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Captain Twilight Sparkle is lazy, jaded and quite frankly bored. However, when Princess Celestia decides to send her off to Ponyville to help revitalize the City Watch, Captain Twilight finds she's in for much more than she thought. Between kidnappings, a cult and a severe lack of esprit de corps from her fellow ponies, she'll have her hooves full in this retelling of Twilight's first days in Ponyville with a Discworld twist.

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Discworld Equestria, with one of my favourite sub-series... Hell yes :pinkiehappy:

Huh-what? There's Discworld crossovers? The entire world looks shiny and new now.

Twilight's going to basically become Vimes over time, isn't she?

Well, at the moment, Vimes and Twi would share some very heated words over how to run a Watch. (Vimes' "We Do What Works" as opposed to Twilight's "By The Book")

2556310 I always found it weird that there aren't more of Discworld crossovers. I mean, in Discworld characters can travel between dimensions via libraries, and Twilight lives in a library. As such, there is a perfectly good explanation for a Discworld character to wind up in Ponyville, and yet I have never seen a story about it.

Bugger me, this has gotten on quite well. Thank you everyone for the comments thus far, it's always nice to see people who enjoy not only the concept but potentially the story. Of course this also means I have a standard to live up to. Oh dear.

EDIT: Jumping Christmas somehow this made it to the feature box! The concept of which is frightening to me.

I always look at stories whose names might be somewhat clase to bring some Discworld crossover and I'm always disappointed when they aren't. So imagine my surprise when I find one that actually is.
This is a great first chapter, and there weren't many mistakes.
I can see Pinkie being the Nobby Nobbs of this watch, and Celestia and Vetinari have similar manipulative tendencies.
I really hope this story doesn't die, as it's probably the ONLY Discworld crossover that I've seen.
You've got a like and a fave from me.

I guess I'll add this to my watch and read later list with about seventy-three other stories. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually. Right?

I wasn't sure of it at the time, but there is a Mrs. Cake in the books, the owner of the lodging home for supernatural creatures, and who has the ability to see the future? I think it would a riot if you had Mrs. Cake (from MLP) be like her, that is, only if you don't try to shoehorn it in.


That would be absolutely brilliant to do that parallel but at the moment from the plan I have for story focus and direction it would be shoehorned in sadly. Cracking idea though.

2557508 Yeah I figured. Well, the author's always right.

...i dont know what Discworld is but i like this so far


Honestly, you don't really need to know what the Discworld series is to enjoy this. I've written it so those that enjoy those books can be in on the joke while those that have no idea can still find enjoyment and possibly look the books up and give them a go. Glad to hear you like what you've read so far!

I've been a Pratchett fan for a long time, so this is going on my "read later" list. (I've got some other stuff I've been meaning to read, plus I'd like to save this for when it's complete or at least close to it.)


Given how much I want to do with the story that might be some wait. But, with how popular it seems to be, I know this will be top priority as far as my fanfiction writing is concerned. Being a long time Pratchett fan though, I certainly hope this doesn't disappoint, mate.

Well, okay, maybe I won't wait for it to be finished. But I do want to get some other reading (and writing) done, stuff I've been putting off. I'm sure you know how it is...

And yeah, I also hope it doesn't disappoint. Do you realize how difficult it would be to send you an organgutan to properly express my anger?


Believe me I do. The postal service tends to get rather fussy over live animals sent through the post.

42 favorites and still in the feature box? I'm beside myself at the moment.

2557673 HERASY!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

But seriously, The Discworld is an amazing series based around the belief of giant disc floating on the backs of four elephants (there is also a fifth, but that is only known to avid Terry Pratchett fans) who are standing on the back of "The Great A'tuin." A giant Turtle roaming the depths of space (and similarly to Equestria, the sun and moon revolve around the Disc).

Many of These stories are done by an author called "Terry Pratchett" who is a great writer of stunning humor and witty intellect. His books even got made into fils that you may have seen already, examples include "The colour of magic" and it's continuation "The light fantastic" as well as "The Hogfather" and "Going Postal" to name a few off the top of my head.

His most well know (in my opinion) books are trilogy's, There is the "Guards" trilogy, the "Witch" trilogy and the "Gods" trilogy. all of which I own (kind of, family counts right?).

The one this particular fan-fiction author is basing his around is the "Guards" trilogy, wherein lies my favorite city "Ankh-Morpork" with my favorite characters of all time: Commander Vimes (of which is bearing a striking resemblance to Twilight) Captain Carrot (a man that grew up around dwarfs, and he is most definitely not a direct descendant of Ankh-Morpork's deceased royal line), Sergeant colon (a grizzly, old, cowardly fat man), Corporal Nobby Nobbs (Human, we thing, or at least, that what his special note says he is... though, you might want to keep an eye looking in his general vicinity), Corporal Angua (a werewolf/Shewolf?), Corporal Cuddy (an AMAZING Dwarf, who was friends with Corporal Detritus, that I shall dearly miss (fun fact: Dwarfs hate Trolls)) and Corporal Detritus (a Troll, and a dumb one at that. He was friends with Corporal Cuddy, and he can also pick up a Siege Crossbow with ease (fun fact: a Siege Crossbow bolt can go through several walls before stopping)(fun fact: Trolls HATE Dwarfs).

I want to continue, but my words can't do Terry Pratchetts work justice, you'll just have to read his books yourself. I highly reccomend reading them

2557692 I have had my ideas about this particular crossover for a while, but couldn't quite get round to starting. I Am an avid reader of the genius that is Terry Pratchett, I hope that you will post more chapters and that you can include some of his humor inside this work of fiction. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::twilightsheepish::yay::scootangel::raritystarry::derpytongue2:


I shall do all that I can. I can not hold a candle to him at all. However, I can at least stand in awe of his shadow and glean, perhaps for a moment, that mad genius he produces so well.

she'll have her hands full

+1 to my Read Later list.


Ah, cheers mate, thanks for the catch!

2558426 well name one for me to start on and ill get right on it:twilightsmile: (and yes family counts. i own ALL the Forgotten Realms books though my brother:pinkiecrazy:)


I'd suggest starting at The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic. Both are fairly short reads but are jam packed full of all the humor and story you can except out of Pratchett. I believe they're also great launching points since those were the first out of the Discworld novels.

*eye twitch* P-PLUMES!?!?!?!?!?:flutterrage::flutterrage: Vimes would not approve!

2559228thank ya kind sir(is that right?)


Don't worry, that little detail does return. It also pleases me to see someone mention it.


Yes, you are correct, and you are quite welcome.

2558426 Erm, the Watch stories aren't a trilogy. It goes: Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms, Night Watch, Feet of Clay, Jingo (not sure if this is before or after The Fifth Elephant, but it is after Feet of Clay), The Fifth Elephant, Thud!, and Snuff. Hardly a trilogy. The Witches of Lancre also aren't a trilogy either. There's Equal Rights (this is either before or after all of the other Witches of Lancre stories, but not after Eric, which is after Sourcery, which is in the Rincewind series, but I think Equal Rights can be said to take place in an alternate universe to Sourcery), Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad, Lords and Ladies, some Phantom of the Opera spoof (can't remember its name, but I know this is when Nitt becomes the third witch in Magrat's place), Carpe Diem (or some sort of name like that).
Then there's the Rincewind series, which is: The Color of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Interesting Times, The Last Continent, Sourcery, Eric, Unseen Academicals (to some extent, but I think this is more of an Unseen University book, but it has Rincewind in it).
I'd go into the other books too, but it's 11:30 and I'm tired. My point is that there are no trilogies, and if there are, they aren't trilogies in the same sense as... oh say, the Dragonlance trilogies.

Haven't read it yet but this concept intrigues me and I wish to know more.

Also wouldn't it be fun to have Sir Samuel Vimes and several other members of The Watch meet the Mane 6? I wonder if Vimes head would explode?

Well, this certainly seems enjoyable.

This post contains motivation to continue this endeavor.

So I was casually reading through the "Colour of Magic" last night, until I took a break to check on Fimfiction and I saw this story on the feature box. A Discworld crossover. On the feature box.

"!" I thought.

I enjoyed the brilliant coincidence of it all, so I decided to leave a comment about it right here, at the same time wondering if, perhaps, this hilarious event would be followed by some ridiculous mishap as is usually the case in the books.

Just as I was about to press "Add Comment" my internet connection was cut off.

I am not even kidding.

At first I was instinctively irritated, but then I was like:
"I see what you did there! :rainbowlaugh: "
"...Ha hah...:twilightoops:"

I don't know whether this means I should or shouldn't read this story...
But I guess I'll read it anyway?:twilightsheepish:


Hopefully by reading it something awful doesn't happen such as hitting a button that launches a nuclear device into the atmosphere. Or you summon David Spade to your house. Both are catastrophes anyway.

You Have NO Idea How Long I've Been Waiting For Something Like This

Sorry, but when I read that description, it wasn't Discworld I thought of...

There's a fic - the name escapes me - in which it turns out Death's horse Binky is Pinkie Pie's grandfather, and Pinkie gets involved in Discworld shenanigans. In that story, Mrs Cake and Mrs Cake are indeed both mediums.

Well, I couldn't let this one pass me by. I'm interested to see where this goes.

Granted, when I saw Discworld X MLP, my first thought was that the cult was either going to try to summon a dragon and end up with Spike, or Lyra was the cult leader and was going to try to summon a human, so take my expectations and interest for what it's worth.

2559217 Start on the Guards trilogy as it has really funny moments and it's a great book to begin with. It also has quite a lot of Discworld lore involved. If you just want the separate books, they are "Guards Guards" "Men at Arms" and "Feet of Clay"

Those books are the ones that started me off on the Discworld series, so I recommend reading them first. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. :ajsmug::twilightsmile::twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2::scootangel::yay::trollestia::moustache::twistnerd::derpytongue2:

2559963 but you get them in trilogies, he has three separate stories that all follow the same story line.:derpytongue2:

2561338 So you're going with the Douglas Adams definition of trilogy? Nah, I'm joking. So you're going with a weird version of trilogy. Yeah, I guess you're right, there's a little bit of a jump between Feet of Clay and Night Watch.

To quote Lord Vetinari:
Yes.... please continue

This is what you are thinking http://www.fimfiction.net/story/400/binky-pie

With over 120 favorites, nearly 400 views and having been the first story of mine to get into the feature box I just have to say thank you to everyone who gave this a chance, even the two people that disliked it. This has been a big surprise to me that it took off like it did, especially because I was prepared to post this, get a few views and have it vanish into obscurity. But this, I never expected this.

With that said, I'll be working on this to get chapters out and not leave everyone in suspense. I just hope I can keep them up to snuff.


It's called Binky Pie. Death visits Pinkie to see his steed's descendant. Started off as a one shot, then actually has a plot in the latter chapters. Death gets stuck in Equestria, pinkie in the Disc, and slowly becoming the soulless Reaper like what happened to Mort.
Hasn't updated in a loonnngggg while.

2561802 Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. Oh well, but that still makes this one of the only ones I've seen.

add some spaces between paragraphs, it'll break them up better and make it feel less like a wall of text.


Oh bugger me, I thought I'd spaced them out after I edited it! Thanks for the catch.


f by catch, you mean noticing something that makes it annoying to read, then you're welcome :P

I opened the story, went 'ugh no spaces' then commented. Yup.


Must be difficult reading books then. Either way, spaced it out, easier to see, less digging, hooray.

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