and octiscratch what other ships do you like? i like all but twixie fluttermac and sparity

Honestly I wasn't crazy about AppleDash til I wrote it. I usually like RariJack more. And I like PinkieShy and FlutterMac about equally.
I also kinda like Celestial/Twilight, but I like TwiLuna better.

Kinda fucked up? Try really. But...
Fuck, I don't know. Just but.

Am I a bad person for laughing at that?:rainbowderp:

Oh i see that can happen i wasn't into twipie or flutterpie at all until i read some really good fics on the ships. sometimes it takes a bit of convincing to like something. i always loved rarijack too.:scootangel:

The fuck I just read....

Keep her in a box... That reminds me of Audition. *shudder*

Thank you. That's the reaction I was going for. :)


Audition? Do I want to know? :pinkiecrazy:

Well it's a Japanese movie with a lovely lady who keeps a footless, tongueless man in a burlap sack in her apartment and only feeds him her own vomit.
So it's a wonderful little film. :pinkiehappy:


Sounds like fun. I'll look for it. :pinkiehappy:

If you ever get a chance to see Snake Of June, I recommend it highly. It seems like a silly little blackmail story about a housewife, and then shit gets very, very weird.

Excellent story. This twisted little tale has a certain riffer's name written all over it.


Well it's a Japanese movie with a lovely lady who keeps a footless, tongueless man in a burlap sack in her apartment and only feeds him her own vomit.

So it's a wonderful little film.

Comments like this tell me that I should be following you. :pinkiecrazy::heart:

I know the whole "Fluttershy is secretly crazy" thing is played out, but whatev.

Well, I haven't seen anyone so far, who did it this well. I liked it a lot—of course I still agree that it's 'fucked up'.

Comment posted by r0bosaur deleted May 16th, 2013

Well I was going for "fucked up" so there ya go.

Woah... I don't know how but... I loved this ♥
:flutterrage: MOOOAR! (yeah I know it's complete :P )

okay i wouldn't even classify this as BDSM as it has none of the niceties of even HARD BDSM this was straight up rape. When doing a BDSM scene I would look up references and idea materials I would recommend Loyal 2-1's stories he has some VERY good ones. You have to always remember that in BDSM the sub is the one in charge the top is just the one acting out what the sub wants, anything beyond that is abuse which is the reason for a safe word. As to the crazy Fluttershy thing it can be done right and done well but this was just out of the blue, even a psychopath has more build up to their acts than this I like to think of crazy Flutters (or slaughtershy as I like to call her) as Hannibal Lecter minus the cannibalism (unless thats your thing) he only attacks people who are rude to him or those he cares about in other words there is a trigger to his psychosis.

Pinkie's big boobies are Fluttershy's trigger.


Yeah, I mean, even if some of the implements of BDSM are used it's not that kind of thing. (Except possibly, somehow, in Fluttershy's mind.) It's just delicious awful rape. :raritystarry:

I'll shut up now. :twilightblush:

You should have had Fluttershy shove chocolate up her butt, waited for it to melt, then squirt it all over Pinkie. Good clop though, really.

Besides the lack of chocolate anal squirting it was a good fic? I'm glad to hear it! :pinkiecrazy:

I am actually frightened of your Fluttershy. I play countless horror games and read creepy stories, things like Dead Space, Amnesia, and Cupcakes don't phase me, but your Fluttershy , I find genuinely unnerving.

Why did I read this?
I have the weirdest boner :rainbowhuh:
I have bean betrayed!!

I kinda based her off Yuno from Mirai Nikki, if you've ever heard of it.

New fetish? New nightmare? It's a fine line.

No, but I'm sure she's terrifying. I might just see what I can find on her...

Oh, she's cray. Totally cray.

She dug it out to see another text from Fluttershy. She opened it to see that it contained a picture of a naked Fluttershy brandishing a hatchet. The text read “come over right now or I’m going to kill you <3”

Pinkie knew she wasn’t lying. She was too scared to refuse.

“come over right now or I’m going to kill you <3

going to kill you <3

kill you <3



THAT'S HILARIOUSLY FUCKED UP :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::raritydespair::raritycry:


Wasn't as bad as I thought, well done, I love you, faget :heart:

Thanks! :heart:
Nobody seemed to realize that this was supposed to be a fucked-up joke.


It's side-splitting, honestly. The fact that Fluttershy considers those activities to be an accepted, mainstream part of romantic sex, and that death threat was only a playful gesture and it wouldn't matter if she carried it out<3 But dat heart.

Oh, God.. Just yes.

Yeah, I liked the idea of her thinking that foreplay involves choking and whips. I wanted her to express her love though pure violence. :pinkiecrazy:


For me,

Pinkie shut her mouth tight and looked away. Fluttershy slapped her hard until Pinkie looked up at her. Flutterhsy took the opportunity to bring her hips down hard into Pinkie’s face. “Now, eat my cunt!

was when


and things did not let up, all the way to the last sentence.

Seriously, I have a lot of good things to say about this fic, and most of them are obscene. :raritystarry:

Is it strange that I find that horrifyingly in character for fluttershy. The whole time I was reading this I'm thinking " yeah, that sounds about right."
Not really my type of thing to be honest, but I don't regret reading it. Good work.

I'm glad I made it so fittingly in character... somehow. It feels just about right to me.

This was a great story and all, but one thing still seems strange...
Could you clarify why Billy Mays shot Applejack? It seemed kinda out of the blue and I was wondering if perhaps there has been running tensions between the two that led up to the event. Maybe I skipped over a detail when I was reading? :applejackunsure:



Poe's law. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law ) There's nothing so obviously hyperbolic that it could not be interpreted by someone as being sincere.

In this case, without the author's stated intent that the fic was intended as a joke, some fetishists didn't realize they weren't supposed to take it seriously. :rainbowwild:

I don't mind if somebody got their rocks off while reading it, it is a clopfic after all, but it makes me sad to think people got offended by this dumb story.


I generally think it's pretty stupid to get offended about what other people enjoy. This is no exception. :pinkiehappy:

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